Hot summer day paragraph

Almost every day has too much heat. I’ve experienced many hot summers in my life. In my country, June and July are two months with the highest temperatures. People don’t want to go out during these times. They prefer staying inside a cool place.

Kids are getting sick because there is no water or air conditioning. The weather is hot. People are using umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun.

It is good to wear light clothes at this time. People should avoid wearing dark colors because they absorb more heat than light ones. If you go out during the night, make sure your clothes are light colored. You shouldn’t wear heavy clothes if you want to stay comfortable.

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9A Hot Summer Day Short Essay

A hot summer is a punishment. We feel uncomfortable and lethargic because of the unbearable heat. The period between dawn to sunrise is a lovely sight, but we don’t enjoy it as much as we used to. The calm and serenity of the twilight scene is most appealing, but we don’t appreciate it as much as we did before. The sweet chirpings of birds are most enchanting, but we don’t hear them as often as we used to.

The sun rises in the east, and gets hotter as the day goes on. People stay indoors because of the heat. Farmers stop working in the field. The temperature reaches a peak at noon. People feel uncomfortable due to the heat.

People go out because the weather is hot during the day but cools down at night. Ice cream is enjoyed by everyone.

Essay Paragraph or Speech on “A Hot Day in Summer”

The essay describes how hot days in summer are unbearable. The author remembers a hot day in summer when he was young. He says that nothing moved in the whole world except for birds. Then, the author mentions that the sun peeps through the dusty layer, and then, the sun disappears behind the cloud. The author says that the electric fan doesn’t give any air though it seems to move. He also says that people complain of the scorching heat, but nobody complains of the electric fan. The author says that everybody wants ice because it is cooling. He says that the tarcoal melts at places, and the ball of fire hangs in the sky. He says that sleep is impossible in such a hot weather. He says that the electric fan gives no air, and the tarcoal melts at some places. Finally, he says that the thunderstorm comes and rains heavily for two hours.

A Hot Day in Summer

In India, it is very cold during the month of December. People go out and enjoy the weather.

People who didn’t take precautions died of heatstroke. The rich hid under air-conditioning units while the poor used hand fans. Rain was needed badly. No one could feel comfortable. Traffic was very low.

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