17 Easiest Degrees Uk | A HELPFUL & Complete Guide

You might want to make use of this list to manage a more relaxed University experience or to know which subjects you should stay clear of if you’re looking for an adventure! Whatever the case this list is an excellent place to begin your study on the University degree you’d like pursue.

Have you ever thought about what the best degrees for studying within the UK are? There are plenty of them. In reality having a degree and not having to dedicate every day doing research is precisely what we’re looking for.

Disclaimer: The position of the subjects that are included in this list isn’t conclusive. Each student has their own abilities and strengths, so they may find certain subjects more difficult than others. In addition, the judgments regarding the most difficult degrees are based on the criteria it is based upon. In this post, we’ve attempted to consider various factors that make certain degrees difficult however, it is important to keep in mind that the list we have included is made up of opinions that are based on polls.

17. Media Studies

Even though media studies is often mentioned as one of the degrees that are simple to get, it is an incredibly useful field. You will be able to build a broad variety of analytical and research skills via this degree, as well as an understanding of how the media impacts and changes our society. If you’re interested in this degree, you could apply to the Canterbury Christ Church Canterbury Christ Church for an 88 UCAS points, or Teeside University for an additional 96 UCAS points.

The media studies degree is one of the most straightforward to obtain a university degree in the UK. Media studies is a very pertinent and useful degree. In the field of media studies you won’t encounter any complicated mathematics, challenging concepts, or challenging questions. The majority of the material of Media studies is easy to understand This is the reason it is one of the easiest degrees to obtain in the UK.

16. English Literature

A English Literature degree is a ideal choice for students who are fascinated by literature and reading in general. It’s challenging because of the amount of reading expected of you, and the historical contexts you must learn about the Literature you will need to learn about.

If you’re not sure of what you’d like to do following university, English literature could open many doors. Examples include becoming a teacher, writer and editor, or a publicist. Some examples include being a teacher, editor or writer. English literature degrees that have minimum entry requirements are those at the University of DerbyLiverpool Hope and Swansea University for 72 UCAS points.

The degree you’ll be awarded will differ based on the institution you went to However, English Literature students tend to include a mix of tests and coursework which they usually enjoy since there’s no requirement to remember all you’ve learned, however the coursework assignments aren’t as stressful!

15. History

History is also a straightforward college degree that you can obtain from the UK. When compared to other degrees mentioned in this list it is a little more challenging to obtain however, it’s an easy one. You’ll have to learn a lot of details, but you will be sure that you will not be required to attend any challenging maths course.

14. Film Studies

Film studies is second most simple university degree you can get within the UK. Film Studies is a straightforward major due to its interest and exciting. You must learn, observe, analyze, and make films. The absence of complicated math or science classes is a great degree to obtain throughout the UK.

In the field of film studies, there isn’t a one right or wrong answer. If you are able to justify your decision with a reasonable argument and convincing proof, you’ll receive marks. This is among the main reasons film studies is thought of as an easy level.

13. Management of the Hospitality

Hospitality Management can be regarded as a field that is popular across the globe these days.. It’s an excellent option for those who want to work in the field of hospitality management or an executive career in the near future. There are a variety of study options, including that of the University of South Wales with 80 UCAS points, and Canterbury Christ Church for an 88.

12. Different subjects, different class sizes

The majority of class sizes at UK universities fall within the 16-50 mark, according to in the report. Small classes of students ranging from 0 to 5 are very rare.

Classes of large sizes are common in STEM and Societal Science as well as Law Students while smaller classes are more common for Languages and Medicine students, which spend the longest time in classes with just one or two other students.

11. Education

A degree in Education can open the door to many different career paths, but most graduates are likely to go into teaching. If being a teacher is something you’d like to pursue having an education degree is an excellent option to prepare yourself for the necessary skills that the field demands.

Education is also one of the most simple degrees you can earn within the UK. Instead of taking difficult math or science courses, students studying education are taught about educational theories and improve their teaching skills. The content for the education program is easily explained and simple to use.

As you study you will study the education system in a variety of political, economic, and social contexts. You will also learn to teach. Some of the universities that have the lowest requirements for entry into Education are Newman University for 48 points or Leeds Trinity and Cardiff Met for 32 UCAS points.

As you pursue an education degree, you’ll acquire capabilities in communication, analytical solving, problem-solving, and organization. They are broadly useful, and if are interested in learning by looking at diverse political, cultural and social situations the Education degree will be beneficial due to the knowledge and skills it can allow you to apply.

10. Religious Studies

Religious studies is the third one among most simple university degrees available to earn in the UK. The easy-to-understand and simple topic makes it an extremely simple major.

If you’re religious, you will discover that some certain aspects of this course are easy to understand. You’ll be expected to understand a wide range of religions, but having a extensive, detailed knowledge of one religion is likely to help.

The lack of science or math classes also highlights how simple studying religion is.

In any case you need to respect the beliefs of others and be open to learning about other religions as well as be capable of dealing with those who might bring your beliefs in doubt. This could be the most challenging aspect of the matter, because the ability to talk about sensitive and difficult issues requires the right amount of skill and consideration.

9. Graphic Design

If you’re imaginative, then you may be interested in pursuing getting a degree that focuses on Graphic Design.

If you’re talented in your art, graphics is a field that is generally thought of as relatively easy at the grade level. Design is a fascinating discipline for students with the talent for art to be able to create. Graphic Design is a great degree option for students looking to be involved in artistic projects.

It’s one of our top choices for the easiest degree because certain requirements for entry are lower. For instance, you could pursue a degree in Graphic Design at the University of Chester if you have between 72 and 78 UCAS points and at University of South Wales with 80 points.

