How To Write A Politics Personal Statement With 2 Samples

A Personal Statement To Write

Every law school requires personal statements to be included in your admissions package. There are many well-tested rules that you must follow in writing a professional personal statement.

  • Do Your Best.
  • Make your life simple.
  • Be brief.
  • Explain deficiencies.
  • Be Concrete.
  • Respond to the questions.
  • Proofread.

Politics Personal Statement Sample#1

Moving from a developing economy to a developed society at the age of fifteen had a significant impact on my worldview. Disparities in welfare, social harmony, and economic expansion were informed. I once heard that Mexico is happier than the United Kingdom despite having a lower GDP. This disparity piqued my interest in learning more about the relationship between soft measurements like happiness and hard ones like money. I’m fascinated with how such variables can diverge, resulting in unexpected and erratic results. This has prompted me to create answers to the numerous economic issues we are now confronted with.

My A-Level choices have proven to be quite beneficial, particularly Economics, which has educated me on both how economies work and also how the world is controlled. It fascinates me how it is practical and pertinent to prehistoric society and our own. Because part of the course connects to fundamental problems in my other disciplines, such as immigration, and most financial disputes are tied to it, Spanish has brought my study to a new level. It has also broadened and refined the scope of my arguments and beliefs.

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Choosing Business Studies as an A-Level subject was a no-brainer for me. When I was nine years old, I watched the American version of ‘The Apprentice every week, piqued my attention. To my youthful eyes, anything about Donald Trump’s goal to build an empire provided me the first glimpse into how specific sectors flourish, and others fail based on not only strategy but also passion and dedication.

However, having the chance to travel to Asia, Europe, and America provided me with an understanding of how countries are, in fact, rather than how they are portrayed in the media. The disparities I saw between Europe and Latin America motivated me to investigate the various elements that influence both economies. This widened my view of culture, particularly the way economies develop and the role of politics and business in that evolution. This was mirrored in discussions at school, like TECMUN Tec Model United Nations, where we compared and contrasted circumstances in developed and developing nations.

After moving to England, I became aware of how corrupt cultures can be since I was able to appreciate corporate and political operations that are legal yet fall short of moral values. I started reading ‘The Economist,’ although it was Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein’s book ‘Nudge,’ written with Cass Sunstein, that exposed the bombardment of business effect on the consumer decision — that we are all ‘Nudged’ unknowingly. The connection to politicians was now obvious: the private industry and the government both use tiny things to incentivize us publicly and privately.

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People, groups, and civilizations are all different, which makes me want to figure out how to assist them in becoming more secure and durable.

 Operating as a marketing assistant for a business coaching firm throughout the summer provided me with extensive experience. Many responsibilities were involved, such as lead generation and drawing customers, and I was able to put my business expertise to good use.

I participate in triathlons in my leisure time, which I not just enjoy but also help me gain skills and courage in my daily life. These tournaments have also improved my self-discipline and motivation. Books like “The Undercover Economist,” “Velocity,” and “The Goal” are also favorites of mine. These gave me a new perspective on everyday life and thinking. But it was, Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” that sparked my interest because it not only answered my concerns but also demonstrated how and where to ask the proper ones. This sent me down a rabbit hole of how and why, which I hope to solve throughout my university studies.

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Personal Statement Politics Sample#2

I’ve been captivated by the ever-changing world we live in since childhood, eager to comprehend and investigate the causes and implications of future human resource interactions. I began listening to Bbc World News and reading international periodicals and publications as a teenager.

I’ve come to believe that obtaining a third-level education in international affairs would enable me to get the knowledge that would allow me to explore various options. My current professional goal is to locate an appropriate position within an international group such as the United Nations, preferably with an emphasis on supporting individuals evacuating due to public strife, war, or famine.

My parents were refugees who fled communist Czechoslovakia and raised me in Australia. My family moved back to Prague, the capital of an additional chief democracy, following my nation’s Velvet Revolution. This drastic transformation allowed me to broaden my horizons and see the world in a new light. Today, I am a bi-national travel enthusiast who has visited over 40 countries. Six outreach programs with partner universities have taken place for me: one in Sweden, one in Germany, and four throughout France.

I’ve also participated in two Earthwatch volunteering activities, the first of which was in Spain, where we assisted in data collection for the creation of protected areas, and the second of which was in Tanzania. Monitoring rainforest native wildlife is helping to estimate the consequences of timber harvesting.

The Tanzanian adventure was particularly eye-opening, not just for the differences in culture and hardship in the area but also because of the level of collaboration and difficulty we had to confront living in such a remote location as the Usambara Mountains. The event also made me aware of how international countries and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) assist Tanzanians in alleviating poverty.

Because I was the only lady in my class, I could retain a relatively independent approach to my academics at school. I chose a diverse set of disciplines for my Final Exams, not just because I enjoy a good challenge, but because I think they will provide me with a wealth of general skills and knowledge: Maths and science have helped me grasp the factual and conceptual universe around me, while Czech and English have shown me the richness of poetry, which has turned into a lifelong interest for me, with Herman Hesse being my favorite writer. I am currently a representative for Germany in the Third Committee of the Prague Models United Nations, representing my school.

leisure Time Paragraph

Aside from academics, I like a variety of activities. I’ve loved Egyptology, with all the facts and mysteries around it, since I first visited Egypt when I was 12 years old. In many ways, I like the arts. My mom was, in her youth, one of Czechoslovakia’s most talented opera singers. Thus opera holds a special place. I also adore photography, especially black and white photographers. Last year, I had a little exhibition of my art in Prague. I loved ballet as a kid and even competed in local competitions.

Sports have been more important to me in recent years: as a member of the Czech Quiksilver Snowboarding team, I have earned impressive achievements in national freestyle competitions. I wish to develop my skills and compete in international tournaments in the future.

Every summer, I spend nearly a month in France honing my language skills. Aside from speaking perfect French, English, Czech, and Slovak, I’ve been learning German at school and seeking to understand Hebrew on my own. Mensa,, Greenpeace, and the Czech–Japanese Association are all organizations in which I am actively involved.

I’m excited about the opportunities and challenges that studying in the United Kingdom will bring. I respect the chance to be a member of this prestigious institution as your college, and I think that via my character, work ethic, and prior experiences, I can contribute in some tiny manner to its overall success.


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