Essay on winter vacation for class 3

Long and Short Essays on Winter Vacation for Students in English

Students should write about winter vacation. They should describe what they do during this time. They should also explain why they enjoy going on vacations. They should also discuss how much money they spend on these trips.


Winter Vacation is a time to relax, enjoy the company of your family, and spend quality time with friends. During this period, students indulge in activities such as going out to the movies, shopping, etc. Students enjoy Christmas because of the gifts they receive from their parents. The whole house is decorated with lights and other decorations, and people buy stars, small bells, candy, and reindeer to put it up.

New Year Celebration

Families usually gather together on Christmas Eve and prepare a meal together. New Year’s Day is celebrated by inviting or being invited to someone else’s house.

A Family Trip

Families usually go out for holiday trips during these times. People also look for places with white snowfall on these trips. These trips are usually short compared to summer vacations. Places visited by tourists are crowded during this period. Hotel booking and lists for sightseeing are made well in advance.

Family Time

Families usually prefer to stay near their homes or close by because they want to spend as much time together as possible. This holiday season, the family wants to travel somewhere new, but they’re too busy to do so.

A Strict Routine

Winter vacation is a time to relax and spend quality time with your family. You should also take advantage of this time by studying hard for exams.

Winter Vacation Short Essay (Words 130)


Winter vacations are essential because they allow us to relax and rest before our exams. We should maintain a tight schedule during these vacations. Our mothers help us to prepare for exams by guiding us to follow a proper routine.

Meeting Cousins

My cousin lives near me. We spend lots of time together. They are a fantastic person. We also spent some time with my other uncle. He is excellent too. We had fun at grandma’s house.

A family reunion was a fantastic experience for our family. Uncle Aunties were very happy to see us all again. We ate and played together in the afternoon.

Grandmother Stories

Our grandma told us some exciting stories. She loves telling stories. Whenever she meets us, she tells us stories. Overall, that trip was great.

Winter Vacation Essay (Words 300)


The winter vacation isn’t that long, nor is it full of excitement due to a couple of issues. However, it’s an opportunity to experience an abundance of excitement. In my hectic school schedule, I’m very bored and don’t have enough time to spend with my friends. The winter break is a chance every year to have a good time with them.

Meeting With Friends

Winter vacations are great opportunities to hang out with your friends. You should make sure you take advantage of this chance by spending more time with your friends.

Sometimes I go there, and sometimes they come. It was a fun moment. I enjoyed it a lot. We were lots of cousins; when I met them together, we enjoyed ourselves a lot. I had my final exam ahead. So during the holiday time, I needed to study for the exam. That’s tough because it was difficult to concentrate. But my mom helped me make a relaxed daily routine. I followed the routine and was able to finish my syllabus within a short time. Thanks to mom, she has been great during this vacation.

Family Time

Spending time with family and friends is very important to me. School is challenging for me, but I still try to ensure that I get enough sleep and eat healthy foods. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially during winter break.

On my last vacation, I visited my uncle’s house and had fun with my cousins. My parents and grandparents enjoyed spending time together too.


A vacation is something you do when you’re not working. You go somewhere else to relax and enjoy yourself. This sentence doesn’t make sense because you’re talking about your vacation as if it worked.

My Food Habit Paragraph

Essay About Vacation (Words 350)


Winter vacation comes with so much excitement and relief for me. I get stuck in this time due to heavy study pressure. This vacation let me spend some quality time and get refreshed. Last year, I think I spent the most fantastic winter vacation ever in my life. Here I am going to share everything in detail. However, this time is pretty tough as a student, besides enjoying the vacation, we need to prepare for our examination. That’s why I used to maintain a tight routine to keep my study going on.

So Many Festivals

This holiday has so many festivals. In particular, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I was spending the final vacation at my grandparents’ place. They lived two miles from the city, which is a wonderful place. Our cousins and we loved to go there and spend some time with our grandparents.

Meeting Cousins

On this occasion, we went there. My cousins and I spent a lot of time together. We bought a gift for each other. I gave all the gifts and got some presents too.

New Year Celebration

We wore a different beautiful outfits and had fun during the Christmas holiday. After the holiday, we spent time with our grandparents. Our grandparents loved us a lot. Whenever they met, they told us some exciting stories about our childhood. This time, they shared. I enjoyed it a lot!

Family Time

Winter mornings are very important because you wake up early in the morning. You go for a morning walk and see beautiful gardens. Your mom and aunties cook different kinds of foods in the morning. Food helps you get ready for your trip. We all know winter is the best time for fresh vegetables and fruits. That’s why this place was near the countryside. Besides these, they made many different kinds of pithas, and we drink Date Juice every morning.


After spending that fantastic period, I returned to my house last week. I attempted to maintain my schedule during that period, and it worked out well.

Essay My Favourite Teacher

Winter Essay 

Winter is my favorite time because of the cold weather. I’m very comfortable during this time. My family makes a trip together during this time.

The Christmas and New Years’ holiday is one of the most popular holidays. People celebrate this festival by going out to parties or staying home and watching movies. This year, I am celebrating Christmas and New Year‘s Eve at my Uncle’s house. Everyone gets together there and has a great time. I don’t have many opportunities to meet people, but when we all get together, it’s like a blessing to me. When we all get along, we spend quality time together.

 Last year’s Christmas was great because I met up with my relatives. This year, I will make sure I get together with them again.

The whole family spent the vacation together. They had so much fun together and enjoyed each other’s company. He loved spending time with his family.

Another Example Of Vacation Essays For Class 3

In this essay, I am going to discuss my personal experience during the winter vacation. During the winter vacation, I was able to spend some quality time with my friends and family. We did various activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, etc. Also, we could go to places such as ski resorts, amusement parks, museums, etc. During the winter vacation, I was able to do many things that I could never do before. For example, I was able to play hockey, basketball, baseball, and football. I also learned how to skateboard. I was able to learn new skills because I was able to try out different sports.

Another thing that I did during the winter vacation was to read books. Winter is cold but fun. People enjoy winter festivals and celebrations. In the northern hemisphere, winter brings the warmth of celebration.

Short Vinter Essay (words 90) in English

Winter Vacation Essay will help you understand what makes winter vacations fun. You’ll learn about the different types of winter vacations and how to plan your own. You’ll also learn about the different places people choose to spend their winters.

In the northern hemisphere, with winter comes the vibe of festivals. Festivals bring together people who love music, art, dance, sports, etc. People should also remember that they should be kind to unfortunate people. Giving a warm sweater to someone who needs it is a great way to show your kindness.

Dialogue between two friends about holiday 

Essay on Winter Vacation for All Class Students

Many people enjoy winter vacations because they get to spend quality time with their families. This is also an excellent opportunity to relax and unwind after a stressful semester or year. There are many things to do during the holidays, including shopping, visiting friends and relatives, and eating delicious foods. However, there are also many problems associated with winter vacations. For example, cold weather makes it difficult to go out and exercise. In addition, snowstorms may cause traffic accidents. Therefore, students need to be careful when planning their winter vacations.


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