Hard Work

Hard work is necessary to achieve success in life. An idle person cannot gain anything by sitting around waiting for things to happen. A person who works hard will definitely achieve success in life.

Importance Of Hard Work

History shows us that hard work pays off. Edison was working long hours and he fell asleep while reading. 

Nehru worked for 17 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gandhi worked for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hard work pays off for everyone. We should always strive to do our best. A man is born to work. He shines when he works hard. He rusted when he rested.

Key To Success

Hard work is definitely the key of success. What we earn through sweat gives us more happiness than something we get through lucky strokes. We want to achieve many things in this world. 

These things require hard work to come true. Poor people are not cursed, but idealism is. When we waste time, time will waste us. 

Hard work helps anyone achieve success. Great men were born in cottages but died in palaces!

Hard work leads to success. When you begin working hard, you will see changes in your life. Your discipline and focus will improve. You will be more determined and concentrate on your work. 

You will also start to see results within a few days. This proves that when you work hard, you’ll succeed.

Successful people work hard and make sure that they do well in both their professional and personal lives. They understand how to keep a balance between work and play.


We should always be determined and focused when we do any kind of work. This helps us to complete our task on time and in a much better manner. 

Concentration increases our ability to perform well in our studies. Therefore, by concentrating, we can improve our performance in school.

Hard work does lead to success. We should always strive to do more than we are capable of doing.

Hard work is a key factor in achieving success. Confidence comes with hard work. You should do your best to get ahead in life.

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