How I spent my weekend paragraph

My weekend paragraph is a significant subject for all the students rather they are a school or college students. Below are the three paragraph about weekend that you can check for inspiration. 

Weekend Paragraph

From Monday to Friday, I’m thinking about the weekend. Or rather, I’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday. I don’t have many friends, so it’s important for me to come up with an entertaining program for myself. I am not a loser and don’t like to spend my time watching TV. I prefer going somewhere on foot if I have no plans. I’m more active than others.

A man who wakes up early doesn’t want to waste time lying in bed. He wants to be awake as soon as possible. He drinks a cup of coffee before he goes to the movies.

Sometimes I change my plans and go to an exhibition, if it is held in the city, or visit a theater, performance or opera. Last Saturday, all tickets had been sold out. So I went to the ticket office, and the ticket seller told me it was too late – no more tickets available.

My day off is usually full. I don’t miss anything, and even if there isn’t any place where I could go out, I still try to do my best and use this day fruitfully. Reading books or studying something, playing sports and planning for the next weekend.

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How I Spend My Weekend Paragraph Example 1

The weekend is always something interesting to him. I enjoyed that time a lot.  When I  go to bed on Friday night I feel so much relief because 6 does not have any alarm and I can sleep as much as he wants.

My weekends are full of family events. I enjoy being with everyone a lot.

My last weekend was so awesome. I always sleep a long time on a Friday night without an alarm. I know I don’t have school on Saturday and I feel no pressure about that. I could sleep as much as I wanted. So last weekend I woke up at 9 a. m.

After waking up, I did my homework. Then my mom told us that we were going to see our grandma today. I was very happy about that. We went to see our grandma every weekend. She was always nice to me.

In the afternoon, my dad drove us there. My grandma’s house was very nice. She had many relatives living with her. I had fun with my cousins and grandma during our stay. On Sunday we came back.

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How I Spent My Weekend Paragraph Example 2

My last weekend was awesome. I went to the beach and had lots of fun. I also played volleyball and basketball. I met new friends there. I really enjoyed myself. I hope you enjoy your weekend too!

A zoo is a place where people go to view wild animals. There are many different kinds of animals in zoos. Some animals are dangerous, but most are friendly. People who work at zoos care about the animals. Zoos also help preserve endangered species.

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How I Spent My Weekend Paragraph Example 3

Weekend means the weekly holiday. On the weekend, people wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast, then play computer games with their brothers or sisters. Some people even play video games. After that, they go to the mosque with their parents to pray. Then they take their lunch and have some rest before going out to see their friends and relatives. Some people even go shopping. In the evening, they watch TV programs with their families. After dinner, they watch TV programs again with their families. Finally, they go to bed.

I’m sure you’re looking forward to spending this weekend with your loved ones. You should make plans in advance on how you are going to spend it in the best possible way!


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