How Long Does It Take To Write A Personal Statement?

Writing a personal statement isn’t a difficult task. However, you have to consider the context of your audience and the purpose of your statement before writing a personal statement.

Please remember that a good personal statement always has good chosen words, the main message, grammar, and punctuation. If you can communicate well, it isn’t difficult for you to write a personal statement within hours or a day. 

Everyone tells you about how to write a personal statement or what is the purpose of a personal statement or why a personal statement is important. But no one explains clearly how long does it take to write personal statement.

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Keep reading this article. We’ll analyze briefly how long does it takes to write a personal statement. Let’s see people’s opinions!

How Long Is A Personal Statement?

It’s Good To Know: How To Write A Good Personal Statement For A Job


Who wrote a personal statement for the first time, claiming that it took 3-4 weeks. At the same time, some are claiming that when they were writing for the first time, it took up to 3 months which is a long time.

Still, they are unsatisfied with the statement.


People who have tried to write 2-3 drafts of personal statements took a bit less time to write as compared to the one who wrote for the first time. It usually takes 3-5 days or weeks but not months, to write a personal statement when a mediocre person does it. 


Experts are always the leaders! They are the real personal statement writers. They can write a personal statement within a day. However, an expert claimed that he wrote a personal statement in just 25mins and it takes 2 weeks to write a personal statement. 

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How To Format A Personal Statement? 


Of course, the length, content, and organization of your personal statement must be tailored to the specific requirements and requirements for the program(s) you’re seeking admission to. However, here is an outline template that can be used to create a standard personal statement template. Integration, clarity, organization, and non-redundancy are the most essential aspects.


Before you go to the meat of your argument, Take the time to compose three or four sentences that give an overview of what’s to be in the future. The preview can also serve double duty to highlight your strengths in academic and professional accomplishments and, most importantly, the reason behind why you are pursuing the particular graduate program as well as your career goals for the future.

Affiliation To Academics

It is essential to describe the ways your academic accomplishments will influence your performance in graduate school and to inform readers that you’ll succeed when it comes to your master’s studies.

Professional Experience

You must write a summary of your professional experiences; However, this section is more than an overview. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are ready and dedicated to your field.


A lot of programs require applicants to highlight specific areas of strengths as well as weaknesses. This section will inform admissions committees of a lot about you. This section is to find out the strengths and weaknesses you are as it is more focused on how you present yourself in a professional environment.

The Reasons To Go To A Specific Program

The most basic rule is to devote at minimum an hour of your time to select three reasons that a specific graduate program is your best selection over the rest. The key is to be as precise as possible to convince your admissions team that you’ve spent the time to know the school well and understand the merits that the school offers. It is recommended to pick at minimum two distinct advantages of the program.


A lot of times, students finish their personal statements without a clear conclusion, which is a sign of an unsatisfactory writing capability.

No matter what language limits you’re working within, there must be an end that summarizes everything of the previous information.

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Final Words: How Long Does It Take To Write A Personal Statement

Finally, you have got an idea of how long is a personal statement. It’s essential to know how to write an excellent personal statement. 

When you keep all the important points in mind, you will be able to write a statement quickly. Practice makes a man perfect! 

So make, practice writing personal statements for others and also read other people’s statements too. This will allow you to be able to write an excellent personal statement in a short time.

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