Dialogue between customer and waiter

A waiter greets a customer by name and asks him what he wants to eat. He then shows him the menu card. The customer orders his favorite dish. The waiter tells him how much it costs.

The customer wants roasted spicy chicken but doesn’t want any vegetables. He orders a Coke. The waiter brings him the order. He takes 20-25 minutes to prepare the dish.

A customer wants a soda without ice, but he also requests a magazine while waiting.

Dialogue Between Waiter And Customer

Good evening sir, How can I help you?

Waiter: Good evening sir. Can I get you something to drink?

Waiter: I’m sorry sir, but we don’t serve chicken here. Please try another restaurant. 

Customer: Oh! What about fish then? 

Waiter: We don’t serve fish either. Try another restaurant. 

Customer: But I want to eat chicken. 

Waiter: Then why did you come here? You should have gone somewhere else. 

Customer: I came here because I want to eat chicken, and I know this place serves chicken.

 Waiter: That’s right, but we don’t sell chicken here. Please go away. 

Customer: Fine, I’ll leave. But I still want my chicken.

 Waiter: Okay, I’ll give you some bread instead. 

Customer: No thank you. I don’t need any bread. Just give me my chicken. A customer orders half a liter of Pepsi. He wants it fast. The waiter takes 15 minutes to serve him.

The customer was rude to the waiter. He asked him to speed up the process. But he didn’t mean it. The waiter tried his best to serve him quickly. After the meal, he thanked him. 

2nd:Conversation Between Waiter And Guest 

Hello there! My name is. Would you like to place an order? 

Yes, I want a hamburger please. 

Okay, let me get your drink now. What kind of drink do you recommend? 

Well, we have a wide variety of drinks here. We have water, soda, tea, coffee, juice, beer, wine, and liquor. Which one would you like? 

Oh, I’ll take a glass of milk. 

 That’s great! Do you want ice or lemon?

 Ice please.

 Here you go, sir. 

Thank you very much. 

You’re welcome. Have a nice day. Thanks.

Conversation Between A Crew Member And A Guest In A Fast Food Joint

The guest wants to order the veg burger, but he doesn’t want to pay extra for the combo. He wants to get the veg burger alone.

The crew member should ask if the customer wants the burger medium, large, or extra-large. He should also ask whether he wants cheese added. If the customer says yes, then he should say “have it here” (eat at the restaurant) or “take away”. If the customer says no, then he should say either “no, thank you”, or “I’ll take it away”.

Conversation Between Waiter And Customer In A Restaurant In French Ordering A Menu

Have you made your choice? or Are you ready to order?

“Vous êtes prêt(e)” means you’re ready to order. You say “je vais prendre” (I’m going to take). “Elle va prendre” (she’ll take). “il va prendre” etc.

A starter, a main course and a dessert are served in a restaurant. Coffee is also offered.

ESL Dialogue And Vocabulary A Drink At The Bar

There are a number of phrases you should know when drinking at a bar. These include: Cheers! here’s to your health, bottoms up, and prostrations. You may also hear these phrases when visiting a country different from yours.

These are more idiomatic ways of saying “Cheers”. Here is mud in your eye. Cheers! Here’s to your health! Down the hatch! Bottom’s up!

Other Words For Drinking

To quaff means to drink. To gulp means to drink very quickly. To drink like a Fish means to drink a lot of liquor. To sip means to take small drinks of anything. Examples: He gulped down his drink while talking with his friends.I gulped down a beer when I finished mowing the grass. Jim drank like a fish.

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