Conversation between teacher and student about exam preparation in english

Students should be prepared for exams by studying hard. Teachers should also prepare lessons for the students.

(Name) is a very hard-working student who studies well. She is also a very polite girl. Her teacher thinks she is ready for the exam. He wants to help her pass the test.

 The student needs help in math. She should ask her teacher for help.

Tara: Sorry if you were too busy sir and I disturbed you. 

Teacher:No, I am free now.You must make a list of math topics you find difficult to solve.And bring it by tomorrow,I will explain all these during school break time.

Tara: That will be amazing. I’ll be able to complete my revisions faster. Thank you so very much, sir. 

Teacher. Take care.

A Conservation Between Teacher And Students about Exam Preparation: Another Example

Akash is very nervous about his upcoming annual exams. He thinks he might fail them. He feels he needs help, but doesn’t know how to get it.

Akash is very upset about missing so many classes because he was sick. He thinks he won’t pass the exam. He feels hopeless and doesn’t know what to do. But there is still plenty of time left to study. He should try harder.

Akash needs help learning English. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. He thinks he’s not smart enough to study English.

After two weeks of teaching, Akash feels confident enough to ask for a leave. He says he wants to study more about grammar.

Tips For Students

Students should read their text thoroughly. They should also try to understand the material instead of memorizing it. Group study is helpful when students need help understanding a concept or topic.

Students should always try their best to do their homework. They should never lie or cheat. Teachers should be fair and honest with students.

 How To Learn English

If you are a student who feels weak in English you  should try to learn more English.Start by watching English news and English movies. Then try to speak English with your friends.

Importance Of Conversation Between Students And Teachers

Conversation between teacher and student is an important part of education. This is because it helps students understand what teachers want them to learn. Teachers should try to make sure that they are communicating effectively with their students. Students should also try to listen to what teachers say.

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