How Do You Spell Cheryl

There are a variety of correct spellings of Cheryl in accordance with the area of your language that you live in. What do you mean by Cheryl with English? While it’s a well-known name, a lot of people misspell it. This is why we show the most popular form of spelling the word.

This name’s correct English spelling of the word is Cheryl

The most popular is that it is derived from Italo-Celtic roots, as well as being an Anglicised version of or both the French Name Cherie (from Latin cara, “beloved” See also Carissa (name)) and it could be the Welsh namesake Carys (a cousin of “Cara”) which is based upon names like Meryl and Beryl that were in fashion during the beginning of the 20th century.

Cheryl is a word that originates from the French language, and it means “darling loved”. It is most likely a mixture of the words Cherie as well as Beryl. It’s not a new name and has been in use since early in the twentieth century. Since the beginning, it’s been an extremely popular feminine name.

About Cheryl

Cheryl is a beautiful feminine name that’s an ideal choice for any girl who is expecting. Since it’s a modern name, it has a fresh and modern sound and could be a wonderful alternative to more traditional names.

What does Cheryl mean?

Names like Cheryl is primarily a feminine name with French origin, meaning Beloved. Cheryl is an French name that is derived from the word Cherie which means “cherised” or loved.

Is Sherry short for Cheryl?

As a girl’s name, it is called SHARE-ee. Short variant from Sharon (Hebrew) “a fertile plain” A alternative to Cheryl which comes from Charlotte (Old German) “free man” and a short version of names starting in Sher-. Sherry can also be employed to refer to sweet wine, in the model of Brandy.

Here Are Different Ways To Spell, Cheryl





What Does the Name Cheryl Meaning Biblically?

(Cheryl Pronunciations) (Cheryl Pronunciations) English The meaning behind the word Cheryl is”lovely one; sweet. Rhyminglike Meryl as well as Beryl.

Is Cheryl A Name from Ireland? Irish Name?

The correct spelling of the English term “Cheryl” can be [S’er@l, [S’er@l],”[S_’e_r_@l(IPA phonetic alphabet) (IPA Phonetic Alphabet )….Similar letters for spelling Cheryl

  1. chorale,
  2. cheerily,
  3. Charlie,
  4. Cheryle,
  5. Cherly,
  6. ceryle,
  7. churl,
  8. charily,

What is the correct pronunciation?

Pronunciation refers the way that a word or language is spoken. It could refer to the generally agreed-upon patterns of sound used when speaking a particular language or word in a particular language (“correct pronunciation”) or the manner in which a specific person uses a language or word.

More Longer Spelling Options Cheryl

A list of various spellings for Cheryl:

  • Cambell
  • Charbel
  • Carnell
  • Carroll
  • Carvell
  • Cassiel
  • Connell
  • Castiel
  • Caswell
  • Chanell
  • Cornel
  • Channel
  • Chantal
  • Chantel
  • Cardell
  • Cheskel
  • Cordell

Is Cheryl A Name for a Guy?

Cheryl is a female name that is common in English spoken countries.

Possible Nicknames

Possible names for Cheryl could be Cher as well as Cherry.

Similar Names

Cheryl is also spelled Cheril as well as Cherrylle. Like we said Cheryl is also related with the name Cherry as well as Charity. Cheryl is an alternative spelling of Sheryl.

Is Sherry the short form for Cheryl?

The name of a girl is pronounced SHAREEE. It’s from English or French origin. The definition from Sherry can be described as “dear”. Short variant from Sharon (Hebrew) “a fertile plain” Variant of Cheryl which comes from Charlotte (Old German) “free man” and a short version of names that begin by Sher-. …

How old is the name Sheryl?

The name first came into use in 1921 and was named seven infants. Sheryl was a well-known girl’s name across the State of Iowa in 1944. It was the number 39 and had 112 children. The record-breaking high for this name was set in the year 1957 , in California with 387 babies.

Translations of Cheryl




Chinese:Xie Li Er


Stories featuring This Name

Cheryl Tunt is a character in the animated TV series, “Archer.” Cheryl Blossom is a character within the Archie Comics universe. She was initially introduced by”Betty and Veronika,” the “Betty as well as Veronica” television series. Cheryl Orenthal is one of the main characters of the American sitcom “According Jim.” Jim.”

What does the name Cheryl Anne Mean?

The meaning of the name Cherylanne can mean “Cheryl + Anne loved, kind, generous”. Cherylanne is usually used as a name for girls. It has 10 letters and three syllables. It is pronounced Cheryl-lanne.

What does the name Sheryn Signify?

Sheryn is a name that has a lot of meaning. Sheryn is primarily a feminine name with Hebrew origin, meaning of the Fertile Plain.

Famous People with This Name

  1. Cheryl is a well-known British dancer, singer and TV personality who began her career with the pop group “Girls Loud.” Cheryl Tiegs is an famous American supermodel .
  2. Cheryl Strayed is an American author, best known for her novel “Wild,” her memoir that was made into a film starring Reese Witherspoon.
  3. Cheryl Cole (born Cheryl Ann FernandezVersini), English singer
  4. Cheryl Lynn (born Lynda Cheryl SmithSunset), American disco singer
  5. Cheryl Jean (Stoppelmoor) LaddAmerican actress
  6. Cheryl Ann Tweedy English singer of the group Girls Aloud
  7. Cheryl Stephanie BurkeAmerican dancer
  8. Cheryl StrayedAmerican memoirist and author
  9. Cheryl R. James aka SaltAmerican the rapper from group Salt,n,Pepa
  10. Cheryl Ruth Hines is an American actor

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