Conversation between two friends about cricket match

A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Cricket Match

Some friends were watching a cricket match yesterday, and today they’re talking about this match. They’ve been watching cricket matches together since they were young. This is a great way to learn how to speak English.

India has won a massive victory over Pakistan. This means that India has become the number 1 team in the world.

Krishna and Rahul are both right about the strength of the Pakistan cricket team. However, they are wrong about the strength of Pakistan’s bowling attack.

Dhoni is the most important player on the Indian cricket team. He plays very well as a batsman and also as a wicketkeeper. Krishna agrees with Bumrah’s bowling performance. He took three wickets in the last 2 overs and gave only 23 runs in 10 overs. Bumrah’s bowling action is very different from other bowlers. He makes the job easy for the batters.

Krishna is a world-class batsman. He hopes to play again soon. Rahul also hopes to see him play again. Krishna is a lovely person to talk to. Rahul takes care of himself by taking care of others.

Rahim and Karim are talking about a cricket match. Karim says that Ashraful played the very best of all the players.

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Dialogue Between Two Friends About Cricket Match Example

Rahim: Yes, I think he did very well. 

Karim: He played well but was a little slow in scoring runs. Because his partners did not support him well, he had to wait to get more defensive in scoring runs. Thus he lost some time.

 Rahim: We enjoyed the match very much, didn’t we? 

Karim: really, I didn’t enjoy such a contesting an enjoyable match.

 Rahim: Thank you, Karim. Where will you go?

Karim: I’ll be going home right now. And you?

Raham: Thank you, Goodbye.

Cricket matches usually begin at 9 pm. Raghav knows about the cricket match because he watches it every day. He asks Manas if he knows when the match starts. Manas doesn’t know when the match begins but says it starts at 9 pm.

Manas: Bro, I saw on an ad yesterday that a cricket match was likely to begin at 2 pm on Star Sports.

Raghav: What is he talking about? I have been waiting for the India-Australia match for a long time. It shouldn’t be that I miss the match.

India’s cricket team will win this match because of Kohli’s batting skills. He is going to smash the Australian bowlers again.

Manas: Brother, I think we have already lost the match. Should I turn off the TV now?

Raghav: What are we talking about? Our hero Dhoni has just been run out of the ground, so what’s there to be afraid of?

Manas: I trust you. Oh, God! Let India win.

Raghav: Oh my god! What a six; this is out of the stadium. It’s such a delight.

Manas: What? Are you going to make me cry?

Raghav: No, I’m going to make India win.

Manas: Bro, please stay put; this is an important match. Please.

Raghav: Okay, until then, can you check where the online food that we ordered was?

Dhoni is hitting the ball well today. Raghav is impressed by Dhoni’s performance today.

Manas: Okay then, please bring the food from the gate as the delivery boy called me.

Raghav: Yes, we’ll eat now; you go and get plates until I come with the food.

Manas: Yes, do it fast as I am getting sleepy, and it’s also too late.

Raghav: You are correct; we should eat our food and then take some rest.

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