Graphic Design Personal Statement

If you are passionate about graphic designing, you must have to attend graduate school. For this purpose, you have to write a graphic design personal statement. 

A Personal Statement is very important as sometimes, when you apply for the 1st time or for a junior graphic designer post, you may be required to write a junior graphic design personal statement

Statement Of Purpose For Graphic Design

You must meet the requirements of your social, ecological, professional, and personal organizations in your graphic design personal statement for admission to graduate school in graphic design. Like a graphic designer, you must address all significant ideological, spiritual, and emotional conceptions with the unique ability, always addressing your subject with tremendous reverence.

Graphic designer personal statement must keep up with style, interaction, and technological developments, and they should update their portfolios with examples of their best work regularly. Experts may be obliged to achieve both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree to be considered for higher-level roles and wages with some firms. They could also select to add specialist areas, such as advertising, website designing, photography, or written correspondence, to enhance their talents. 

It’s Good To Know: Graphic Design Personal Statement

Tips To Write Graphic Design Personal Statement

Below are some important tips that you should keep in mind when writing a graphic design and illustration personal statement.

Proper Subject Knowledge

Before you begin writing your personal statement, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the topic. Write a detailed description of your education and experience. Do not go on to another topic unrelated to your subject. Never employ anything that does not immediately assist you in winning a place. Include everything the reader wants to know about you and your subject knowledge.

Proofread Your Statement

To avoid even the tiniest mistakes, check and edit your work thoroughly. Proofread your statement at least three times and read it aloud to ensure you grasp the flow. You can proofread it yourself, with the help of a colleague, or with anyone else who is capable of doing so. Read again and again to make it error-free.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

Your personal statement can be negatively affected by grammatical errors. By using the Grammarly app, you can prevent making grammatical errors. After you’ve finished writing, use Grammarly to check your personal statement. Grammarly is an easy way of editing and making your statement error-free. 

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Personal Statement Examples Graphic Design


 When I learned how to use a computer, I became interested in Graphic Design since it allowed me to integrate two of my strengths. I’ve always been able to be innovative, whether it’s through coloring books or trying out different media to produce my artwork.

I am doing a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design in my 2nd year. I’ve enjoyed every element of this course, especially the various subject areas covered in the first year. For my second year, I’ve picked graphic design alternatives because I believe this is where my abilities lie.

Using my life skills, I completed a training contract as a trainee only at the design firm Razamataz, where I could see the firm’s day-to-day operations, including all parts of the development process from the final product’s manufacture. On another occasion, I got the opportunity to observe the day-to-day operations of a graphic arts agency at its Manchester central city office, as well as how all of the company’s various duties are interconnected.

Some of my initial images were inspired by the scenery I saw while locked in a car for many kilometers on my way to meetings. I also utilized it for a task in my current school, where I built a website for a handful of drivers. I’ve always been interested in web design and have a lot of experience with Adobe Dreamweaver. This homework earned me excellent grades, and the design is still in use on the internet today. Last year, I was asked for one of the first sessions in the planning of an exhibition at the college, when a couple of my photographs were featured.

I considered joining the college choir as part of my enrichment program at school. We’re currently in the early stages of our development, but we have plans for performances next year. Performing has always been a passion of mine. I played the cornet in the school wind band throughout primary and high school, performing at local locations and the Royal Festival Hall in London.

I want to be a part of the ever-changing graphic design business since it continues to create fascinating and distinctive designs. I believe that pursuing a degree in graphic design will assist me in accomplishing this goal.

How To Close A Personal Statement?

Graphic Design Statement Sample#2

Graphic design is the course for which I’d like to apply. Advertising and design are two subjects that I am passionate about. This excitement stems from my GCSE and A-level graphic design studies, where I took courses and completed coursework. I want to learn more about this topic since I want to work in a field I’ll enjoy for a long time. Another reason I chose this subject is that, while advertising design is my main passion, I would be able to explore many elements of Graphics.

I believe This is a good fit for this program because I’m a diligent worker who puts 100% effort into whatever I do to produce something I am proud of. In addition, during my graphics degree, I gained some experience working with teams of designers and salespeople, as well as learning about production processes. Nissan manufacturing is one company with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working and receiving feedback. Receiving favorable feedback from Nissan manufacturing specialists gave me a great boost in confidence, allowing me to feel that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

In terms of my studies, I’ve been studying graphic design for 4 years, at both GCSE and A levels, as part of my schooling.

I have accomplished much with my dance by performing in dance festivals and studying for exams. This encourages me to believe that I can do anything if I put in the effort. I felt at ease because I adapted to my environment, which benefited me and others. I am in charge of looking after the shop, assisting clients, and, most importantly, making customers want to return to the shop.

By enrolling in the aforementioned course, I hope to gain some significant experience in firms related to graphic design and improve my design talents to a professional level, enhancing my potential to become a great graphic designer. I have a dream, and I believe that following this road will enable me to realize it.

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Personal Statement Graphic Design Sample#3 

The graphic designer does have the ability to be unique in each project, never being the same and continually requiring you to broaden your cultural horizons and conduct study into new concepts as part of a design process.

Before pursuing graphic design as a vocational topic, I taught myself. This gave me invaluable knowledge as a graphic designer because I now understand the requirements for conceptualizing printed materials. I’m now working on a Baccalaureate Higher natural in Graphic Communication, which would concentrate more on graphic design than a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Communication. I learned how to do research and investigations for graphic projects, including logotypes, visual identities, posters, pamphlets, and illustrations.

These courses featured multiple job placements where I could work on real-world projects that gave me a better understanding of the corporate world. I designed websites, logos, and printed brochure layouts and assisted employees with various tasks ranging from simple graphics and icons to a visual identity.

I was vice-chairman of the School Experience Council at school, where I learned more about how the school works and how to administer it. I was able to organize meetings and debates by working with a group of students and organizing projects, which improved student life at school.

I want to work and study graphic design, which is something I am passionate about: I have already been practicing it on my own and studying it as vocational education for several years, but I still feel like there is so much more to learn. All of these attributes, together with my prior skills and experience, I feel, will enable me to excel in higher education and the workplace.

Final Words

The above tips and personal statement examples can help you in writing the best graphic design personal statement. You can hire our writers to write a good personal statement for you. We are here to help you in writing any personal statement.

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