How do I spend my holidays essay

My father and I went to our village. We stayed there for 3 days. We visited many places. We saw many things. We ate some delicious food. We enjoyed ourselves very much. We came back to our city after 3 days.

The villagers are very welcoming. They are glad to see you again. Your father is well-known in the village. He helps people by giving donations. You go out with your cousins to explore the beauty around the village. There have been some changes in the village since you left. Some new buildings are being built. People are more friendly now than before.

How Do I Spend My Holidays Essay Example 1

Picnicking with family means spending time together with your relatives. You can get a chance to know them better. This is very important because you can learn about your family history. Your parents help you to organize this event. You can enjoy the company of your cousins. There is a nice place for a picnic. Many people come here on weekends.

There are many kinds of birds here. Some of them are very beautiful. You should be careful when you’re walking around because some of the birds might attack your face.

The river is very clear and you can see lots of fish swimming around. You collect beautiful stones while crossing the river. Uncle shares information about birds. He describes each type of bird and tells us how they behave.

Cousins are very close to you. You love your cousins and they love you back. You feel happy when you’re together. Your cousin’s help makes you feel better. You want to see them again.

How Do I Spend My Holidays Essay Example 2

I always love Christmas because it brings so much joy and happiness. Every year we do something different for Christmas. Last year we went camping and this year we did some sightseeing. This year we were at home. It was very meaningful.

My cousins are very important to me. We can’t meet as much as we want but when we do it’s great. Our parents are also busy with work, so we can’t see each other as often as we want. But during the holidays it’ll be great to meet everyone.

We spent a few days together in one house. We planned to stay there until the end of the holiday. I told them that I want to be alone with my friends. My parents and my cousins were happy about it.

My cousin was very happy when he saw me. He said I looked younger than him. Then he asked me if I had any questions. I told him about my dream. He said he could help me. When I woke up, I felt better. I knew he could do something for me.

I had a very nice time with my cousins. They’re all wonderful people. I wish we could spend all our holidays together.

How Do I Spend My Holidays Essay Example 3

Today I am sharing my experience on how I spend my holidays at home. I went to our city. We actually go there every year. That’s what makes me excited. There are many things to do and see in the city. I spent my whole life in this city. Spending holidays in the city is really fun for me too. My holidays at home are always fun. I love my family. We go to the beach every year. We also go to the mountains. I like going to the park too. I like playing sports.

How Do I Spend My Holidays Essay Example 4

Summer vacation brings lots of opportunities to get involved in a number of things. Holidays are more useful when you use them properly.

I had fun during my summer vacation because I was with my family. I did some chores around the house. I also went swimming.

I also watched cartoons, played video games, etc.  I also went to a friend’s house during this summer vacation. I used to go to the market with Grandma and buy many toys.

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