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Essay On My Favourite Teacher

A great teacher is crucial for the enhancement of their pupils; hence they play a key position in society. Teachers are crucial in laying not just a subject-specific but a life-specific groundwork for their students. What we learn in school largely determines how well equipped we are to handle the weighty responsibilities that arise throughout our life.

Qualities of My Favourite Teacher

My favourite teacher is Mr. Smith. He teaches me English. I like him because he is kind and intelligent. He knows how to teach us well. He always makes sure that we understand what we learn. He is very patient when we make mistakes. He never gets angry or upset. He is also lovely and friendly. He helps us with our homework. He even gives us extra time if we need it. He is great!

What Makes Him My Favourite Teacher?

Mr. Smith is an excellent educator and a personal favourite of mine for these reasons: His approach to teaching is one of the best I’ve seen. The idea of penalizing kids reprises him since he cares deeply about everyone. Instead of overloading pupils with assignments, he prioritizes ensuring they fully understand the material.

He never raises his voice in anger or scolds his pupils. Instead, he has calm, one-on-one conversations with each student, encouraging us to do better and motivating us to work more.


In addition to being an excellent teacher, Mr. Smith is the model of a human being I want to be. The students adore him because he embodies every idealized trait of a great teacher.

Lucky as I am to call him my teacher, I will never forget the lessons he has taught me. He will always be my favourite educator, even long after I’ve graduated from this institution. What he has shown me through his actions has had a lasting impression on me, and I want to emulate his greatness in the years to come.

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My Favourite Teacher Essay in Words Example 1

My favourite teacher is Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith is one of my favourite teacher. She teaches me in English class. She is always nice to me, and she gives me lots of homework. She also helps me when I get into trouble. I enjoy learning from her. I hope you enjoyed reading this essay.

My favorite teacher‘s name is Ms. Smith. She is 30 years old, and she teaches us science. I could not understand science before, but after her teaching, I became fluent. I enjoy her classes. We don’t fear her because she is very kind and can ask her anything related to our class. She is also very talented, and she can easily explain everything clearly. Every student pays attention to their class.

This teacher is a great role model for students. She motivates them to do well in school. Her energy and enthusiasm inspire students to learn more. She makes sure that parents understand what their children are doing in class. She is also encouraging and helpful when problems arise.

This teacher is very kind and helpful. She is also a board member of the schools. She is connected with many social activities and works for the welfare of society. She is always smiling and never gets angry at anyone. She shares her struggles with us. We get inspired by her story.

She teaches the weak and poor students how to study and prepare for exams. Her teaching style is unique and different. Most of the students pass their exams because of her teaching methods. Conclusion: We all need teachers in our lives. They teach us so many things, and we learn so many lessons from them. Teachers are essential parts of our lives.

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Favourite Teacher Essay in Words Example 2

I have a favourite teacher in my school. She is my friend. She is my class teacher. Her name is Ms Anjali. She is 20 years old, and she lives near the school campus too. She is also my class teacher and teaches me English. I was terrified of this subject before, but after her tuition, I am very fluent in English now.

This teacher is very creative and innovative. He uses a unique teaching method that helps everyone learn English. Students get better grades after learning from him. He is pleased to see how much progress his students make.

My favourite teacher is Ms. Anjlani. I love her because she taught me how to play baseball. She also recommended some exciting books. She is a great lady who cares about others.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in Words Example 3

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Tania Khan. She is a 35-year-old lady who teaches us English. She speaks English non-stop. She is a 35-year-old woman. She is my favourite teacher.

Ms. Yang is a lovely teacher who teaches excitingly. She explains things in a fun way. Her explanations are excellent. She is a sweet person. She is always ready to help students in class. She is not rude to students, but she is strict.

A teacher is someone who helps others learn and grow. Teachers should be kind and helpful. They should also teach people how to care for themselves and stay healthy.

She is my favourite teacher because she is very kind and caring. She helps me improve my grades by teaching me how to study. Her style is also beautiful. I am impressed with her sense of fashion. She is one of my favorite teachers.

That’s how we got better output because she is a great speaker. We love her a lot. She inspires us a lot. Her inspiring speech is perfect for us. We should be grateful to teachers because they help us learn things. Teachers guide parents on how to treat children and get better results. Students love them too.

Mrs Tania is a good teacher because she has many qualities. She sings at school functions. Her presenting skills are exceptional. She knows about different topics. She motivates students.

Mrs Tania is my favorite teacher. She is very friendly and kind. She teaches us many things. I like her class because she is always there when we need help. She is also brilliant. She knows everything about everything. I think she is the best teacher in the school.

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My Favourite Teacher Essay in Words Example 4

My favorite teacher is Mr. Anurag. He teaches me history. He inspires me to learn and to be better. He is also a lovely person.

Mr. Anurag is an adorable man who lives a simple life. He doesn’t wear fancy clothes or jewelry. He is a calm person who loves teaching.

A teacher who believes in non-physical punishments. He is also soft-spoken and does not believe in physical punishment.

This teacher is an excellent man who teaches well. He is a great role model for students.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in Words Example 5

A teacher is the one who helps you grow up into an adult. Mr. Lai has taught me many things about life. He is a great person to learn from. I’m sure he’d be proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Students should be treated as friends. Teachers should never shout at students or get angry. They should help students solve their problems in the best way possible. Teachers should answer questions asked by students politely.

Mr Lai helped me a lot when I was in 10th grade. He taught me how to write better, and he also helped me to improve my communication skills. I am grateful to him because, without his help, I wouldn’t be able to do well in my studies. Mr. Lai is a great teacher who teaches me how to be successful in life. He has no greed. When I first came to this school, I was too young and didn’t know what to do. Luckily, Mr. Lai taught me how to get motivated and work hard. He is intelligent, respectful, and very friendly.

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