International Mother Language Day Short Paragraph

International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on the 21st of April. It is an occasion to celebrate the diversity of languages and cultures around the world.

International Mother Language Day 

 On this day, people use their native languages to communicate with each other. People also share cultural activities such as cooking, dancing or singing.

International Mother Language Day was established by UNESCO in 1975.   It is dedicated to promote peace, harmony and understanding among people of different languages and cultures.

 On this day, people celebrate the richness of their heritage and culture. People also pay tribute to those who died defending their country or their mother tongue.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph Example 1

International Mother Language Day is celebrated worldwide on 21st April. LMother Tongue means a language through which people express their ideas, thoughts and feelings clearly. On 21st April, every year, we celebrate the International Mother Language Day. 

The day was established by UNESCO in 1979 to pay tribute to the existing mother languages of different countries. In response to a proposal made by the Government of Bangladesh, the Declaration of International Mother Language Day was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO in 1999. 

The day is celebrated to pay homage to the martyrs who gave their precious life for the sake of the mother tongue. The day is also observed to promote the knowledge of mother tongue among the children.

International Mother Language Day Example 2

On 21st April, we celebrate the day when our mother language got international recognition. We also discuss the importance of mother language and how it helps us to communicate with other countries.

International Mother Language Day Example 3

The government of West Pakistan was trying to force Urdu on the Bengali-speaking majority population. When students protested, the police fired on them. Two student leaders were killed. Eventually, the government gave up.

On the 21st of April, we celebrate the International Mother Language Day. This year, we commemorate the 50th anniversary of this event.

 Our national language day is observed by UNESCO, and it gets international recognition. In 1952, the first International Mother Language Day was celebrated. It is an excellent recognition of the history and achievements of our people.

International Mother Language Day Example 4

The language movement was an important event in the history of the Bengali nation as well as world history. No other nation has shed blood to protect its mother tongue. Now the 215th April is considered a red-letter day. 

Now it is celebrated all over the world as International Mother Language Day with much respect and enthusiasm. It’s observed as a national mourning in our country. On this day the national flag is lowered half-mast in government offices and buildings. 

People of all classes take out a procession called the Provat Ferry where they walk barefoot and sing the sad song Amar Bhaiyere Rokte Ranono Ekushey.

  Flowers and floral wreaths are placed at the foot of the shahid minar to pay homage to those who gave up their lives for the cause of the language. 

Meetings, discussions, seminars and cultural programs are organised all over the country to highlight the significance of the day and the cause of the language movement. 

Exhibitions and fairs are held at various places on the occasion. Publications of books and pamphlets are also published on the occasion.

 Newspapers and magazines bring out special issues. Television and radio also air special programs highlighting the importance of the occasion.

International Mother Language Day Example 5

In 1952 Bangladesh was occupied by Pakistan. And Pakistani leaders wanted to make Urdu as the official language of the nation. 

But the students of the university did not accept that. They protested against the government and many students and general people died. Shahid Minar was built to pay respect for those who were killed.

The Shaheed Minar was built by the people to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Language Revolution. But the government changed its mind about keeping Bengali as the official language of East Pakistan.

 Bangladesh celebrates the day as Mother Language Day. UNESCO provides the proper respect for the martyrs of the revolution.

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