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The EPQ can be compared to half of an A-Level.An EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) allows A-level students to write an essay of 5,000 words on any topic or question that they wish to write about. Or, they can design an object or product and write a brief essay describing the concept.

Deciding which EPQ subject to decide on can be difficult particularly when you consider the fact that in areas where top scores are awarded helps give an advantage when applying to universities. This article will explore the most popular EPQ topics as well as EPQ samples of the titles that span various types of schools of thought.

However, with the multitude of possibilities, once you get close to selecting your research topic You may get stuck and not have motivation, and even wishing you had the option of being told what you should do. It’s worth noting that freedom as philosophers have been proclaiming since the beginning of time, too terrifying for kids and adults as well!

What are some good EPQ Ideasfor EPQs?

Success of your education is contingent on the EPQ subjects you select. Before we get into discussing EPQ concepts, let’s look at some basic guidelines to choose the right topic. There are two options for topics for research papers – either the ‘dissertation’ , or the field study or investigation.’

EPQ Ideas for Medicine

  1. Are gene therapies legal?
  2. Can the use of cannabis in adolescents can cause schizophrenia?
  3. Parents should be able to alter the genetic makeup of their child’s gender?
  4. How much is the sugar tax reducing intake of sugar in the UK?
  5. How do we define the terms “health” and “disease?
  6. . What is the frequency of overdiagnosis as well as what can be the consequences of it?
  7. . Does euthanasia have to be considered a sin and what is the reason?
  8. How do you rate the effectiveness of home remedies in comparison with prescription drugs?
  9. How can abortion treatments affect the body and mind?
  10. How efficient is home care for patients with dementia?
  11. How important are placebos?
  12. How can space travel affect the immune system of an individual?
  13. Does it constitute ethical research to conduct stem research on stem cells?
  14. Are gamers able to become surgeons?
  15. Smoking and its effects on the development of foetuses
  16. What is the reason why death rates from Covid-19 more severe in regions that have higher levels of pollution levels?
  17. Do the care homes that are in place exacerbate the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s?
  18. The legalisation of cannabis could help improve mental well-being?
  19. What is the connection between obesity and the criticism of parents about their children’s body?
  20. Should we permit only UK citizens to access the NHS?
  21. Will plastic surgery be able to fix body dysmorphic disorders?
  22. What is the reason why emetophobia is primarily a problem for women?
  23. How long before we stop taking our antibiotics and what impact will this impact us?
  24. Will the utilization of technology in hospitals help reduce the risk of medical errors?
  25. How much are unnecessary healthcare costs in the NHS?
  26. Are doctors and nurses properly adequately prepared for emergencies?
  27. What’s the best way to prevent another disaster like the thalidomide controversy taking place again?
  28. Are pharmaceutical corporations required to be owned by private investors?
  29. Are the consequences of breaching confidentiality of patients severe enough?
  30. Could food be a possible alternative to medicines?
  31. Does it constitute ethical use to use animals for testing medicines?
  32. What are the advantages of replicas?
  33. A minimum of 77 percent adult adults living in America suffer from asthma. Why?

EPQ Ideas for Psychology

  1. Does the media make suicide aspirations for youth?
  2. Children should be able to choose whether or not they will be placed in care?
  3. In what way can having social workers be involved within a family impact the outcomes of a child’s life?
  4. Children of alcohol-related alcoholics are more likely to be hoarders?
  5. Are talking therapies nearly ineffective to treat anxiety disorder?
  6. What effects do hallucinations have on the brain and the functions it performs?
  7. What affects do animals’ psychological behavior have on human brains?
  8. Borderline personality disorder, its causes and methods employed to manage it.
  9. Do more time spent in nature positively impact your the state of your mind?
  10. The Stanford prison experiment and its impact on contemporary psychology.
  11. Do we keep our dreams in mind when they occur?
  12. What is the role of social media in causing body dysmorphia?
  13. Do our memories of loved ones change as we remember them?
  14. What are the long-term impacts on the social abilities of a child brought up in a home that is conservative?
  15. Are people more authentic in a room with a screen?
  16. Does dropping out of school the result of a psychological issue?
  17. Do all human beings suffer from an element or body discoloration?
  18. Are mental health and obesity related?
  19. What happens to dreams that affect actual life
  20. Between women and men who is facing the biggest mental difficulties?

