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My Grandmother Short Essay Words

My grandmother is the eldest member in our family. She has given up a lot for our family. She deserves respect and love from all of us. She used to spend a lot of time with us. I am a fan of hers because she tells me many interesting stories.

Grandma is a very kind person. She is always there when you need her. She loves taking care of everyone. She is like a big bus driver. Everyone needs her help.

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My Grandmother Essay Words

My grandmother is an amazing woman. I have never seen someone who loves and respects other people as much as she does. She is a very kind and loving person. I love her a lot. I hope my children and grandchildren will also love and respect her. My grandmother’s name is (name); she is about seventy-five years old. She was also a school teacher at a very young age. Her father and uncles shared lots of stories about her too. They share how she had sacrificed a lot in her lifetime for this family. She worked very hard to make this family a great place. She did so many things for the whole family.

She is a religious person who spends most of her time praying and doing puja. She also loves to tell stories. Her stories are very interesting and make you want to listen to them over and over again. She cooks delicious meals for her family.

My Grandmother Essay Example 2

Grandma is such an amazing woman! Her name is (name) , and she is 75 years old. In this old age, she is still healthy enough. She can walk and do some little things too. At this stage, she still takes care of the whole family. As always, she is the most significant person in the family. Everybody respects her decision and asks her first before doing any major thing.

 She is a religious person. Most of her time she used to spend praying, teaching us the holy book Quran, and reading books. Now she doesn‘t have good eyesight anymore, but she still can see with her glasses.

She was born in a poor family but she became rich after marrying a wealthy man. She was very pretty and she had many friends. She married a handsome man who loved her deeply. He also loves his children dearly. Their wedding was a huge celebration. She is a great teacher. She teaches her students well. She is kind and loving. She is a great fighter. She is loved by many people. She is a great role model.

Grandma is a lovely person who loves everyone around her. She is a sweetheart who is loved by many people. She is a great grandma who is always there for her grandchildren. She is a loving grandpa who takes care of his children. She is a wonderful grandma who makes sure she spends quality time with her grandchildren.

Describe your grandmother in 100 words Example 1

My granny is a fearless person. There is a lot we can learn from her. If you’re in a position where you need to respond quickly, she’s the person for the job. My grandma is an excellent chef, and everytime we visit her home, she serves amazing meals.

When I’m with my grandma, I get to do a lot of fun activities. She’s been telling me tales and teaching me to sing since I was a youngster. She’s been in the industry for more than 20 years and is quite skilled.

Describe your grandmother in 100 words Example 2

She has inspired me to work hard and succeed in my own life because of her success in her company. I wouldn’t have won numerous awards if it weren’t for my grandma. When I do well on a test, my grandma gives me valuable books and other mementos. A painting box was given to me by her for getting 100 marks in Maths and Science this year.

Summer vacations were always spent at my grandmother’s house. Every week, my grandma takes us to visit a well-known temple in our hometown. Our grandma took the four of us to a temple festival this year. The event was a blast, and we had a great time. Our grandma taught us about the temple’s history and the significance of the celebration.

Our grandma is a wonderful teacher, and we really appreciate her wisdom. We only have excellent character in our lives because of her. Now that I know my grandma is a wonderful lady, I eagerly anticipate our next visit.

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