DICAS personal statement example

Since you’ve conducted any investigation on the dietetic internship application procedure, you already know that a solid personal statement is required. It is, in fact, a critical component of your DICAS application.

So in this article, there are some important tips and an example from which you can take help on how to write/fill a DICAS personal statement/application form.

Tips To Fill A Good DICAS Application Form

1. Begin As Soon As Possible

Although if you only write out the fundamentals at first, do not put off filling out your application form till the final moment. Commence as early as DICAS begins so you have the opportunity to amend and include anything else you might have missed. Make a list of the various components of the application to make your work simple and easy. Then, once you’ve finished a section, End up saving it, and Re-read it, check it out on your list. Believe me when I say that you’ve likely accomplished a lot more than you realize!

2. DICAS Personal Statement Prompt

Start writing your personal statements as soon as possible, and be ready to modify a generic personal essay for every intern area. Personal statements usually consist of four main points:

  • What motivates you to pursue a career as a dietitian?
  • What do you want to achieve in the short and long term?
  • What are your positive and negative characteristics?
  • What else you can think of to make you a better contender than the competition.
  • State your experiences with DICAS.

However, keep in mind that each DI site may need something different, so make sure you carefully check each DI site’s web page.

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3. Keep Track Of Everything

Get a diverse range of experiences/to engage in professional development; it is the experts who can have a beneficial influence on the match. Volunteering, restaurant management sounds excellent. These interactions don’t have to be in a medical facility. Make an effort to get new experiences. ALWAYS Take Advantage Of What You are doing.

4. Self-Promotion

Regarding the preceding point, don’t forget to include any volunteer or employment experiences you’ve had. Include everything and write it in a way that is both honest and to-the-point, while also highlighting the key talents you used during the event. You need to demonstrate all of your expertise to impress internships recruiters that you’re an excellent applicant for their position! Keep in mind that your personal statement is also a showcase of your writing skills.

5. Get Transcript As Soon As You Can!

Getting your transcripts ahead of time relieves stress and guarantees that you get all you need early. As soon as you start the DICAS registration process, you should get certificates from all local schools or institutions that you no longer attend. Obtain such transcripts when your present university announces your results for the previous semester.

6. Proofread It

When updating your application, be attentive. Make sure you review everything you entered into DICAS before hitting the submit button. Go over it three times: once for grammar, once for information, and once to ensure that everything that has to be there is. You don’t have to complete everything at once; simply put together a list and cross everything off one by one. Re-read and re-read all you’ve written. Don’t be scared to enlist the help of your family and friends when it comes to reviewing things.

7. Explore Internship Websites and/or Attend DI Open Houses

This isn’t specifically about DICAS, but about the application procedure in general. Explore the areas you wish to go to the most if at all feasible! You may discover that it isn’t exactly what you expected or that it exceeds your expectations. You will also have the opportunity to reach out to the program’s manager so that they can bring attention to your name when reviewing application forms.

  1. Begin a worksheet or document with the advantages and disadvantages of each program as you explore these sites. Include the price, the school’s main focus, the length of the program, and whether or not the program gives a graduate degree, among other things.
  1. Mention not only the DICAS deadlines but also the program’s deadlines. Because many universities offer a graduate certification, you should enroll in the graduate school before submitting your DICAS form.
  1. Mention whether or not GRE scores are required for the program. If that’s the case, you’ll need to prepare for the exam and make sure your grades are presented on time for the course. Don’t attempt the GRE again after failing it the first time in two weeks. To study and prepare for it, you’ll need to have some time. It isn’t a straightforward examination.
  1. Most essential, seek clarification from program supervisors on any bits of information! Don’t get confused in the procedure; the directors are there to assist you; approach them for assistance. The terrible case scenario is providing the information they don’t require and being denied admission to the program since you failed to specify. Do not, though, ask them things that are simply answered on the internet. They’ll probably reject you because you’re not conducting independent research, which is a poor grade.

8. Evaluate Properly 

There are numerous theories about how to organize things in the best possible way. Though the mechanism for linking is still unknown, be certain to prioritize programs that best meet your goals and previous achievements. For instance, if the study is not your good point or a major passion of yours, you should never enroll in a DI that focuses heavily on the investigation. That’s not going to work. Locations can influence your decision about which option is ideal for you. Bear in mind that you can always transfer after your internship and that your internship is just for a limited time.

DICAS Personal Statement Example

Many individuals care about how they look on the outside, but they also care about how they feel on the inside. Although a patient’s physical appearance might be an excellent sign of good health, there are several additional approaches to determine a patient’s overall health. Several major disorders, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, can be treated or somewhat relieved by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Nevertheless, because each patient’s requirements are unique, it’s critical to make particular diets to meet nutritional goals. My ambition is to work as a dietitian, assisting people in achieving their physical health objectives through customized food plans. 

When I intended to lose thirty pounds by the time I graduated from college, I got engaged in the subject. I’d often been a bit chubby, but I’d not given it much consideration until one morning when I was out of breath while attempting to climb the stairs because once the lift broke down. Following that, I decided to eliminate carbs from my diet and go to the fitness center daily. Despite my rapid weight loss, I quickly became fatigued and weak. That was when I realized I needed to adjust my diet to get all of the macronutrients and micronutrients I required, and I decided to pursue a career as a dietitian.

I’m enrolling for DICAS since I feel that the learning and training I’ll receive from this program will improve my abilities to assist my patients. I will have a better knowledge of how different groups of people may adapt to smaller quantities of different substances by studying more about the molecular principles that drive metabolism as well as metabolic diseases. I’m looking forward to making new friends and learning new things throughout my time in this program, and I’m confident that it will help me become a better dietitian who can help my patients accomplish their health goals.

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It can be tricky to qualify for dietetic internships through DICAS. Your personal statement could help you get that dietetic internship you’ve always wanted. So, for your DICAS Personal Statement, hire our writers.

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