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Making an application for an MBA degree is a lengthy procedure that requires many steps and a variety of prerequisites. Certain aspects of the process are pretty simple, like transcripts of academic studies or submission of test scores.

Are you looking for MBA essay examples? Read the article till the end, and you will find the best personal statement examples.

What’s The Definition Of An MBA Personal Statement?

Personal statement MBA essay introduces the applicant to the institution’s admissions committee, which is the one you’re applying for. It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate how you can contribute to society at their institution.

Personal Statement For MBA Tips 

Research The Business School And The MBA Program

  • You must conduct extensive studies to demonstrate why you are a suitable fit.
  • In some manner, each Business School is unique. They have distinct missions, ideals, and objectives. You’ll be able to hit the perfect balance if you realize this.*
  • You must explain why you are submitting your application. One aspect of it is self-reflection. The other option is to conduct research.
  • The cornerstone for successful writing is research. This is the first phase in learning how to create a personal statement for an MBA program.
  • You must learn what these colleges are looking for in applicants. Also, please familiarise yourself with the objectives of their programs.
  • Get a better understanding of the culture at your institution. It will assist you in writing your MBA personal statement. Make use of this knowledge to demonstrate that you belong there.

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When Writing Your MBA Personal Statement, Concentrate On A Specific Question

  • The admissions committee is looking for a response, not an autobiography.
  • Don’t squander time and space on irrelevant material.
  • The content in your statement of purpose should be focused on the question you want to answer.

In Your MBA Statement Of Purpose, Discuss Your Interests.

  • Demonstrate your perseverance to the business school admissions board. Tell them how passionate you are about something.
  • Make an MBA personal statement that reflects your interest.
  • You’re fulfilling your ambition by applying to business school. This merely demonstrates that you are a doer. You dare to take control of your situation.

Not Your Resume, But Your Story

  • Now is the time to concentrate on your story. Assume the role of a storyteller to entice the audience.
  • Don’t bother about technique or chronology. It’s time to get down to business.
  • The essay’s objective is to learn more about the contestants. It won’t assist in bragging about your GPA or discussing your professional experience. It would help if you made the essay enjoyable.

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Your MBA Purpose Statement Ought To Show Your Leadership Abilities.

  • Leaders are sought by business schools. Demonstrate that you are one.
  • It isn’t enough to say, “I am a leader.” The remark “I want to be a successful leader” won’t help either. Your MBA statement of aim must demonstrate that you possess the required qualifications.

Bring Your Heart to the World

  • A compelling, well-written MBA personal essay is with enthusiasm. If you let your spirit show through in every sentence, you’ll surely grab your reader’s attention. Every business school won’t be looking for an applicant who lacks enthusiasm and passion.
  • The primary goal of every school is to create a class with future leaders who are enthusiastic and determined to achieve success. Tell them what sort of goals in business you have in mind, and provide them with an idea of your future goals. 
  • If you’re looking to start your own company, create a non-profit organization, or advance within your current business, which you’re currently employed, Let the admissions committee know how you see your future career in your career.

Learn More About the School

  • It’s also important to show within its MBA Personal Statement that you’ve put in the time to get to know the institution to which you’ve applied. Schools differ from one another in different ways, and their MBA programs have distinctive features that distinguish them from the rest.
  • If you demonstrate a clear understanding of the school’s mission as well as its values and goals in your own personal essay, it’ll let the admissions team know that you’ve conducted your research. Knowing these factors will aid you in modifying to tailor your MBA personal essay to meet the school’s requirements.
  • Tell the admissions team the reason you think that their MBA degree is the ideal option for you. If you can think of specific aspects the program offers, like experiences or internships, be sure to mention why these possibilities excite you. 
  • In addition, if a specific professor or a particular course is appealing to you, describe where your attraction stems from.

Backup Your Claims

  • It’s crucial not just to inform admissions that you’re the perfect fit for their institution or that you’re a great leader, or that you’ve got the skills to succeed in the business world. 
  • Instead, you need to be able to demonstrate all of these attributes by supporting your assertions with concrete examples.
  • Your assertions will appear hollow and unsupported if you don’t have concrete evidence to back them up. Instead of telling students how creative or resourceful you are, share an anecdote to help to draw their own conclusions.

