Few Lines On Strawberry For Class 1

When I was in class 1, my teacher asked me to write a few lines on strawberry for class 1. I wrote everything about what the strawberry looks like. Here, I have helped students of class 1 to write 5 lines and an essay on strawberry for class 1.

few lines on strawberry for class 1

Few lines on strawberry for class 1

  • Strawberries are a tasty fruit.
  • Its color is red.
  • It is used in ice cream and juices.
  • It is healthy.
  • I love to eat strawberries.

10 lines on strawberry

  1. Strawberry is high in Vitamin C, and manganese.
  2. It is eaten fresh or frozen.
  3. Strawberry is grown in greenhouses.
  4. It is not a botanical berry.
  5. It is highly perishable, and stored in a cool place.
  6. It is used in various products.
  7. Strawberry is rich in antioxidants.
  8. It protects heart, boosts haemoglobin.
  9. It lowers blood pressure.
  10. It aids brain development.

5 Lines on Strawberry my favorite fruit for class 1

  1. Strawberry is rich in carbohydrates.
  2. It is a good pre-work snack.
  3. I eat it daily.
  4. I like its red color.
  5. I like its sweet taste.

5 lines on strawberry for class 1

  1. Strawberry is a red fruit.
  2. It’s sweet and juicy.
  3. In season from May to July.
  4. Used in desserts and jams.
  5. Its plant grows for years.

Essay on strawberry for class 1

Strawberries are red, sweet, and juicy. They’re used in desserts and jams. They are high in Vitamin C. They can be eaten fresh or in dishes like cakes. They’re grown in greenhouses for longer seasons. Strawberries should be stored cool. Strawberries aren’t berries. They’re loved for their taste and Vitamin C content. They’re even used in cosmetics. Strawberries benefit the heart, brain, and energy levels, making them a popular pre-work snack.

I hope you enjoyed few lines on strawberry for class 1. If you have any questions, kindly write in the comment box below and I will try to reply. Thank you 🙂




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