Conversation between three friends on corruption ± northern triangle

In the first sentence, we see that corruption is a big problem for India. In the second sentence, we learn that we should get rid of this problem by taking a look at the conversation, and then we see that the two friends are talking about corruption.

Sanjay: Hi Sahan! How are you? Sahan : I am doing good. What about you? 

Sanjay : I am fine. Have you seen the latest Corruption Index List? Sahan: No. What happened there? Sanjay : They published a new list. And India has a very bad rank there. Even it is going down and down. Corruption is getting higher every year.

A corrupt politician uses his power to make money illegally. He makes it legal by bribing people. This leads to a weak economy. People need bribes to get jobs.India is corrupt because there aren’t enough educated politicians.

A lot of educated and responsible people can change the nation. You or me or someone else can do it. We need to protect the country from the black shadow.

Sanjay: Thank you so very much, Sahan. Your kindness is appreciated. Goodbye.

This is an example of dialogue between two friends.

India is the third country in corruption among the countries in the world.Sujon says he loves his country, but he admits he can do nothing alone. He thinks most of the people of India are corrupt.

Corruption is the root cause of many problems in India. Politicians corrupt themselves by using their power for personal gain. This leads to an increase in poverty and crime.Corruption is a big problem in India. Nepotism and bribery are the main reasons behind this evil act. Government officials must be more honest.

Sami agrees with Sujon. He thinks that the sooner the better. Sujon says he appreciates the discussion.


Oligarchs are wealthy businessmen who have disproportionate influence over politics. Their emergence in Russia was marked by corruption scandals. In the early 2000s, oligarchs were given control of many of the country’s largest businesses. These included banks, energy companies, media outlets, and mining operations.

The Russian government sold off the assets of big companies to the oligarchs at a discounted price. This allowed them to become billionaires overnight.Russia was once a great country, but now it’s a corrupt dictatorship run by Vladimir Putin. He uses state contracts to enrich himself and his friends.

Oligarchs were once powerful businessmen who controlled Russia. In the 1990s, the Kremlin was dominated by them. During this time, they had the power to dictate policy. After 2000, Putin took over as President and began to control the Kremlin. He made deals with the oligarchs, and he left their illicit gains alone.Oligarchs were given preferential treatment by the government. This was done to secure the Kremlin’s control over the economy.

Putin’s Hostages

This brings us to the most interesting question on many people’s minds: As the sanctions devastate oligarchs’ wealth, could that prompt some of them to abandon Putin or even change the course of the conflict? Some oligarchs are speaking out against the war now, such as Alfa-Group chairman Mikhail Fridman and metal magnate Oleg Deriapaska – both of whom have been targeted by the West. LukOil is also calling for the war’s end. Although Lukoil isn’t currently under direct sanctions, traders are already shunning its products in anticipation.

Oligarchs are the most powerful people in Russia. Their wealth allows them to buy political power. However, they are not as influential as they think they are.Oligarchs are selfish people who want to be rich but don’t care about other people. Putin wants them to cooperate with each other because he needs their money to fund his war. He promises them state support if they cooperate with him.

Russia’s economy is still in shambles because of the corruption and greed of the Russian government officials. The country’s economy is dependent on oil exports, but the price of oil has dropped dramatically due to the rise of shale gas production in the United States. The country’s economy relies heavily on energy exports, and if this continues, Russia’s economy could be in trouble.The generals are more likely to persuade Vladimir Putin than the oligarchs. An economic crash could be even more persuasive.

Basic Guide To Anti Corruption 

A corrupt politician can be seen as someone who accepts bribes. He may even pay off police officers to ignore traffic violations. However, there are other types of corruption. There are politicians who use their power to influence legislation. There are those who abuse their position by using their office to benefit themselves financially. And then there are those who misuse their authority to commit crimes.

Nepotism is when people get jobs based on their relatives. Cronyism is when people get favors based on their friends. Finance managers should be held accountable if they steal money meant for the company.


Corruption is when someone breaks the rules. This means breaking laws, or doing something wrong. A corrupt person does things that aren’t right. Corrupt people break the law.

Entrusted Powed

Corruption arises when a person misuses authority derived from all kinds of formal or professional roles. This phrasing covers both public officials, and employees working in the private sector. A company employee selling confidential information to competitors is an example of private-sector corruption.

Private Gain

Corruption is a form of theft that benefits individuals who take advantage of their positions. This type of crime is often committed by people who hold high-ranking positions in government agencies, businesses, and other organizations. These individuals use their positions to steal from others, usually without being caught.

In most cases of corruption, there are two parties involved. The corruptor and the corrupted. The corruptor is usually the person who benefits from the corrupt activity. The corrupted is the person who gets caught up in the corrupt activity.Corruption is when people use their position for personal benefit. This includes taking bribes, stealing money, cheating on taxes, etc.

Conflict of interest is when you have a personal interest that conflicts with your job or duty. You could be tempted to do something wrong because of this. For example, if you were a doctor who was paid by drug companies, then you might be tempted to prescribe drugs that weren’t really necessary.

Basic Terms And Concepts

Corruption is an act of taking advantage of someone else’s position of power. It includes bribery, kickbacks, facilitation payments, fraud, extortion, sextortion, embezzlement, trading in influence, nepotism, clientelism, patronage, conflict of interest, and many other things.

Central America’s Turbulent Northern Triangle

The U.S. government responds to another wave of migrants by sending more troops to the border. The region’s governments try different development-centric, tough-on -crime policies with little success.

U.S. administrations have tried to reduce the number of migrants coming into the United States by decreasing the amount of money available to people living in Central America. This decreases the amount of money available for them to send back to their families in Central America.


The northern triangle countries are plagued by poverty, violence, and corrupt governments.

Why Are People Fleeing The Northern Triangle?

Most migrants who come to the US illegally cross into Mexico first. Then they travel north through Mexico to the US. Honduras accounts for the largest share of migrants intercepted by US border authorities, followed by Guatemala and then El Salvador.

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