Dialogue Between Two Friends About Holiday

Dialogue Between Two Friends About Holiday: Holiday Dialogue

Nisha and Naila have been having a great time together during their holidays. They both had fun playing games, eating delicious foods, and visiting many places. Now they are back at school. Nisha asks Naila what she did during the holidays. Naila tells her about the things she did. She also mentions some new experiences she had while spending time with her friend.

Naila: It was amazing! Thanks for asking. How were your holidays? Nisha:  I went to visit my grandparents in my village. I have been spending an entire week there. I have many relatives in the town, and I enjoy meeting them. I went there last year for almost a year. All my friends came to see me, and we had a lot of fun together.

Naila: Wow, this is so cool! So how do your villages look similar? 

Nisha: It’s a small but very beautiful town near a river, and on the other side there are big hills!

 Naila: It looks so beautiful! What have you done there?!

Nisha: I visited the river, rode a boat, and went to the Jungle. My family and I also had a picnic there.

 You are invited to my village with me on my next trip. 

Naila: Thank you so much Naila. Okay, talk to you later, take care. 

Nisha: Ok, bye.

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Another Conversation Between Two Friends About Holiday

Sania: How are you Sumaiya? 

Sumaiya: I am fine, Sumaiya. What about you? 

Sumaiya: Fine too. 

Sania: So school has begun again, and how was your vacation? 

Sumaiya: We went to Rajasthan. We spent 3 days there in a resort. We spent a night camping near a Desert.

Sania: You have done so much adventure. How was your visit?

Sania: That was such fun. I have lots more cousins there. I love visiting them. My grandmother is an interesting person. She tells many stories. Every night we listen to many stories from her. That was a great experience for me.

Conversation Between Two Friends About Summer Vacation

Elita went to her native village to meet her extended family. Her parents accompanied her. She had a great time.

Tanisha: That’s great. What types of activities have you done there? Elita has done lots of fun activities. She liked swimming in the pond the most. She learned how to ride on the tree from her cousins. Now she can ride any tree.

Elita: I was very happy to see my village again. I met many new people, and I felt great. Tanisha: You must be satisfied too!

Tanisha enjoys visiting her uncle’s place during the summer vacations. She loves spending time with her grandma and cousins. Her uncle works as a tea planter.

Tanisha: I think your uncle is a great person because he takes care of you. He gives you a chance to learn about tea plantation life. You should go back to India and see more things. Elita: I’m glad we talked; I liked talking to you. I hope we talk again soon.

Tanisha: Thanks again. I’ll be seeing you soon.

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conversation Between Friends About Holiday: Dialogue Between Two Friends About Summer Vacation

A dialogue between two friends about picnics, or a conversation between teacher and student about education, exam preparation, school dress, pollution, or examination.

A dialogue between two friends is a conversation between two people who talk to each other. In this case, the conversation is about holiday shopping.

Sample Conversation

Raghav: Hi Suraiya! 

Suraiya: Hi, Raghav! 

Raghav: How Are You? 

Suraiya: I am fine. How are you?

 Raghav: I am also fine and excited. 

Suraiya: Excited about what?

 Raghav: My upcoming summer vacation. 

Suraiya: Ohh Yeah! What are you planning to do during your vacation? 

Raghav: I am going to Mussoorie for two weeks with my family.

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Short Paragraph Between Two Friends About Trip

Alexa: Hi Roy

Roy: Hey Alexa how is it going?

Alexa: It’s great! What about you?

Roy: I am in a hurry as I have to pack for a short trip to Canada.

Alexa: Oh, Wow! Canada! Where will you live there?

Roy: I will live in Ontario.

Alexa: I see. Would you visit some places there as there are holidays.

Roy: Yeah, we are two friends going there and will visit a lot of places.

Alexa: Ok, share your pictures with me when you go there.

Roy: Sure thing!

Alexa: Ok, I have to leave. Thank you!

Roy: Thank you!

Where Did The Writer And Her Friends Spend Their Holidays?

The writer chose to spend her summer vacation in Basaintagrh because of all the good things she’d heard about it.

The writer has chosen to spend her summer vacation in Basaintargh because he has heard much about the area’s nature and inhabitants.

Soon after he arrived in Basaintargh the following day, she ventured out of the forest rest house in search of a vantage point from which to take in the mountain scenery. She settled on a deodar tree shaded by lush green grass.

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