Essay on save tigers in 100 words

Tigers are very beautiful animals. They are also very important to the ecosystem of the forest. There are many tigers in India. The Royal Bengal Tiger is an endangered species. People must be aware of this and help protect these animals.

Essay on save tigers in 100 words

Tigers are royal animals that are widely known all over the world. They are very important to keep a balanced environment in the ecosystem. Their contributions to the food chain are very important. Experts are worried that this species will be gone someday and it’s not good news for the environment.

Tigers are beautiful big cats that eat meat. Their fur is thick and soft. They are very strong and fast. Tigers are endangered because of hunting. There are only about 3,000 left in the wild. To protect these animals, people should help by donating money or volunteering.

Paragraphs on Save Tiger in Words

Example Paragraph 1

Tigers are very dangerous animals. Their population is decreasing due to human activities. Saving funds for them is an important thing to do. But if we don’t help them, then the ecosystem will be affected by the extinction of tigers.

Example Paragraph 2

Tigers are very dangerous animals. They eat other animals and plants. Tigers are closely related to the environment. They need lots of space to roam around freely. Tigers are very strong and powerful animals. They are very intelligent and smart. Tigers are very aggressive and protective of their territory.

Example Paragraph 3

Tigers are big cats that are very powerful and fearsome. Hunting them was once popular but now it is illegal. There are many areas set up by the government where tigers can live peacefully.

Example Paragraph 4

Tigers are the national symbol of India. They are very dangerous animals that eat meat. Three different kinds of tigers exist in the world today. Some of them are extinct while others are still alive.Tigers are endangered because of human interference. Humans are responsible for the decrease of tigers’ population. Tigers are beautiful big cats that are being hunted by humans because of their fur. Humans cut down forests for more prosperity and progress, but this causes tigers to become extinct. People should stop cutting down forests and start conserving tigers instead. There is a project called Project Tiger that helps preserve tigers.

Example Paragraph 5

Tigers  hunt by stalking and pouncing on prey. Their fur is valuable because it can be used as clothing or decoration. Tigers are endangered now because of hunting and deforestation.

Protection Of Tigers

Tigers are endangered species. To protect them, the government has banned the hunting of them. They have set up a monitoring committee to ensure that there are enough tigers left. There is also a foundation called the Tiger Conservation Foundation, whose main purpose is to help in tiger conservation.

About WWF

WWF works to sustain the natural world for the benefit of people. Their work includes protecting endangered species, reducing pollution, conserving land, and promoting sustainable development.


  • Tigers are large cats that are found throughout the world.
  • There are about 2,000 tigers left in the wild.
  • They are endangered due to habitat loss and poaching.
  • Their numbers are decreasing because of hunting and trapping.

Poaching And Illegal Wildlife Trade

Poachers kill tigers because they want their bones, tails, and skin. Tigers’ bones are used to make medicine. Their tails are sold as trophies. Their skins are used as fashion accessories.Tigers are endangered species. There are many illegal activities happening around them. Their habitat is being destroyed. Poachers are killing them because they want their skins.

A single tiger’s death can cause problems for other tigers in the population. The death of a female tiger could lead to the death of her cubs. The death of a male tiger could lead to intense competition for his territory. This could lead to injuries or even death.

Habitat Loss

Tigers have lost 95 percent of their historic range. Habitat destruction poses a serious threat to them. Tiger needs wide swaths of habitat to survive. Tigers are territorial, and few tigers can survive in small isolated islands of habitat. Connectivity between protected areas is needed to ensure tigers’ survival.

How Can We Save Tiger?

The Save Tigers campaign should be started as soon as possible. People should be educated about the importance of protecting tigers. Awareness should be created among the general public.

Tigers are endangered species. Poaching is illegal, but it continues to happen. Government bans the sale of tiger skins and bodies, but poaching continues. Buyers should avoid buying tiger-skin products.

Tigers are beautiful big cats that need a lot of space to survive. Their habitat should be protected by humans because if we do not protect them, they might disappear. We can plant lots of trees in order to create an environment for these wild cats.Sea level rises could destroy the Sundarbans tiger habitat if nothing is done to mitigate them. This is an important issue because tigers are an endangered species.

Eco-journey is an important part of preserving tigers. Traveling on this trip will help you learn more about the situation of tigers and junglies. You will also be able to inform others about the issue. Positive changes will encourage them to take action.


Essay on save tigers in 100 word: Tigers are big cats that are native to Asia. There are currently around 3,000 tigers left in the wild. In India alone, there are less than 400 tigers remaining. To protect these endangered species, the Indian government has launched several initiatives to conserve them. However, people need to play an active role too. Donate money to wildlife conservation organizations.

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