Mature Student Personal Statement Examples

What Is A Mature Student Personal Statement?

As a mature student, you should know what you want to do with your life. You should also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of different careers.


I am motivated by my love for learning and a desire to contribute to society. My interests include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, computer science, and many more. 

I want to learn about everything and share what I know. I’m interested in studying abroad and travelling around the world. I’d like to work as a teacher after graduation and help others develop their skills. 

I enjoy reading books and watching movies. I also enjoy playing sports and games. I hope to become a doctor when I grow up.

Mature Students: Five Things To Include In Your Personal Statement 

The main difference for more mature students is the challenge of fitting in a relatively small space a larger amount of life history than an average student. 

However, what we’re looking for is basically the same thing: evidence of your interest, understanding and enthusiasm for the chosen field.

How Do I Write A Mature Student Personal Statement?

We suggest you begin by writing down any notes about your skills, experience, hobbies, or extracurricular activities. 

Then write down your strengths and ambitions for the next stage of your career. Remember to keep things simple and focussed.

Personal statements should be written in an organized manner. 

  • You should start by explaining what motivated you to become interested in your chosen field. 
  • Then you may explain how your interests align with the requirements of the program you are applying to. 
  • Finally, you should describe any relevant experience you have had in the past.

Start drafting your statement early and giving yourself plenty of time to revise and improve your statement, and proofread your statement for spelling and grammar. 

  • Be sure to go through three or four times before you can have the final, polished draft.
  •  When you’re happy with it make sure you check it again for spelling and grammar (you should use spell checker for this). 
  • Then paste it into your UCAS application form, ready to submit!

Mature Student Personal Statement 


I am changing my career path because I want to be a doctor. I want to become a surgeon. I want to work with people who are sick and dying. I want to save lives. I want to make a difference. 

Show Evidence Of Recent Study Even If It’s In A Non- Relevant Field. 

Any evidence of formal study helps to show the admissions tutor that you enjoy studying, that you’re capable of studying,and that you’re ready to rejoin academia.

Whether it’s night school, Access to HE course, or any other kind of training, make sure to reflect upon it in your statement. Showing your personal progress is also very important. 

For those who are going back to university after working experience, it’s important to demonstrate how you’ve progressed since then.

This could be done, for instance, by mentioning your work experiences, training courses, interests, and hobbies, or your reading. 

The primary goal of most mature applicants is to train themselves for a new career. Whatever career area you have in your mind, show awareness of the specific challenges, and that have researched this before applying.


I am mature enough to understand the time commitment of studying a full- or partial-time degree. 

I also want to achieve my goals, even though it means sacrificing some things in life. I write passionately about how much I want to achieve my goals.

It can also be addressed head-on, simply by demonstrating your attention to the pressures and commitment needed and your readiness and ability to see the degree through.

Keep Your Statement Story Truthful – And Personal. 

There might well be less tangible reasons for you to apply to university as a mature student than simply training for a different career. 

What Is A Personal Statement

Before we get to the points to cover in your personal statements as a mature student, let’s actually see what a Personal Statement is.

The easiest way to think about it is “Cover Letter” style, just as you would write it when applying for a job. You are trying to sell yourself by using your personal statement. It needs to be convincing and clear.

Some courses have really limited intake numbers, so your personal statement plays a massive role in the students’ selection process. 

Remember that, on the other hand, there is someone reading it and trying to assess if you are a good candidate. 

In terms of length, the UCAS guidelines indicate that the limit is 4000 characters and 47 lines, but I bet it sounds confusing because it does. It surprises me that we are in the year 2022 and they still do not provide a downloadable template that prohibits you from writing beyond the limit.

Write in a concise and simple style. Be enthusiastic without exaggeration.

What Should I Include In My Mature Student Personal Statement?

Any hobbies or other activities you may be involved in should always be linked to the degree programme. If you do not feel something is relevant, do not mention it. 

Remember, you only have a limited amount of space in your personal statement, so every word must earn its place.


I am planning to study Business Management after I graduate. I want to work for a company that provides services to customers.

My target career is to become an accountant. I want to achieve my goal because I believe that I can do it well.

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