International Relations Personal Statement

I grew up in Colombia, a country plagued by violence and corruption. When I moved to England, I found a safe place to grow up. I had access to education and opportunities that were not available in my home country. 

I wanted to help change the world around me, so I started studying politics. I joined the Labour party because I believed in its mission statement. 

I wanted to help create a society where everyone had equal rights and opportunities. I wanted to make sure that all children had a chance to succeed.

I became interested in politics when I attended a lecture about liberalism at the Royal Institute. After reading Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia, I began to question my own views and the reasons why I wasn’t a liberal. 

It is this self-scrutiny of different ideologies and theories that, in my opinion, proves why studying political theory is so important. It deals with timeless issues that allow people to view life from a different perspective. 

These questions deal with the way morality, power, and authority can shape our lives.

International Relations Personal Statement Example 1

I have improved my interpersonal skills and confidence by working as a receptionist at a leisure centre. I am required to interact with a range of different people, including children, teenagers, and adults. 

This means that I need to be flexible and adaptable when dealing with them. I also need to be proactive and think quickly if there are any problems that arise during my shift. 

This experience has helped me become a more responsible, independent, and disciplined individual. I value commitment to any kind of work.

I am studying politics at university because I want to pursue a career in international relations. I have always had an interest in politics, and I have already gained valuable experience through volunteering for political campaigns. 

I also speak Spanish fluently, which will help me when applying for jobs abroad. I have a strong desire to contribute to the world around me, and I feel that politics is the perfect avenue for this. 

I am looking forward to furthering my studies and gaining knowledge about the world around me.

International Relations Personal Statement Example 2

Understanding conflict, international relations, and politics is about understanding the way different factors interact with each other. It therefore has the potential to polarize but also to include and promote cooperation. 

This means that it can help us understand how we can get along together.

I’ve always had a genuine fascination with global politics, conflicts, and how organisations, states, and cultures relate to each other. 

When I was younger, I loved watching movies that showed good versus evil in an often dramatic conflict. One of my favourite films was “Goldfinger”, starring Sean Connery.

In my opinion, these movies sparked an interest in me to explore the world around me and what goes on behind closed doors. 

International Relations Personal Statement Example 3

As I travel, volunteer, and study abroad, I have further explored this fascination with the world around us. I have learned about many topics, including international relations, diplomacy, finance, economics, politics, history, culture, religion, and law.

I started studying criminology because I wanted to understand why people commit crimes. However, it wasn’t until my final year at university that I realised that my true passion lay in politics and international security. 

For example, I visited subjects like political ideologies, genocide, mass murder, media and conflict, and the emergence of white collar crime, to name just a few.

International Relations Personal Statement Example 4

I started studying Criminology at University College London. My first year focused on crime prevention and criminal justice policy. As I progressed through my studies, I became interested in international affairs and the study of global issues. 

I decided to pursue an MA in International Relations at King’s College London. 

During my time there, I studied the theory behind international politics and learned about different approaches to solving problems. 

I also had the opportunity to attend many events and conferences around the world. These experiences helped me gain valuable knowledge and skills that I could apply to my future career.

International Relations Personal Statement Example 5

I am currently studying politics and economics at the LSE. I aspire to pursue a Masters degree in International Relations and Security Studies. 

I hope to gain valuable experience working with NGOs and other non-governmental organizations, as well as gain exposure to the political processes of different countries.

I am particularly interested in working for international organisations like Interpol, the United Nations, NATO or other non-governmental organisations such as the Norwegian People’s Aid or the Norwegian Refugee Council. 

These organisations would require an extensive amount of skills and knowledge in the area of my degree, and I believe the LSE, with its excellent professors and great network of academics, could be the ideal institution to collaborate with in the pursuit of these desired skills and knowledge.

International Relations Personal Statement Example 6

I am currently studying criminology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and I’m looking forward to working alongside you and your team. 

My background in politics and international relations gives me an edge when it comes to tackling complex problems and finding solutions. I am also very interested in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. 

I think that my degree will help me to become a successful researcher and leader in the future.

I chose to come to London because I wanted to experience something different. I am interested in diplomacy, conflict resolution, and peacekeeping. 

I believe my Norwegian background will help me understand the situation in other countries. I also hope to gain knowledge about how to resolve conflicts and promote peace.

International Relations Personal Statement Example 7

I started my undergraduate degree at the University of Oslo, studying political science and history. During my studies, I became interested in researching the topic of religious radicalisation, and I decided to pursue a master’s degree in International Relations. 

My thesis focused on the role of religion in foreign policy, and I found out that there were many different ways to interpret religion and its impact on politics. I also discovered that there were many different types of religions, and each type had its own unique characteristics. 

For example, Islam is an Abrahamic religion, while Christianity is a monotheistic religion. I learned about the differences between these two religions, and I came across the concept of cultural relativism. 

This course has given me an insight into many different areas of life. I have learnt about the history of the Middle East, the effects of war on civilians, the rise of ISIS, the refugee crisis, the role of women in society, the political climate in America, the effects of globalization, the future of the EU, and the state of the world today. 

I feel like I have gained a greater understanding of all these topics, and I am very excited to continue studying them further.

International Relations Personal Statement Example 8

I’m currently working on my bachelor’s degree at the University of Edinburgh. My research focuses on the causes and consequences of violent extremism. 

I’m particularly interested in the role of religion and politics in radicalisation processes. I’m also looking into the impact of conflict on the development of states.

I love reading, music, movies, sports, traveling, and spending time with friends. I also like to read about current events and political issues. 

I have traveled around the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. I have visited many countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, etc.

International Relations Personal Statement Example 9

I am a member of the Cambridge Union Society. I attended many events and debates on global political issues, including several public seminars and lectures. These experiences will help me engage in the campus activities and students’ culture in London. 

I enjoy a lively student culture where different personalities can unfold and show their talents through social, intellectual, and sports societies.

I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that the London School of Economics can offer me. Being part of such an established institution is truly inspirational. 

I also hope to be able to contribute to our society by making a difference in our world. To achieve that goal, I will start my Master’s degree in Conflict Studies or International Relations.

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