Loughborough – Sport Science Personal Statement Examples

What Is a Sports Science Degree?

Sports science is an exciting subject that combines biology, chemistry, and physics. Studying this course will help you develop skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. 

This degree will give you the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, universities, and laboratories. 

Your personal statement should demonstrate how studying sports science could benefit you in future employment.

How Do I Write A Good Sports Science Personal Statement?

Good sports science personal statements always include evidence to support their claims, but you should also make sure that you’ve got enough information about the subject to convince admissions tutors. 

Get started early, start brainstorming ideas, and then you can begin the first draft.

This will then need to be thoroughly revised and edited before asking for feedback. Incorporating their comments and suggestions, I will make sure my personal statement is as effective as possible. 

Read through our sports science personal statement examples to get an idea of what a great sports science statement looks like!

Loughborough Sport Science

Sports science is a branch of science that studies sports. It is also called physical education, or PE. This study is about sports science. It focuses on how athletes perform during competition. 

It includes training methods, equipment, nutrition, psychology, physiology, biomechanics, medicine, and other topics. Athletes use this knowledge to improve performance.

Personal Statement: Top Tips

When you start your university journey, you will need to apply to a university using UCAS. This is very important because it’s one chance you get to let institutions see who you are besides your grade. 

So here are some top tips on how to write the perfect personal statement!

Research The Subject You Want To Study

If you follow the correct method with the proper approach, you can earn an excellent score in your personal essay. Use university prospectuses as well as online sources to learn more about the topic you’re fascinated by.

Think about what skills admissions tutors might look for in relation to the course and think about ways you can demonstrate that you’ve got them. 

Create a mind map or plan to help keep track of your thoughts and ideas.

Make Sure You Demonstrate Passion For The Subject Throughout


I am passionate about my subject because I want to be an expert in it. I know that if I do well in my subject, I will get a high grade. 

This means that I will get into university. I also think that studying this subject will help me to become a better person.

Provide Lots Of Examples To Support The Points You Are Making


I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. My major subjects are accounting and finance. I have completed two units of an elective course called “Business Ethics.” 

This was a great opportunity to learn more about ethical issues in business. I have also completed three units of an elective unit called “Leadership,” which focused on leadership styles and behaviors.

I’ve been working part-time since the beginning of my time at university. I’ve worked for many different businesses over the past four years. I’ve always loved working in retail settings. I’ve found it to be difficult but rewarding.

 I have also volunteered for various organizations such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul Society. 

These experiences have allowed me to gain new skills and understanding. I am convinced that these experiences have boosted my ability to work.

What Should I Include In My Sports Science Personal Statement?


I love sports because I am interested in how people interact in society. Sports provide an opportunity for me to learn about human nature. My hobbies include playing soccer and volleyball. 

These activities teach me about teamwork and leadership. In my sociology coursework, I study social psychology, gender studies, and cultural studies.

I use this knowledge to understand how people behave in different situations. I also use my knowledge of sociology to understand how people react to certain events, such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

I have been working as a sports scientist for 3 years now. I am currently studying in my final year of university. My main focus is on sports psychology and performance enhancement. 

I have done many different jobs, such as teaching assistant, sports psychologist, sports therapist, coach, manager, referee, administrator, etc. I have learnt a lot during these experiences. 

I am sure I have all the personal characteristics and traits that make for a great sports scientist. I also have read a few books and articles that I found fascinating.

Tutors generally prefer students who express their views or opinions and can back them up. Students should be able to provide evidence when backing up their claims.  

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