Essay on a journey by train

A railway train is a locomotive-hauled passenger or freight train. It consists of several cars connected by couplers and drawbars. 

There are two types of railway trains – passenger trains and freight trains. 

Trains run along rails laid down on the ground or on a rail bed. Most modern trains use diesel engines as motive power. Some trains also use electric motors. In India, there are three broad categories of trains – 

  • Mail/Express trains, 
  • Passenger trains and
  • Cargo trains.

Lines  On A Journey By Train Example 1

1. Travel by train is fun. 

2. I had a great time going to Cuttack.

3. I got into the car at Berhampur.

4. I managed to get an empty seat.

5. The train moved quickly.

 6. The houses, trees and fields on either side ran away from me.

7. It halted at a different station.

 8. The vendors came into our compartment to sell their things. 

9. On our way, I was quite pleased to see the beauty of Cuttack. 

10. It reached Cuttack at 4 P.M.

Essay On A Journey By Train Example 2

A train journey takes about 12 hours. In total, we travelled around 350 miles. We got off the train at 2.30pm, and bought tickets again. We then caught the next train to Kharagpur. 

We stayed overnight there, and then caught the first train to Balasore. We ate lunch while travelling. We reached Puri by 9.30pm.

The train journey was pleasant. There were many beautiful landscapes along the route. The train stopped at many places and people got down or boarded. The train was delayed due to some technical problems.

 The train finally arrived at Ambala Cantt. The train was checked thoroughly and then left for Ambala.

 The train was late because there was a problem with the brakes. The train was stopped at several stations. The train was delayed because of this problem. 

The train finally arrived in Ambala. The train arrived in Ambala at 10 am. The train was checked carefully and then left for Ambali.  The train finally arrived here at 11 am.

Essay On Journey By Train Example 3

A train journey is a thrilling experience. There are many interesting things about travelling by train. Children love travelling by train.Children enjoy train journeys because of the fun of sitting in a window seat. People prefer flying over taking trains because it saves time. 

However, travelling by plane gets boring and tedious. Travelling by train is a great way to get away from the boredom of air travel.

Children love snacks on regional trains because they’re cheap and fast. Overcrowding makes them uncomfortable, but they still ride them.

Local trains are useful for everyone. People travel by local trains everyday. There are many types of snacks sold on these trains. Everyone buys something from the vendors. Children often get sweets from their parents.

Trains are safe modes of travel. They are very affordable and comfortable. They allow you to see beautiful landscapes while traveling. You can gaze out the window for hours.

Train travel is a pleasant experience for many people. Green countryside is a great place to go for a ride. Cities are noisy and polluted places, but trains take you away from them.

We see young people sleeping on trains during the day. But when it comes to night time, they are mesmerized by the stars and the dark alleys. 

Youngsters enjoy being adventurous and wish they could explore the mysterious streets. Sleeping on train cars is a task they don’t like. But the mild motion helps them relax and gets them some much-needed sleep.

Trains offer food to their passengers, and the quality of the food varies. Most of the time, the food is good, but sometimes, it is bad. When the train stops at designated stations, people get excited to buy food. This is the most thrilling part of the journey.

Short Essay On Train Journey Example 4

Train journeys are unique in a number of ways. Memories they offer, experiences made and lessons learned are valuable. 

We should preserve our fond memories about train journeys and it is bound to give a smile on his face.

Apart from snacks and beautiful views, trains offer passengers who become friends.There is nothing more marvelous than being accompanied by a pair of friendly co passengers who talk to us and laugh together.

The journey teaches us valuable lessons about life. We meet people along the way who help us get through the tough times. Some leave us, but others stay with us until the end. In the end, we walk away alone.

A train ride is a great way to travel. 

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