Few Lines About Lord Buddha

 He was born as Suddhodhan, in Lumbini. His father’s name was Shuddhodhan, and his mother’s name was Mahamaya. 

Few Lines About  Lord Buddha 

Born into a wealthy family of kings, he renounced all material luxuries to attain spirituality.

A soul aims to detach himself/herself from the birth cycle and achieve moksha, or liberation. Such a transition in thought process took place when Buddha once out of his kingdom, saw three people – an older person, a sick person and a dead person. 

By seeing these three people, he realized that one should renounce worldly pleasures to seek spiritual freedom. Thus, he founded Buddhist philosophy, to awaken people and guide them on a spiritual path, which later became known as Theravada Buddhism.

 The teachings of the Buddah were initially made in the Pali language. He died in 486 BC or 395 BC aged 80, Kushinagar, Magadha Kingdom.

Few Lines About Lord Buddha Example 1

The name of Gautam Buddha’s father is Shuddhodan, while the name of his mother is Mahamaya. He was born in 563 BC at Lumbini, in Kapilvastu, and then he lived in Nepal.

Gautama Buddha had a son named Rahul. He attained enlightenment after 12 years of meditation. He taught kindness towards men and animals.

Desires are the causes of suffering. Buddhism teaches people how to overcome desires by following the Eightfold Path.

Gautam Buddha was a prince who lived in India. He founded Buddhism. His last name before leaving the world was Siddhartha. He was born to a king named Shuddhodan. He had a mother called Mahamaya. She died when he was young.

Gautama Buddha preached about the importance of living peacefully. He was also known as the ‘preacher of peace.’ He was the ninth incarnation of Lord Krishna, according to the Hindu mythology.

Few Lines About Lord Buddha Example 2

 Gautama was born in 563 BC or 480 BC. He founded Buddhism. He lived until 483 BC or 400 BC when he was 80 years old. He was born in Lumbini, Shakyan Republic. He died in KushiNagar, Malayan Republic.

Gautama Buddha was born into a royal family. He preached peace and attained enlightenment. He taught people how to attain salvation by releasing them from the cycle of rebirth. Expectations cause suffering, so one shouldn’t expect.

After achieving nirvana, Buddha could abandon desire, hatred, and greed. He was able to achieve enlightenment and become a great teacher.

Few Lines About Lord Buddha Example 3

Gautama Buddha was born on May 4th, 563 B.C. He was born in the town of Lumbini, Nepal. His mother Maya Devi died when he was seven years old. He was raised by his aunt (his mother’s sister) and stepmother.

Gautam Buddha was born as Siddhartha. He completed his education from Guru Vishwamitra. He was kind and compassionate since childhood.

He didn’t want to be the cause for anyone’s grief. He lost himself in sports so that the losers do not feel sad.

Few Lines About Lord Buddha Example 4

Gautam Buddha is the most important person in history. He founded Buddhism. He spent his whole life looking for the truth. He found enlightenment and started spreading the message. Millions of people followed him and became Buddhists. 

Now there are over four hundred million Buddhists all around the world. Everyone should learn about Gautam Buddha.

Few Lines About Lord Buddha Example 5

Gautam Buddha is a famous person who founded Buddhism. He was born in Nepal in 563 BC.

Siddhartha Gautama was born as a prince named Siddhartha. His parents were King Suddhodana and Queen Maya. When he was seven years old, his mother died.

 Then he became a monk and changed his name to Siddhartha. He had a wife named Yashoda. Their son was named Rahula.

 He meditated under a Bodhi tree for 12 years and got Bodhi (enlightenment). He searched for the truth of life and ended up with tremendous knowledge and love!

 He was very compassionate. He taught people how to be happy. He gave up everything to become enlightened.

Gautam Buddha was a great philosopher who taught about love and positivity. Millions of people followed his teachings. He succeeded in finding a meaning for life, but died before reaching enlightenment.

Few Lines About Lord Buddha Example 6

Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. He was the founder of Buddhism and one of the biggest enlightened people in the history of the World. He was born in 563 BC. His father was a ruler and statesman for the kingdom at that time. His mother died when he was only 7 days old.

Gautama Buddha was born into a wealthy family. He grew up under the care of his stepmother. He was very quiet, calm, and gentle. He had a luxurious lifestyle, but he never enjoyed it. He looked for the truth.

Gautam Buddha was born  around 563 BC. He was a great teacher who taught people how to be happy and content. He was very quiet and kind. 

He had a calm and soothing voice. Many people came to learn from him. He became famous because of his teaching skills.

Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama (Siddharta) who lived in India during 563-483 BC. He was born as a prince but later became an ascetic monk. 

He attained enlightenment under a Bodhi Tree and became known as Buddha. After his death, his followers spread out across Asia and Europe. Today there are over 500 million Buddhists worldwide.

Few Lines About Lord Buddha Example 7

Gautam Buddha was born in 563 BC. He lived in India. He founded the Buddhism religion. He taught people how to be happy. He was very wise. He was called an enlightened being. He was a great teacher. He was also known as the Buddha.


Buddhism is a religion that teaches people how to deal with life’s problems. Buddhism is about overcoming suffering, and it helps you understand your true self. 

There are two main branches of Buddhism: Theravada and Mahayana. 

  • Theravada is the most popular form of Buddhism in the world today. Theravada is also known as the Hinayana school because it emphasizes the path of lesser vehicles. 
  • Mahayana is the other big branch of Buddhism. It focuses more on the path of greater vehicles. Both schools teach the same basic principles but differ in practice.

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