EPQ Ideas for Law

  1. Should defendants be allowed represent themselves?
  2. Jury selection is inherently wrong when it comes to getting a fair decision?
  3. Does the internet constitute an uncontrollable area when it comes down to Law?
  4. Should CCTV be banned?
  5. What are the reasons they are a method of abuse
  6. . Should the UK be introducing additional environmental laws?
  7. Are the laws governing evidence and procedure in court are they fair?
  8. . Are our immigration laws sufficient?
  9. How do our laws represent the moral values of our country?
  10. Why are we still enforcing outdated laws that aren’t implemented in our modern society?
  11. In the UK, police brutality and targeted harassment on black people is a common occurrence in UK.
  12. The significance of the continuation in capital punishment.
  13. The rights to be a domestic violence victim(s) in the marriage.
  14. A case to legalize prostitution.
  15. Criminal offenses committed by mentally ill individuals How does the law get involved?
  16. Man-slaughter and Murder: A case to safeguard victims from unnecessary deaths.
  17. The biases in the punishment of sexual offenders who are children.
  18. A case example for ransom kidnappers
  19. Justice for victims of genocide The battle for justice for genocide victims: challenges and triumphs
  20. Is an electoral authority able to have authority to conduct elections outside of the election period?
  21. Can a supreme court judge become a judge?
  22. The creation of electoral boundaries: who has the absolute power

EPQ Ideas for History

  1. What caused poor dental hygiene the middle age was a legend.
  2. What made that the USA begin World War Two so late?
  3. Did the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justifiable?
  4. Who is history’s owner?
  5. Do we have the right to topple monuments to slaves to erase the past?
  6. The Black Death change England forever?
  7. It is important to understand the importance of learning in every time and how it evolves.
  8. What lessons can be learned from the experiences of the holocaust?
  9. What was the turning point in the English empire?
  10. What was the evolving influence of propaganda in both world conflicts?
  11. How did the British Empire Become So Large?
  12. Is it wrong for a Country to Focus More on the Teaching of their own History than on other History?
  13. What was the reason that Why Did The United States of America Join WW2 So Lately?
  14. Have The British General Public lost interest in Its Royal Family Since World War 2?
  15. Did the Hiroshima Bombing and Nagasaki justifiable?
  16. The war between Russia and Turkey in 1877-1878 influenced future relations
  17. How does communism impact the progress of China’s democracy
  18. The background of industrial revolution
  19. Is a third global war an option? A look back at World War 1 and 2
  20. The results from the civil rights struggle in America

EPQ Ideas For Economics

  1. From a business perspective, do we want to legalize trade in human organs?
  2. What are the socio-economic factors that determine the health of an adult?
  3. Does an increase in wealth directly affect the happiness of people?
  4. Who is responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown?
  5. Are stock analysts able to become robots?
  6. Is The UK have the resources to allow more immigrants?
  7. What role do market participants in a time of uncertainty?
  8. What factors can influence their choice to purchase an item?
  9. What is the value of SWOT as well as PESTLE analyses in today’s context of the economic world?
  10. . What have fiscal and monetary policies changed over the past few times?
  11. Should there be a minimum wage?
  12. How has the global demand for oil changed over time?
  13. What effect does illegal immigration Has on the UK Economy?
  14. Why the issue of inequality in wealth isn’t As big of a problem as people think.
  15. “The myth Of “Trickle down” Economics.
  16. The reasons why capitalism is an emerging norm.
  17. The implications of the global financial market on the UK.
  18. The balance of trade as well as the comparative advantage.
  19. The economic theories behind inequality of wealth?
  20. What role does the government in market and competition structures?

Consider What You Like

the thesis you’ll need to compose for the EPQ can be based on everything. So, when contemplating topics to write your essay, it is important to consider two aspects that are important to me: What am I interested in currently? What will continue to entice me, even when I am deep into writing? If you think about subjects that spark your interest and curiosity and the whole EPQ should not be considered an inconvenience but more so, as something interesting. Because , let’s face it Who doesn’t enjoy sharing what they love?

Presently Well

Everyone is a fan of an impressively presented project. Be sure that your footnotes and bibliography are in order. Here’s an Harvard Referencing Guide to help.

After that after that, you can clearly format it with pictures, then pick a stylish binder to store it into.

Finally, the EPQ is essentially yours to play with, so have fun with it!

What’s the point of EPQ?

The principal goal the primary goal of EPQ is to help students comprehend the true meaning of research. It also assists students in demonstrating and improve their skills in managing projects which are essential in the pursuit of higher education and work. With the freedom of choosing the topic for the EPQ students develop their decision-making abilities.


You’re not restricted to the kind of exciting EPQ topics or ideas you could choose to use to complete your EPQ assignment. Many students find it difficult to create an EPQ project, however health is accessible anytime you require it. If you need help with wringing a quality grade A+ EPQ project or any other assignment, buy essay at essaywritinglab.co.uk and our experienced writers will professionally write your paper in no time.

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