Essay On Railway Station In English

Railway stations are places where people go to travel by train. There are many types of railway stations, including underground and above-ground ones. 

People use them to travel around cities and countries.

A Typical Day At The Railway Station

A typical day at the railway platform is full of exciting activities. There are many people around, but most of them are busy doing something else. 

People are present in huge crowds there. Some have dropped off someone while others are awaiting passengers. Coolies and porters are ready to help you by carrying your luggage.

People argue over money and goods. A bookstore sells books and newspapers. Food stalls sell delicious food. Vendors sell their items.

Railway stations are usually crowded places. Homeless people and drug addicts hang out around the station.

The Main Highlight Of A Railway Station

People wait at the railway station for the arrival of the train. Those who have to board the train are eager to get off the train. Those waiting to get onto the train are also excited about boarding the train. There is a lot of commotion at this time.

This is a chaotic time when people rush to their seats. Pickpockets try to steal things from people. Many people get hurt in the process. Despite the chaos, it is wholesome for friends and families to greet each other.


The railway station is a busy place, full of activity. People rush about trying to catch trains or meet friends. 

There are lots of sights to see and things to do. It is a great place to go if you want to be entertained.

Essay On The Railway Station In English Example 1

Railway stations are important because they are cheaper than other modes of transport. They also help people get to their destinations faster. Prices are fixed, and routes are predetermined, making it easy for passengers.

National transport means that railways are used by everyone in the country. This is because there is a wide network of railroads across the country. 

Coal, iron, steel, and other things are transported using this network.

Trains will pull into a station to wait for passengers, and this location is referred to as a railway station. It is a place where people go to buy or rent things. 

In this essay, we talk about how a railway station works. We also talk about what happens when a train comes into a station.

Essay On Railway Station In English Example 2

Railway stations are important places because there are many platforms. People use these platforms to go from one place to another or to get off a train. Trains are very busy, and people need to wait for them.

A train station is a gathering place for commuters and tourists alike. People from different sections of society come together here. 

There are many people waiting for trains, and some of them work at the station. There are also many people who arrive at or leave the station. This is a place where everyone meets.

Essay On Railway Station In English Example 3

At train stations, a wide variety of events and occurrences are possible at any given moment. People may get off the train to go shopping, eat, or even meet friends. Sometimes there are announcements about delays or cancellations. 

People may also wait a long time before getting on the next train.

Liveliness at the railway station is very popular among people. People come here to buy things or meet friends. Ticket counters are also there to help you book your tickets.

A bookstall is mostly found at the railway stations. Many people read books while traveling by train. Furthermore, stations are equipped with the offices of the station master and an inquiry team.  

There is also a police station to keep an eye on criminal activities. They’re called the railway police.

People go to the railway station to travel by train. Many emotions are felt when people leave their homes. Sometimes people wait for someone who is leaving. At the same time, some people are happy to see their families again. 

Essay On Railway Station In English Example 4

There were many inventions made by people during the time when the railways were being built. Some of these inventions include the locomotive and the telegraph. 

  • In 1825, there was an invention called the steam engine. It was invented by James Watt. He also designed the first locomotives. 
  • In 1835, Thomas Cooke invented the first electric train. 
  • In 1843, George Stephenson invented the first passenger train. 
  • In 1865, Charles Parsons invented the first diesel-electric locomotive. 

Essay On Railway Station In English Example 5

Railway stations are places where trains come and go. Trains take passengers to different destinations. Stations are busy spots where lots of people gather. Facilities are available in good stations. Lots of cars park outside.

People are really busy there. There are lots of shops and stalls selling products. The railway station has many platforms where people wait for trains. 

The railway station also has many shops and hawkers who sell their goods to the passengers waiting for trains.

There was a lot of activity in the train station. People were busy with their journeys, their businesses, and their unique lifestyles. 

Homeless people were living on the side of the train station and selling cheap stuff to passengers.

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