Engineering Personal Statement Examples

I am enthusiastic about engineering because I love solving problems using my mind. I enjoy working with people who share my passion for problem-solving. 

I’m looking forward to studying engineering at this university because I know I’ll learn a lot.

I want to study engineering because I like solving problems. I like being creative and inventing new ways to do things. I like building stuff, and I enjoy learning about how machines work. I also like making money.

I. How Do I Write An Engineering Personal Statement?

A successful electrical engineering personal statement must be clear and concise. It should include 

  • an introduction, 
  • middle, and 
  • a conclusion. 

You may use these examples as inspiration for writing your own unique statement.


I’m an expert in my field because I’ve worked in my field for years. I’ve also been involved in many different extracurricular activities. These experiences help me to learn new things. My hobbies have helped me to develop some skills. I can use these skills to help others.

I’ve repaired radios and televisions before. I learned how to fix them by watching others repair them. I’m very enthusiastic about my studies and I love learning new things.

II. How To Write an Engineering Personal Statement With Example

Engineering Personal Statement is your chance to tell the admissions committee what you want to do with your life. You should include your passions, career goals and accomplishments.

 If you apply to a graduate engineering program it can help if you know more about how an effective engineering personal statement can improve your applications. 

Engineering personal statements should include a few reasons why you want to study engineering. You need to show that you’re interested in this field. Your personal statement should also explain how you plan to use your knowledge after graduation.


I’m currently studying Engineering. I’ve taken courses in Fine Arts, but my major is Computer Science. My goal is to become a software engineer.

 I want to be a part of the team that develops new technology. I’d like to work for a company that makes products that help people. I’ll use this opportunity to tell them about myself and why I think I’d be a great fit for their company.

I’m passionate about engineering because it allows me to create things that people use every day. Engineering helps me succeed by giving me the skills to become an expert in my field. 

III. Creatively Introduce Who You Are

When you are writing your own content, it is very important to introduce yourself. You can do this by explaining who you are and what you do. But in a corporate environment where business rules and procedures are very strict, there is no need to go overboard with your introduction.


(This is just an example of creativity where you can get the idea how you can place creative writing in engineering).

I am an artist who loves to paint. I want to study art because I love creating beautiful things. My work has been featured in galleries around the world.

 I’m also interested in writing and music. I hope my passion for these subjects shows in my application.

IV. Analyze Your Audience

Graduate committees read hundreds of applications per year. 

To make it easier for them to figure out if you are a good fit for the program, make direct, concrete statements about your accomplishments and qualifications, and make sure to brand yourself as someone who is a good fit for the school.

V. Skills

I am a writer and I have a variety of skills. It is important to describe what skills I have, because it will be helpful for clients or employers to know if they are hiring someone who has the right skills.


I am a researcher who loves science and wants to be a professor. I want to teach children how to think critically and discover new things.

 I want to help them understand how science works and how we learn. I want to show them how exciting it is to explore the world around us.

I am interested in writing about my future career plans. I want to write about how I plan to get into journalism or politics. I also want to write about what I want to do after college.

VI. Describe Your Experiences

My experiences, what is my experience like, how did I get into this, why did I choose this field.

Example 1

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and have for a few years been doing business related reporting. I have worked for a few different companies, but I’ve always had a love for the world of engineering and the Internet. I’m not technical, but I’m comfortable with computers, as well as software.

Example 2

I’ve been working as a tutor since high school, but my first experience was when I worked as a camp counselor while I was still in middle school. 

That summer, I helped out at a camp called Camp Tuckaway, which is located near the Adirondack Mountains in New York. At this camp, we had a lot of fun activities such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, and more! 

I also learned a lot about teamwork and leadership skills. This experience taught me that being a leader is not always easy because sometimes there might be conflicts among the group members. However, if everyone works together, then everything will go well.

I also got to know some great friends during that time. We became very close, and I made lots of memories with them. 

After that, I decided to become a counselor again when I went back to school. In fact, I am currently working as a counselor at a camp called Camp Meriwether Lewis. I really enjoy helping children learn new things and having fun with them.


Describe actions, not just change in your internal mental or physical state. A personal statement should be a way to make a story out of your CV. 

Engineering Personal Statement : Why It’s Important

Engineering students should be very smart and hardworking. Their grades and test scores should show that they are capable of doing well in an engineering program. They also need to write a strong personal statement about why they want to study engineering.

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