Tips To Avoid When Writing your MBA Personal Statement

Do Not Be Too Eager To Help

Many individuals make a typical error when they write their MBA personal statement. They focus all their efforts on writing what they think they want to hear from the admissions committee. That over-complicating the process to impress the admissions team may have the opposite impact.

Avoid Summarizing Your Resume

If an admissions committee can read an admissions committee’s MBA personal declaration, there’s a good chance good that they’ve already gone through the entirety of your CV. Therefore, there’s no need to recite the information from your resume when writing the course of your MBA personal declaration.

How To Write a Personal Statement For Transfer Students

Essay Length And Word Limits

HBS doesn’t set a specific word limit for its essays. But, the most effective essays contain a reasonable word count. MBA Mission explains in more detail:

We believe that most applicants will write between 750 and 1000 words and some less than 600 words, and a few employees as high as 1,250. It isn’t easy to imagine any scenario where applicants would require more than 1,250 words. However, we know applicants who were approved with essays that surpassed that mark. Take the time you need to tell your story correctly and show your personality and experiences, then make an effort to reduce your essay to its smallest number of words but without losing any impact or efficiency.

Stacy Blackman concurs, saying essays should not exceed 1200 words. It’s always simpler to cut out words than to add more editing. The best guideline is to write the essay until your essay feels finished and follow up with a second go through the essay, making sure to remove any unnecessary words.

MBA Personal Statement Examples/Samples

Sample#1 (Harvard MBA Personal Statement)

Obtaining an MBA and the abilities that come with it are necessary for my career to advance down the road I’ve chosen. A global perspective is required to compete in most fields. An ever-increasing number of businesses consider an MBA a prerequisite for management positions. At Harvard University, I earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Following graduation, I began working for Acme Telcom, a modest telecommunications company that makes and sells switching equipment. During my eight years with Acme, I was promoted multiple times, the most recent of which was to Southern District Regional Sales Manager. Due to Acme’s policy on schooling requirements, I am currently unable to grow with the company. I considered transferring to another company because there had been offers, but any open position would’ve been a step-down or, at most, the same as my current position at Acme. By this time, I had realized the importance of an MBA and had worked out a deal with Acme to accept a lower-paying position while I pursued my degree. Acme is developing internationally, and if I finish my MBA on time, I will be assigned to one of the divisions. I will be able to continue to grow with the only employer I have worked for since graduating from college if I complete the MBA program. I am lucky to have been given this opportunity by Acme, but an MBA would still be required even if it were not. My ambition is to eventually lead Acme’s European marketing section and oversee the company’s whole marketing program. Your institution’s MBA program focuses on the areas I am most interested in enhancing my skills while also allowing me to continue my education while working.

Sample #2 (MBA Statement Of Purpose Example)

Perhaps it’s because I grew up with three siblings who have had to share everything, but I’ve always wished for something significant to call my own. I’ve always wanted to own my own company since I was a kid. My parents had a tiny restaurant on the corner, and my family and I lived just above it. Even as a child, I admired the advantages of running a small business, such as the flexibility to set our hours and maintain strong relationships with customers. It was also a difficult job, with many instances of grave situations where new restrictions or a slow month would severely tighten my family’s financial status. The invaluable business skills I learned, on the other hand, will stay with me for a long time. To achieve my goal of one day owning a farm, I’ve spent the last few years trying to learn as much as I can about the mechanics of business management.

I worked as a project manager for Mason Schwab’s branding and marketing department during the previous two summers. During my two summers there, I was in charge of creating a series of short social media marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. This experience taught me how crucial favorable brand views are to product perceptions, and I plan to use these notions in my future work. I’m applying to this MBA program in business management because I believe it will improve my business skills and help me connect my skill and understanding in a way that allows me to run my own company in the future. I’m looking forward to taking classes and working on projects with like-minded people who could become future business partners. This MBA program provides me with an excellent opportunity to obtain commercial expertise and

sophisticated market dynamics to start and run a viable firm.

1000 Word Personal Statement Examples

Sample #3 (Business Management Personal Statement Example)

I’ve been a fan of the series Shark Tank since it first aired, in which successful business professionals come together to decide whether or not to invest in new initiatives established by ordinary people. The ventures that get funded are frequently innovative and one-of-a-kind, with talented entrepreneurs giving excellent introductions and pitches for their concepts. The show has motivated me to pursue business studies to understand better what makes a successful business, and I believe that by submitting this personal statement, I can demonstrate my solemn commitment to pursuing advanced studies in the field of business. I worked as just a Finance Intern at a local financial organization this past year, as well as the experience provided me with instruction in a variety of business and investing ideas.

