Essay on my cousin

My cousin is my friend. I love her. She is very smart and talented. I want to be friends with her.

(Name) is my favorite cousin. I share everything with her. When I feel lonely or depressed, I go to see her. Her house is close to my house.

 She is a good gardener. She follows her friend a lot. She has a very good result in school.

I love my cousin because she helps me a lot with information about plants and seeds. We enjoy ourselves together when we go out for picnics. My cousin joins us on a trip to the park and we spend some time there.

She is an honest person who doesn’t lie and always encourages me to be a true person. She is a great artist who draws beautiful pictures. Whatever she does, she teaches me that.

She is a very nice person who helps others. She is a very smart girl who knows about medicine. She is a very friendly person and she is very helpful.

Whenever we have any little health issues, we call her and she provides us with some great advice. There are many reasons why I like her. Our other cousins like her a lot as well. Her singing and dancing skills are amazing. She has never learned music but she can sing very well, and she can also dance. Her voice is so beautiful. 

She can play the guitar very well. We enjoy listening to her music. She performs dances in the school festival. Everyone enjoys watching her perform. She makes up songs sometimes in the house. At all of the festivals, when she prepares music and dance, everyone is delighted.

Descriptive Essay About My Cousin Example 1

I am very happy to see my cousin again. He is the best friend I ever had. We always play together when we go out. He is also a great cook. I love his cooking.  (Name) is my favorite cousin. He is five years younger than me. He is studying engineering. He is going to become a civil engineer.

He is avery intelligent boy who is kind and helpful. He is a good athlete and a good student. He is praised by everyone for his good sports skills and academic achievements.

He is very aware of his body. He gets up early every morning and takes a walk. He keeps himself fit by doing physical exercise. He loves kids and respects elders. Everyone likes him a lot.

My Cousin is a young lady who has recently gotten married. She is a very busy woman and she has to do a lot of things. One of them is writing her cousin’s wedding invitation. She needs to write 1,000 invitations in one day. This task would take her at least 2 hours.

Lines about my cousine

My Cousin is a great friend of mine. He has always been there for me when I need to get through some tough times. Recently, he was diagnosed with cancer. I know how difficult it is to be by his side, but I am still determined to do everything possible in order to help him through this difficult time.

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