8. Creative Writing

If you enjoy writing and love to write, then a degree with a focus on Creative Writing will be a breeze for you. This University of South Wales has an English and Creative writing BA Hons with the entry requirement that is at least 80 UCAS points. In addition, Canterbury Christ Church is looking for applicants who include an minimum of at least 88 UCAS points.

Additionally, you will develop the art of writing and communication as well as organizational teamwork, the art of time management and leadership. These abilities are desired by employers across a range of sectors.

Creative writing is among the most straightforward university degrees you can obtain in the UK when you’re enthusiastic and proficient in writing. In comparison to other degrees, creative writing is a lot simpler since there are few challenging courses or subjects within it.

7. Philosophy

Philosophy is a interesting degree, and is a great option if you want to remain open beyond the school.

Psychology is also among the easiest degrees to obtain at the UK. The field of psychology is studying mind, human behavior thoughts and emotions. In the end, there are many difficult science courses, and virtually no math classes for a major in psychology.

Philosophy at the level of a degree is a subject that seeks to teach students logic, analysis and the ability to challenge the accepted wisdom. These skills can be applied in numerous careers. That’s makes it a valuable degree, particularly since the profession of philosopher seems not to be a viable option in the present!

There are many universities you can take this degree in the UK and with less UCAS points. For instance, Canterbury Christ Church University requests an absolute minimum of 88% points, and The University of Central Lancashire requires 64 points.

6. Anthropology

The goal of the field of anthropology is to investigate all aspects of human civilization, from linguistic and cultural behaviors to the physical growth of the brain. Human interaction with the environment serves as the foundation for most of anthropology. It may be investigated from a social or biological angle.

If you are interested in the idea of this, you could pursue a degree within Anthropology from Trinity Saint David, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David for up to 96 UCAS points.

Additionally, you’ll be more likely to travel and experience practical experiences you are compared with other graduates of universities. You will also be taught to think about concepts such as race, class gender, ethnic, and gender identities that will help you expand your understanding of the cultural and social diversity of the present and past world.

5. Make-up

The graduates can go on to work in various roles, including bridal make-up artist performer and theatrical makeup artist or beauty writer or working in makeup for special effects. There are many schools that you could study for a makeup-related degree at. They include University College Birmingham with 80 UCAS points and Southampton Solent University for 48.

The art of making-up, while sometimes requiring an exceptional level of skill, usually doesn’t have an excellent educational foundation. It is essential for people to master new techniques, and clearly the difficulty of this will depend on the kind of makeup that is used. It can be a steep beginning learning curve, but once you’ve learned them, they’re very easy to duplicate and modify.

4. Liberal Arts

An Liberal Arts degree combines a wide range of knowledge in the major disciplines of humanities, the arts and the social sciences. There is no standard template that an individual Liberal Arts degree has to adhere to and that is one of factors that make it appear so attractive.

Liberal Arts degrees help students learn communication skills and critical thinking. They also due to their broad nature they can open the door to a variety of career options. When you graduate you’ll have completed a variety of courses in a variety of areas, so you’ll have developed many skills that will make you more employable.

3. Social Work

The absence of challenging science and maths classes makes social work one of the most attainable degrees available in the UK. Social work is an ideal degree for students who are looking to grow and be a positive influence on our society.

Social work can allow you to develop your job as an activist or career coach as well as a children’s rights advocate fundraiser, family counsellor the hospital’s social worker legal professional for the human rights sector, rehabilitation specialist as well as a women’s rights advocate, and many other.

2. Liberal Arts

An degree in the liberal arts can be the best option if you don’t want to be forced to specialize. Essential abilities like communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking are all enhanced by the degree. If you have 64 UCAS points, you may study for this degree at the University of Lancashire, 48 at Birbeck (University of London), with a foundation year, or 40 at Keele University.

1. Sociology

The reason that sociology is on the list of the most simple college degrees you can get from the UK is the fact that most of the content of sociology is clear and simple to comprehend. There aren’t many challenging courses and almost no complicated concepts to be learned during the course.

Learn to conduct both qualitative as well as quantitative research on social issues. Additionally, you will be taught how to collect, organize data, analyze, and tabulate various kinds of data. Additionally, you will develop the leadership and communication and management abilities by working with other students on different tasks.

Final words

Small class sizes could be a factor in the reason why students of Languages and Medicine felt like they had the best education in comparison to students of other disciplines. According to the report: “Small class sizes are the most frequent in

Medicine and Languages It is important that these are those that are a part of

A majority of the degrees listed that are listed include liberal arts majors. These types of majors typically require additional credentials to apply for job openings. This is because you will not acquire as many of the hard techniques in a liberal art major like you do in other degrees that are more practical, such as accounting or engineering.


What is the simplest level to obtain?

10 College Degrees that are the easiest to obtain

  • English literature
  • Management of sports
  • Creative writing
  • Studies in communication
  • Theater artsArt
  • Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Photography
  • Liberal studies
  • sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Education

What are the best degrees you can get?

The fastest Bachelor’s Degree

  • Accounting.
  • Business.
  • Criminal Justice.
  • Education.
  • Communications.
  • Graphic Design.
  • History.
  • Information Technology or Computer Science.

What is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a degree?

Business Administration

It is not just one of the most straightforward bachelor’s degrees that you can get online, but it also is among the most sought-after. Similar to the liberal arts degree the business degree offers an array of career options.

What are the most ineffective degrees in the UK?

10 Most Insignificant Degrees To Use In 2022

  1. Advertising
  2. Anthropology
  3. Fashion Design
  4. Tourism and Hospitality
  5. Archeology
  6. Communications
  7. Education
  8. Criminal Justice
  9. Creative Writing

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