I assisted in analyzing the performance of various products using income stream and revenue data, as well as working with project managers to determine cost-cutting measures. In addition, based on previous data, I used financial modeling tools to estimate performance. I was able to significantly improve my grasp of the financial professional as a result of this experience. Still, I am confident that this MBA program will allow me to refine these talents further. I hope to develop the abilities I’ll need to negotiate the corporate finance sector and build a successful career during my time in this MBA program. The program’s courses will assist me in establishing a solid foundation in business studies, as well as comprehending market trends and data patterns to make analytical decisions. The real-world tasks I’ll be working on as part of my job will also help me grow as a business professional. I will be able to improve my grasp of finance while learning the knowledge I will need to become a financial analyst in the future, thanks to the training provided by this MBA program.

Sample# 4

I believe that no matter what we’re doing in life, what it is we’re doing, we are always learning useful and valuable skills that we may apply throughout our lives. I’ve spent the previous ten years in a managerial job in the United States Military, honing my leadership skills. It has been a life-changing experience that has molded me into the ambitious and disciplined person I am today, ready to pursue the next stage in my academic career. It was this MBA from the prestigious XX University. While I am confident in my military-acquired management and leadership abilities,

If I want to become a truly viable candidate in the job market, I realize I need to develop so much more. Every day, the workforce becomes more competitive, and companies are on the lookout for individuals who have a diverse range of life experiences. My time in the military provided me with that variety, and the only thing I lack today is a more intensive education. Being a soldier demonstrates discipline, tenacity, and perseverance, but being an educated soldier reflects the ability to apply those traits to your objectives. It indicates that you are determined to commit your talents to a rigorous academic program. This MBA will establish me as a professional who not only excels in their field but also strives to improve themselves so that they may excel on several fronts. I recognize that I need to broaden my horizons, and the all-encompassing breadth of this MBA program will be an excellent complement to my persistence, ambition, and drive. I want to achieve great things throughout my career by combining my passion and tenacity with the practical skills this MBA program has ingrained in me. I require an MBA that will both challenge me and provide me with a variety of business prospects in the future. At XX University, I am convinced that I have discovered such a curriculum. Every day, I will advance in new ways by learning alongside a diverse group of talented students and instructors. I am sure that XX University is the right place for me, and I hope you will give me the chance to prove it.


My first business concept came to me when I was fourteen years old. I didn’t have much more than an idea at the moment, but I decided to pursue it in the market. I came up with the idea for a non-washable bowl. I contacted several materials laboratories throughout the country to see if any of them had any coatings or solid products that could be easily cleaned of anything that was water or oil-based. I worked on that research for two years, only to learn that no substance had been identified that could repel both liquids and oils at a reasonable cost. Even though that dream was shelved, going with the flow of developing an idea inspired me to pursue a career in business in the future. I’ve worked hard over the last few years to broaden my understanding of business concepts and market dynamics, determined to pursue my dream of running my own company one day. I spent the last two summers interning at Frederick Consulting, where I was in charge of creating new models and assessing client business structures to give recommendations for future business organizations. These experiences have given me a better understanding of how businesses operate and improved my communication abilities.

I wish to combine my strong business background and college management studies to become a fully trained business management professional. A Georgetown University MBA would not only give me the necessary training and education but also open up numerous new doors for me. A degree from Georgetown will give me a competitive advantage in the employment market as a world leader in business management.

Sample #6

This application for your prestigious institution’s Global MBA program I’m writing to you. Even though my undergraduate degrees were unrelated to business, my work experiences convinced me that this is the road I want to take. With much zeal and determination, I am now one step closer to realizing my dream of earning a degree in a sector that I am passionate about. The University of Letters and Humanities of Casablanca awarded me a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Studies. When I got to London, I worked as a temporary personal assistant for an agency. I was granted a permanent job as a customer service assistant again for Executive Offices Group and then as a conferencing manager due to my hard work and dedication. Because I have to deal with individuals from many areas of life in these professions, I improved my communication abilities. It was a fantastic learning opportunity for me. When I first arrived at DIFC Global, I was assigned the role of assistant center manager. My work style drew the attention of African Minerals Limited, a DIFC Global client, who offered me the role of office manager. This new job allowed me to gain new management skills and strategies. It involved obligations that aided the operations of the company’s numerous departments.

