How Can Benefit Personal Statement Writers?

Writing a good personal statement during the admission process is very important. The personal statement, which is also called an application essay, is an essay that is submitted to the admissions officer at an institution.

The purpose of this essay is to tell the admissions officer about the applying candidate and give them information such as previous education, background, hobbies, skills, etc. The personal statement helps the institution to see whether or not the applying candidate is worth admitting or not.

This is why it is essential that the statement you write is on-point and effective. In this post, we’re going to be looking at how a particular online summary

generator can be helpful for students looking to write a good personal statement.

How Can Help Your Personal Statement?

The simple answer to that question is: by making it concise.

If you write a personal statement and you find that some parts of it (or all of it as a whole) are too long and lengthy, you can shorten it using this tool without worrying about doing it yourself.

An important trait of a good personal statement is that it should be concise and to the point. Why exactly? We’ll look at it in a bit. For now, let’s talk about how helps in that. is, as the name tells, an online summary generator. It provides the simple, but very useful, function of shortening the provided text so that it contains the main points but minus the unnecessary details.

The tool performs this task by utilizing various algorithms and models that allow it to understand the main intent of the text and extract the crux, leaving the rest.

Here is an image in which you can see this tool in action.

Now let’s talk about why you should prioritize conciseness in your personal statement.

Why You Need Conciseness in Your Personal Statement?

When you submit a personal statement to an institute as part of your admissions process,

you should know that there are hundreds and maybe thousands of other statements like

that also waiting to be read.

You have to make your statement different and impactful so that it stands out positively in the eyes of the admissions officer.

One of the qualities that can make your statement like that is conciseness and brevity. Here are some reasons why you should focus on it:

A concise statement is quick to read, which means that the admissions officer will be able to go through it swiftly and find out all there is about you.

A concise statement is easier to write. If you know that you have to mention only the details and no unnecessary stuff, you’ll have an easier time coming up with it. Or, since you’ll be using to shorten the statement afterwards, you

can let loose and the first draft lengthy without worrying about cutting corners. Either way, the process becomes easier, either by taking less time or by taking less thought.

A concise statement is more readable. This sort of morphs into the first benefit that we mentioned but that was about “quickness” and not readability in general.

Basically, when your statement is readable, the person going through it won’t have to make too much of an effort to understand it. This will make them feel more

positive about the statement, and also lead them to be more impressed.

How to Use to Shorten Your Personal Statement?

Now let’s come to the part where we talk about how you can use to shorten your personal statement.

1.      For the first step, you have to load the tool up. You can make an account and buy the premium plan if you want to get the most out of the tool, but this is not mandatory. You can still enjoy the tool as a free user.

2.      Then, once the tool is open, you will see the input box. Enter the text of your personal statement in this box. You can paste or type it directly in the box, or upload a file from your local storage.

3.      After that, you need to select the length of the summary using the slider on top of the input box. This depends on how short you want to make the statement. If the draft you wrote is way too long, you can select the “Short” setting, and make it considerably concise. Or, if you’re looking for some minor reductions, you can select the “Long” setting and the summary generated will not be considerably shorter than the input.

4.      After the summarization process is complete, you can download the summary to your device or copy-paste it into a document.

Those are the main steps that you have to follow to use for your personal statement.

What are some other ways to keep your personal statement concise?

Before we end this post, we want to talk about some other tips that you can follow to keep your personal statement concise and to the point. Using the tool is one step, sure, but there are other tips and guidelines that can help you generally keep the length of the sentences shorter.

For one, you should focus on using short and descriptive words rather than long phrases. If there is a word, even if it is somewhat difficult, that can be used to replace a multi-word phrase in your personal statement, you should utilize it.

Limit the number of transitional words and conversational elements in the statement. It is supposed to be a formal document anyhow, and removing transitional words/conversational elements can make it conform to that nature as well as make it concise.

 Another thing that you should do is not mention anything that isn’t directly relevant to you and why you’re suitable for the institute. Granted, if you’re using a summarizing tool afterwards, those types of details will most probably get removed. But you can’t count on the tool 100% to do that. It actually may remove some of the necessary parts of the statement due to the presence of unnecessary stuff, and the end result could be very bad.

Conclusion and final thoughts

With that, we’re going to wrap this post up.

If you are writing a personal statement, you need to make it have a positive impression on the reader, be it the admissions officer or any other member of the institute’s faculty.

One of the ways to do that is by ensuring that the statement is concise and to the point.

In the post above, we’ve talked about how in particular can be helpful for this purpose. We talked about how you can use it for your personal statements. The

process is quite simple and straightforward.

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