Is A Level Law Hard

“Law is a fantastic A-Level, not just for the subject of law but also for building on reading, public speaking and writing abilities, the majority of degrees you could opt for will see this as an excellent A-Level”.

A-Level Law does not require an extra amount of time to grasp the material, since it’s already pretty straightforward.

If you’ve got a strong memory and common sense, you will be able to pass A-Level Law quite easily. Of course, there will be some exceptions, but generally, students will find it easy to pass this exam.

A Level Law

A-Level Law is an average pass rate of 96.2 percent (as of the year 2018). This is pretty decent (compared with other A-Levels from this same period) and therefore you’ll have the best likelihood of passing if are able to work hard.

The law plays a crucial and extensive role in society. Its responsibilities include safeguarding citizens, managing relations as well as the drafting of agreements in addition to the settlement of disagreements.

How hard is it to pass A-level Law?

A-level Law is a moderately difficult subject due to its extensive syllabus, a lot of information to remember it requires analytical ability and students are assessed by a variety of test kinds, which include extended essay answers. However, A-level Law is made much easier by the practice.

One of the toughest aspects of law at A level is remembering the entire names of the cases and their details. If you are aware of the fundamental legal principles, the way they are applied, and the case law supports them There’s no reason to doubt that you’ll be able to get an A.

It’s all about practice and preparation. Understanding exactly what exam questions will require will also help. Exam technique is vital. Your instructor will assist you in this regard.

What kind of work is involved?

A grade Law is a critical writing, debating, as well as a learning. You must be able to master the use of language, as well as to write with clarity, and you’ll learn to present your arguments, both on the board and within the classroom, in order to establish and defend your opinions about how legal principles can be applied to particular situations. Yes, you require a good memory of the names and the events that take place in the most important cases.

Do you know if A-level Law is respected?

A-level Law is an incredibly regarded A-level subject. A-level Law is well-respected by employers and universities since it gives students a glimpse into the law’s fundamentals. Furthermore A-level Law assists in improving the writing abilities and critical thinking abilities of students, which is the reason it is highly regarded.

Where Does It Lead?

Alongside being intrinsically fascinating, A-level Law offers a glimpse of Law at the university level (though it’s not mandatory) Students get an advantage over students who have not taken a course in Law prior to.

A-level Law is also beneficial to students who do not plan on studying Law in university. It’s stimulating, stimulates an enlightened mind, and also deals with current issues , such as “right to die” or the legal implications of Brexit. It covers skills and knowledge that are valuable and relevant in a variety of vocational fields.

How hard is A-Level Law In Comparison To Gcse Law?

A-level Law is more challenging than GCSE law since the syllabus is three times bigger and more challenging. The A-level questions in Law require more thorough analysis, and the concepts are more difficult. Examiners’ marking becomes more harsh and harder when you reach the A-level.

But the most important aspect is to show an desire to learn about the Law and its development as well as its application and institutions. This will result in satisfaction and success.

Law as a Career Opportunity

Law is a prestigious degree, but the prospects for graduates aren’t as great as some universities would like to point out. Chambers and law firms have been cutting down on the number of trainee contracts and pupillages, as well as some firms having to cancel their next intake of trainees.

Legal success boils down to two aspects. Your skills and knowledge. The knowledge you acquire doesn’t need to be based on law on accounting, business and economics can help increase your knowledge of the law of commerce and will help you demonstrate commercial awareness.

What Other Things Could The Law A-Level Help Me?

The Law A-level exam is a great opportunity to experience the world of Law before embarking for a higher education. It can also provide you with an early introduction to certain skills and knowledge you’ll require at university.

In this way, you’ll become acquainted with the particulars of the cases, and have a better understanding of specific aspects of the Law which could be useful later on.

Do You Really Need A-Levels? Law

Like other A-level subjects You should select A-level law because it’s one you’ll like and play to your strengths, but you don’t have to learn it to make a successful career in law.

There aren’t any particular prerequisites for a subject to be studied to earn a law degree although some schools may have the subjects they would prefer you take.

In this instance an area such as the history of mankind, which requires writing essays and could include related subjects might be a good alternative.

Law is an A-level course to study, but it’s not the best one. This is due to the fact that you learn the fundamentals of law as well as fundamental skills like writing and critically analyzing.

It is easy to master these skills by taking another A-level besides Law like literature or History. In addition the A-level in Law is not required for studying Law at the university level.

A-level Law can be beneficial for people who have no plans of studying Law at the university level. It’s stimulating, stimulates the development of critical thinking and also deals current issues like “right to die” or the legal implications of Brexit.

It includes skills and knowledge that are valued and useful in many areas of work.


A-level Law is an ideal subject to study, particularly when you plan to pursue studies in Law at University. Anyone who says the A-level Law is not a subject that’s hard to master or is not worth your time should not discourage you. A-level Law is highly regarded and absolutely worth it should you decide to study law in the near future.

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