My employment experiences, without a doubt, sparked my interest in the business world. I am convinced that obtaining a business degree will provide me with all the knowledge and skills I require in the corporate world. While I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far, I know I still have much to learn. I want to know further about business administration, which is a subject that I’m passionate about. It will be a true honor for me to study under your institution’s direction. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life, and I am confident that with your world-class academic program, top-notch instructors, and ideal learning environment, I will be well prepared for

my future efforts.

Sample# 7

My parents provide a source of inspiration in many areas of my life. I’ve wanted to operate my food chain since I was a kid. My dad had a little restaurant in [add address], and my family and I lived directly above it. My parents were at a loss as to what to do with me when I was a child. As a result of my low academic performance, I had to repeat middle school for two years. I started to show signs of depression and had to attend numerous remedial facilities and faith healing sessions. These sessions wholly transformed my life, and I began to feel more comfortable and focused on my studies. As a result, I completed my schooling by remaining in the top three students in my class. I interned at XYZ food chain for the previous two summers to achieve my ambition of creating my food chain. I learned the fundamentals of managing the raw material supply chain, monitoring customer orders, and ensuring food quality throughout this time.

This job taught me how to create a favorable brand perception in customers’ minds by giving the most refined taste, food presentation, and ambiance. College was a dream come true for me, and I could never have envisioned it when I was in middle school six years ago. Now I’m dead set on graduating from ABC Business College so that I can learn a great deal about business management mechanics. My college experience will, I think, push me academically in some way that will mold my management knowledge and grow me into a multidimensional person since I am already familiar with cafe management skills.

Personal Competencies Statement For University Students


Working at ground level, in my opinion, is the only way to get experience. We are all in a scenario in which we can build talents that we can apply throughout our lives, regardless of where we’re at and what it is we’re doing. I’ve realized that making the right decisions at the appropriate moment requires a combination of knowledge and experience. I’ve always had a solid desire to properly organize things, as far back as I can remember. I believe that my penchant for the organization is helpful, as it puts me ahead of the competition in various areas. I earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Ohio to gather knowledge and lay a solid foundation in economic ideas that drive corporate growth and development.

My first internship was at a marketing firm in add address, where I worked as an account manager’s assistant. After three months, the agency offered me a position as an account executive. I gained crucial skills such as how to establish a healthy connection with clients, how and where to deal with unhappy customers, and most significantly, how to improve my soft communications skills when working as just an account manager for two years. In my entire career, I want to accomplish amazing things. To meet them, I’ll need an MBA school that will challenge me while exposing me to a wide range of business options in my future activities. As a result, I’ve opted to enroll in a university-based MBA program.


If we are prepared to take over a challenge, our best skills, creative abilities, and competencies are frequently used. My parents have always taught me that when we confront obstacles to achieving our goals, we only have two choices: back out and stay in our comfort zone or embrace the challenge and tackle it head-on. In most cases, the latter allows us to fix the problem and seize the opportunity to gain control of the situation. Since then, I’ve always preferred the latter. I used to enjoy reading the profiles of different business executives, top managers, and successful entrepreneurs in big companies when I was a teenager. It’s become increasingly evident that the majority of these intelligent individuals began their professions with a higher level of focus. I decided to test the waters immediately after finishing my Bachelor of Commerce degree, realizing my affinity for money.

Through extensive networking and efforts, I secured a fantastic position with ABC Company, a globally renowned investment bank. As just a Junior Analyst, I was hired by the ABC Company. Reporting to higher-level management and collaborating with the financial markets industry while growing competencies were also part of these fascinating responsibilities. I was ultimately entrusted with a unique project, championing the initiative to pursue direct membership arrangements with the corporation, after demonstrating my capacity is associated with large volume trading transactions, assuring excellent execution, and implementing protocols. The project’s favorable outcome resulted in revenue savings for the organization. My senior management has offered me several more projects since then. I believe obtaining a Master’s Degree in Finance will enable me to better utilize my talents and expertise in this industry, helping me to be more successful in future initiatives.

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