Future plan of life dialogue

Sharmin: Hello. I am fine. You are very smart. I am very happy for your brilliant result in the exam. Will you please tell me about the future plan of your life?

Sujon: I am fine too, but I want to be an engineer. I think no work is hard for me in this field. 

Sharmin: This job also requires much tolerance and sacrifice. You know what? To be tolerant and give up something is a prerequisite to becoming a good leader.

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Dialogue About Future Plan Example 1

Mofiz and Tozmanel are both friends. They have finished their SSC examinations. Now write a dialogue regarding their future plans. 

Tozammel is a young man who wants to become a doctor because he wants to help others. He knows that most of the villagers are poor and illiterate, and that there aren’t many good doctors around. He also thinks that if he becomes a doctor then he will be able to help those who need it.

Future Plan Of Life Dialogue  Example 2

Alexa: Greetings, Jack! What’s going on with you?


Jack: It’s all well with me. How about you?


Alexa: I’m OK, as well. Thank you very much for your outstanding performance in the HSC test. Tell me about your long-term goals, if you don’t mind.


Law school is definitely in the cards for me, Jack.


Alexa: I get what you mean. Why are you interested in law? Do you know why this is happening?


There is no doubt about that. As soon as I finish my degree, I plan to enter the political world of work. I want to help my compatriots by putting an end to a tumultuous political climate.


Alexa: You’re right. All forms of corruption and injustice may be eradicated from society under the leadership of a patriotic president. To be sure, being a leader is no small feat.


Alexa: But have you ever considered how much effort that would entail?


Jack: In my line of business, I trust myslf.


Alexa: This line of work requires a high level of patience as well as a willingness to put one Is it familiar to you?


Jack: I’m aware of it. I will deal with the situation!


Alexa: Nice! I’m pleased by your decision and persistence. In light of this, I really admire your plans for the future. Go for it. I have high hopes for your future success.


Jack asks for your blessing so that he might realize his goal.


Alexa: That’s right! It’s time for me to go. It’s a pleasure to meet you, as well.


Jack: Thank you very much. I’ll be back.

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