Essay on hospital for class 2

A hospital is a place where people go when they get sick or injured. It is also called a medical institution. In hospitals doctors and nurses treat patients. Government hospitals and private hospitals are different types of hospitals.

Government hospitals are run by the State or Central Government. Treatment is almost free. In government hospitals there is no medical equipment available. There are no facilities to provide a good environment or surroundings. 

Private Hospitals are very expensive. Poor People can’t afford treatments from a good private hospital, but some of the hospitals are known to treat specific diseases.

Our government has also started a scheme called Ayushman Bharat, with the aim of providing free medical care to the poor.

Government hospitals treat patients without charging them any fee. Private hospitals charge money for treating patients.

Hospitals are a boon for sick patients. Doctors and nurses work hard to help them recover. Cleanliness is important in hospitals because diseases spread easily due to filth. People without hospitals have to face many problems such as lack of proper medical treatment.

People have to go to big city for their treatment, sometimes, they even die due to late treatment. Many schemes are working in this area by the government of India, including free treatment of patients and arrangement of hospitals in rural areas, etc. 

A hospital is an important place for everyone. We all need to go there for treatment. Essay On Hospital Example 1

Hospitals are places where sick people go to receive medical care. A hospital is also a place where people work as doctors or nurses. If there is no nearby hospital, then you are in danger because you may need medical attention. Having a hospital nearby is very helpful for everyone.

Hospitals are divided into different departments. Some are big and have many departments. Others are smaller and have fewer departments. Some hospitals focus on one particular illness. For example, if you’re sick with cancer, you’ll go to a hospital focused on cancer treatment.

I was pretty happy because the city had been greatly improved. The government hospital was mostly dirty but now there is a massive improvement. I saw that every department has enough doctors & nurses. They were very busy with their patients and they were very friendly. 

There are many different kinds of patients I have seen.In the hospital, we need to be treated by doctors and nurses. We also need to take care of ourselves.

Essay On Hospital Example 2

A hospital is a place where sick people go to get better. There are many different types of hospitals. General hospitals provide help to patients who need immediate attention. Teaching hospitals combine education with helping patients.

 Health science facilities are smaller than hospitals and are used to treat patients. Cardiology clinics are places where doctors check heart conditions. Pharmacies sell medicines. Pathology labs test blood samples for diseases. Radiology labs use X-rays to see inside the body.

Hospitals are usually funded by public funding, private organizations, health insurance companies, or non-profit organizations. Hospitals are staffed by professionals who perform medical procedures and provide care.

 These people include doctors, nurses, therapists, and other medical staff. In addition, hospitals also employ administrative staff, janitors, maintenance workers, and security guards.


Hospitals serve as almshouses for the needy, hostels for travelers, and schools for children. Hospices are places where guests stay while they receive treatment. In medieval times, people called them “hostels”. Hospices are also known as “guest houses”, “inns”, or “lodging”.


In hospitals, doctors diagnose illnesses and treat them. Patients who need to be hospitalized may stay there for a few days or even longer. Doctors also give out prescriptions for medicine.

ICUs are places where patients who need intensive medical care are treated. In this case, the patient needs intensive care because he is very sick.

General And Acute Care

Hospitals treat patients who need medical care. They usually have emergency departments to handle emergencies. General hospitals have different types of rooms, such as intensive care units, operating rooms, recovery rooms, etc.


A district hospital is a type of hospital that provides medical services to patients who need immediate or emergency treatment. District hospitals provide most of the basic medical services needed by the community. 

These include general medicine, surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, dentistry, physical therapy, laboratory testing, radiology, pharmacy, and nursing. Some district hospitals also offer specialty services such as cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, dermatology, orthopedics, and urology. District hospitals are usually located near the center of a city or town.

Essay On Hospital Example 3

Hospitals are institutions that deal specifically with health care activities. Their main purpose is to provide medical services to people who need them. They also help prevent illness by providing clean water, nutritious food, and proper sanitation. Hospitals are very important because they are places where sick people go when they’re ill.

Private hospitals are more expensive than government hospitals. Government hospitals are cheaper than private ones. Semi-government hospitals are less expensive than both. General hospitals are cheaper than private and government hospitals.

Hospitals provide treatment for people suffering from various diseases. There are specialized hospitals that focus on certain conditions. Training centers teach new doctors how to perform procedures. Other hospitals are used as training centers for future doctors.

Many hospitals offer many different services such as emergency and casualty services, outpatient services, inpatient services, operation theatres, etc.

Importance Of Hospitals

Hospitals are very important for humans because they provide extensive treatment to all. They are equipped with medical equipment that help in the diagnosis and treatment for many types of diseases. Doctors are present there to give you proper advice and care.

When there are multiple doctors in a hospital, you can choose any doctor you want. You won’t need to wait for others to finish their work before starting your treatment. There are specialists available for every problem. In the absence of hospitals, people would have to travel to different places to seek medical help. This would increase the hassle and waste energy.

Hospitals are considered as a great source of employment. They also offer cheap healthcare services to patients from underprivileged sections of society. They also provide awareness about various prevention and vaccination campaigns. Finally, they also provide specialized treatments for certain illnesses.

Hospitals are places where people go when they’re ill. People who are well don’t need to go there. Hospitals also provide medical care.

Hospitals are important because they provide medical care to people who need it. They also give information about how to prevent illness and promote health.

A hospital provides medical care and treatment. It is an institution that provides health care services.

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