EPQ Artefact Ideas

EPQs are an excellent method of showing universities that you’re the ideal candidate for their courses and that you merit an opportunity to take part in any of the courses they offer.

An EPQ is a massive quantity of research (which confirms your ability to do tasks that are similar to university) and lets you present your original ideas and academic rigor This is exactly the kind of thing universities seek.

What is an Artefact?

An artefact could be a physical result, like the book or short film, or be a display

for a certain audience, a performance to a specific audience, or an event, such as an fashion show or musical


In reality, there is virtually no limit to what could be an artefact, so long as it is

Research at its heart.

Artefacts are a type of project that students can undertake as an alternative to their EPQ research paper that is 5000-words. Like other EPQ projects, in order to create an artefact, you have to

  • maintain a detailed production log
  • Create an artifact/final project
  • write a research-based report of one thousand word limit.

What is an EPQ?

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a separate qualification that was designed to enhance and strengthen your abilities in independent research and managing projects.

An EPQ is an individual research project that you conduct your own. The result can be an essay of 5000 words and/or an “artefact” supported by one-2000 words of research report providing the research conducted by academics that led to the creation of the artifact.

The EPQ Artefact List

It is a self-directed project. EPQ is a self-directed certification for projects, and the topic of which you have chosen

From anywhere you want to know about the world around from anywhere in the world that interests.

You may choose to create an “artefact” or a shorter report, rather than a longer

written report. It can be any thing, for instance an object that is designed, or the dramatic

Production, a piece of music or an investigation in Science.

1. Book

The book could be non-fiction or fiction. The book can be anything , as you’ve used many different resources The process is documented and there is enough degree of complexity within the project.

2. Creative Writing

Your original piece of writing could take any of the types of writing: poem, manifesto document, short story, document play, description skit, movie/television screenplay speech or memoir.

The principal goal of writing creatively is to express human experience. It is not technical or academic; rather it is unique and self-expressive.

These websites here as well as here will give you an array of creative writing prompts that are great.

3. Video

Much like a book, you’ll have virtually infinite possibilities to making videos. It is important to confirm the time the video will be able to last with the EPQ artefact manager. Also, you should consider talking with your supervisor regarding the 10-minute time limit for your presentation.

4. Event

An event is planned social or public gathering. For an event with success it is necessary to take care of a number of things like extensive research, branding and marketing the event, setting an appropriate budget, forming an appropriate team, and planning and coordinating all of it.

5. App

There’s a myriad of options for developing an app. You can enhance an existing app, develop an app that will be in high amount of interest or create an app to address the issue you are facing.

Most apps are developed to enhance efficiency or to solve problems. To create an app, you have to master code. If you’re adept at math, logic and highly technical subjects then this EPQ idea for an artefact is perfect for you.

6. Prototype

Prototypes are the first version of a product or model, from which later designs are created. Prototypes are designed to test the original design of the product, show the licensees or investors how to improve the final product.

7. New Research, and Experimentation

You can pick any topic for your initial study and experimentation so you can have clearly defined goals.

You should be objective in conducting the research and experiments.

It is not necessary to test something that’s never previously done. Making improvements to an existing experiment can be used for this EPQ artefacts project.

Reviewing the artefact in conjunction with the EPQ supervisor is the best way to be sure you’ve met all specifications.

What Time Does the Epq Begin and End?

The Barney EPQ begins at to the start of the year 12 Lent time (January) to the conclusion of Michaelmas term of Y13 (December).

But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t begin making plans for an EPQ before this. In fact, doing the preparatory work (see the section below) in order to draw on an idea throughout the Michaelmas term will aid you in starting with your EPQ in January.

This can help avoid needing to switch your thoughts around in the event that you run into dead ends.

What Can You Benefit From An EPQ?

The EPQ lets you start a self-directed task. In taking on the selection and development of your individual project (or the individual role in an ensemble project) you’ll:

* Develop into a more critical, reflective , and self-directed learner.

• Improve your research, planning and analysis, as well as evaluation, synthesis and presentation abilities;

* Learn and use decision-making and problem-solving abilities;

• Show creativity, initiative and enterprise

• Increase your enthusiasm to study for other A-levels by studying a similar area of personal interest.

* Master the art of applying new technology with confidence

* Apply your new knowledge to other subjects of study


You may choose to make an “artefact” as well as a short report instead of a lengthy written report. It could be anything, for example, a design or a dramatic performance or performance, a piece of music or Scientific research.

In the best case, an EPQ may be a revelatory experience of self-discovery, which could be the beginning of a long-term inquiry and also it could be the start of an new connection to a specific issue or subject.

It is also the final and most important component of your EPQ artefacts project. But the production log and report are also significant on the final grade. Your EPQ grade is cumulative and is affected by many variables.

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