how to title a personal statement

The majority of the people I’ve seen don’t have a title for their personal statement. (They occasionally write “Personal Statement,” but never “The Importance of Being Serious About Graduate School/college.”)

In this Personal Statement article, we will discuss how to title a personal statement and creative titles for personal statements

How To Title A Personal Statement

The perfect title is something along the lines of “University Name Personal Statement” or “Statement for ABC DI.” You’ll be able to choose the proper one for the right program this way.

There is sometimes a room or box given for the title. You have to write the heading there. This may be given at the center, middle or left side of the page.

The “Personal Statement Title” Box Is Not Seen By The Program Directors

Isn’t it fascinating? You can still use the fantastic title you created. You are free to fill the box with whatever you like. However, it will not be printed on the application that the directors will see.

So, what exactly is the purpose of the box? You must determine whose personal statement is which. You’ll choose whatever program(s) you want to apply to in a different section of the application. There will also be a personal statement attached. 

You’ll need to know which statement goes to which program if you apply to multiple programs and compose a personal statement for each one. You’ll see the Personal Statement Title you typed in that field at that time, and you’ll be able to connect the dots.

Length Of The Title

The amount of words in the title box is limited. Your personal statement has a restricted amount of room in the DICAS application. Because two things are listed, there is a little bit of ambiguity about what the limit is.

“Do not exceed the maximum length of 1,000 words,” it reads when you open the personal statement section and select the “Instructions for this Section” button. However, it reads “(max 8,000 characters)” just under the box where you’ll type your personal statement text.

Because the text box is what counts the characters (which includes letters, digits, punctuation marks, and spaces), you should keep it to 8,000 characters. Even though you highlight extra characters in your personal statement in Word and then copy and paste it over (which I encourage because editing in Word is much easier), it will only paste 8,000 characters in that box. 

Before you complete the transfer, you may count the words and letters in Word to see whether everything will fit. You wouldn’t want a word or a phrase in your personal statement to be cut off somewhere in the middle of it.

This implies that when you include a name at the start of your personal statement in that box, those characters will be counted toward the total. As a result, you’ll have fewer characters to explain about your experience or why you wish to do internships in the body of your personal statement. If you have a lot of information to present in your personal statement when asking the questionnaire, adding a subtitle may not be the greatest use of characters.

It’s Good To Know: How To Write A Personal Statement For Transfer Students

If There Is Room, You Can Still Add A Headline

Some of you will have enough space in your 1,000-word limit to include a title in that area so that directors may see it. You can still put a title on it if you want to.

However, while a title may assist introduce a subject or demonstrate your distinct personality, directors will be most interested in the facts in your personal statement. That is where the directors will learn more about you and your internship preparation. Or without a title, there are numerous ways to inject individuality and uniqueness into your personal statement.

THE Summary Of Your Statement’s Heading/Title

In the absence of any graduate school requirements, your heading included the title of the document you’re sending (for example, “Personal Statement”), the institution, and the department. 

Who you’re writing it for (e.g., “Northern University College of Education”), as well as your name. These can be centered, left-justified, or formatted in any professional format.

Titles for Personal Statements with a Creative Twist

I’ve gathered some personal statement examples that will help you in writing the best title for your personal statement.

  1. How Can Change Be Beneficial?
  2. Let the light in.
  3. How my world has shaped my dreams and aspirations.
  4. Advantages of Educational opportunities.

Points To Be Kept In Mind

After selecting a personal statement title example you have to consider some tips to write a good personal statement. Here are a few pointers to help you come up with your own personal essay title.

  • Maintain brevity in your title. Extended titles aren’t appealing to anyone.
  • The second need is that you must have a fresh and original title. It is something they aren’t exposed to regularly.
  • Use a headline for your personal statement that accurately describes the content of your personal statement.
  • Write your title in bold letters. Or write according to the given instructions.
  • Your personal statement title must startle the readers and should be relevant.
  • Do not use quotations or copy other’s titles. Avoid plagiarism.
  • Look for personal statement heading examples and take ideas from that but don’t copy them.

Final Words: how to title a personal statement

So giving a title isn’t very necessary if you don’t see it in your personal statement’s instructions. But if you want to give a title then you must know how to title a personal statement

The title of your personal statement should convey the main point of your statement. Write 3-4 titles for your statement and compare them to choose the best one for your personal statement. 

If you’re having trouble finding up an appropriate heading for your personal essay, you can approach us since we have some of the finest personal statement writers on board who can assist you in presenting the ideal headline for the essay. 

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