How To Write A Personal Statement For College Admission

A personal statement is a composition written to convince a graduate school recruiting team who you are and why you should be enrolled in their institution. 

There are several factors why campuses demand candidates to present a statement, however, the fundamental conception is that it provides them with additional facts regarding you, particularly who you are regardless of your academic qualifications. 

In this personal statement for the college admission article, you will be guided completely and will be able to know how to write a personal statement for college admission. There is also a sample at the end of the article which will help you in writing a perfect personal statement for college admission. 

Following are some important points for how to write a personal statement for college admission: 

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1- Make Your Identity Known

Write your statement as if you are telling about your personality. Transcripts and GPA are used by the college admissions committee to assess your academic abilities. 

The emphasis in recommenders is on how others perceive you and also how you interact with them. Your statement application essay, on either hand, provides an insight into your character to admissions counselors. 

It illustrates how you might integrate into the campus community and give to it. Your statement writing must reflect the prism via which you interact with people.

College counselors understand that no two candidates are alike. What is important is that both are compatible with the college’s objectives for its pupils.

2) Discuss Any Unexpected Events

Never speak only about your success and honors. Write a short paragraph about any circumstance which was your bad experience ever. 

Do you have a few grades that aren’t quite up to par? Did you ever drop out of a class in high school? When it comes to figures on papers, such things stand out.

Universities are interested in the context of unusual records, as well as how you see them. The concept of “conventional success” is becoming scattered in places as the globe becomes increasingly competitive and aware of socioeconomic inequities.

Action plans for the inclusiveness of impoverished students are becoming normal practice at American institutions. Most importantly, universities want to know how you are contented with and overcome adversity. They’re looking for those students!

3) Give Reasons Why You Are Taking Admission

This is an important component of your statement as you have to explain why you are taking admission to that college. A strong personal statement essay must provide information concerning why you have been attending the institution in addition to offering your character and addressing any flaws or holes in your history. 

Although it may seem self-evident, many pupils become preoccupied with establishing themselves as if they were filling out an application form. They completely overlook the importance of stating why they are going to school.

Describe how they correspond to your particular objectives and characteristics. Choose a few of the school’s distinguishing traits. Professors, programs of study, and facilities are examples of these.

4) Conclusion

Give an end to your statement. Use phrases like To conclude, To sum up, In a nutshell, etc. 


“I’m penning to show my enthusiasm in learning Supply Chain Management at the University of ABC. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for taking the attention to interpreting my written statement.

At ABC University, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public finance and supply chain management. I’ve determined to enroll in your Supply Chain Management course because I believe it will greatly benefit my further education and potential profession. Furthermore, I see this course as an excellent chance to learn about the culture and well logistical infrastructure. I’m particularly intrigued by the various techniques done in this field at a prestigious university.

I picked the University of ABC because it analyses all aspects of system administration, from manufacturing to services. Specializing in purchasing is far from sufficient, as I realized during my prior courses. I had the chance to work on an e-commerce project with my classmates. The purchasing decision has been the only thing we influenced over at the time, however, I quickly discovered I had the ability and desire to learn more about solutions. 

Because of my present undergraduate, I am a strong candidate for the position. Management accounting, strategic purchasing, and order processing are just a few of the courses that have taught me the fundamentals of the supply chain. To better grasp data difficulties, I’ve completed math and statistics classes.

Aside from my academic pursuits, I have a busy and engaging social life. I was already on our school’s volleyball team, which won multiple championships, and as a result, I received an honors diploma. My teamwork and work under pressure have both improved as a result of those moments on the court. I traveled around Europe and the United Kingdom during my summer holidays. My first visit to Amsterdam was remarkable, and it piqued my interest in returning in the future. I’ve grown as a confident young woman as a result of meticulously arranging the vacation and living alone in a strange place.

I’ve interned at Red Bull and ASUS, among other companies. These experiences worked with people from all over the world in a globalized world, which has inspired me to be more adaptable and versatile. I am confident that, as a result of these amazing moments, I will be able to face and overcome any future problems.

To summarise, I am interested in studying Supply Chain at the University of ABC since it will allow me to further my abilities and expertise at one of the program’s top institutions. Because of my good business academic basis and personal characteristics, I am convinced that I will flourish in this course.”

Final Words

So this is how you will write a personal statement for college admission. Use professional language and write the relevant information.

Some colleges give instructions for writing a personal statement so you will have to follow their instructions and mention only the information which they are demanding. 

Moreover, don’t forget to proofread your statement. Your personal statement should be free of spelling mistakes, grammatical, and punctuation.

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