Computer Science Personal Statement Example

Computers and their wide range of applications fascinated me to the core. Particularly, artificial intelligence, web languages , and developing computers. They have widened my understanding of computers. I try to increase my knowledge of these subjects further.

That’s why I’d prefer to study computer science at a university level since the maths behind computing is fascinating to me, and the code-based project will challenge my existing skills in coding. I want to increase my knowledge significantly and gain a better understanding of the techniques that go into it, rather than relying on my current method of iteration.

It never stopped me and only grew more intense and passionate with each new discovery that I made. From communicating with artificial intelligence, to experiencing the power on technology like the Internet in the very first place, computer systems have made me awestruck by the power and potential they have.

As I went through high school, I focused on studying as much as I could about computers and I constructed my own computer at the age of fourteen. Since then, I’ve earned quite a lot of cash by repairing computers for friends of my parents. It’s usually a simple problem to resolve and I’m angry that people are so quick to dump a old computer that is useful to somebody else.

I believe that this field provides a wealth of financially rewarding as well as intellectually stimulating and stimulating career choices for those like me, who have an eagerness to succeed and a love of learning. For someone who is determined to attain a deep knowledge of the theoretical pillars in computer science which includes the computer system and software management, this course is the perfect choice. It will enable me to discover the complete lifecycle of software projects, which includes the manual, automated and unit testing, in addition to knowing the methodologies and techniques.

I have a deep-seated curiosity for computer science which I discovered by studying Tech as well as Maths articles in magazines like New Scientist. My interest has increased because I’m exposed to programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that allowed me to create my personal website. I enhance my schooling through reading books such as How To Think Like a Mathematician A Companion for Math for Undergraduates written by Kevin Houston in order to improve my thinking skills and expand the depth of my English mathematics vocabulary.

My love of computing and mathematics was expanded when I read ‘The Magical Maze written in the book of Ian Stewart. The way he described maths as the process of exploring the maze we have created was a huge influence upon my knowledge of what mathematics research involves. What I was most interested in was the visual aspect of solving problems, which meant that they could not depend solely on solving lengthy calculations. This was similar to the way I prefer to communicate my mathematical concepts.

When I’m not learning about devices and computers or constructing them, I’m usually building and dismantling them to understand their functions. This has helped me develop my technical knowledge and abilities to solve problems. This will put me well when I am able to learn formal logic and programming languages at the level of degree. I’m also an avid video game player , and during my studies, I’d like to know how these complex and entertaining games are developed. Technology isn’t the only thing I passion: I am also an avid sports enthusiast and play regularly basketball and football with my friends.

My primary interest outside of school is sports. I was the captain of the ******** the college first and mixed hockey teams as well as Captain of the ******* school’s colts hockey team. Being the captain of a team has taught me how to be a leader and the ability to collaborate with other players to inspire and motivate. I been a table tennis player with Norfolk as well as Norwich and was awarded the an award for research as well as a presentation about the history of table tennis which was awarded The Howell Prize.

I’ve always been attracted to Coding languages including, but not exclusively PHP and other web-based languages. The reason for this was the creation of a game with text using PHP and I felt that I had the potential to be part of the developer community. I’ve been programming for three years and have contributed to the development of two games based on text, and another one that I created that has yet to be launched.

Alongside turning my passion for programming into a practical project, I’ve also been helping people living in my neighborhood in overcoming computer issues. This assists me in understanding the issues that people face with their computers and also improves my ability to communicate with people of all different ages.

I am sure that I’ll participate in the university experience. Although computer science is very solitary I am a very social person who enjoys being part of an ensemble with my fellow students. In the course of my experience this summer, I worked for the local printing firm. I was awestruck by how complex the equipment they employ and the amount of dependence they place on computers.

I’m especially interested in the university you attend due to its outstanding learning environment that, when together with the relaxed academic environment creates an unforgettable place to be. While visiting the campus, I found the atmosphere to be warm and intimate environment wherethe lecturers appeared to be highly skilled and the facilities suitable for the course. But for me, one of the most appealing aspects about your school was the small classes that allow for greater than two-way communication between students and teacher. In closing, I’d appreciate your consideration and time. I am available to interview any time and look forward to the chance to further discuss with you regarding my candidature.”

What Should You Include in Your Computer Science Statement

  • A solid opening: state concisely where your passion for computer science stems from and what drives you to pursue it. be careful not to start with a lengthy history of how you came across your first computer!
  • Introduction Frame narrative – A short account of how Ray came across the issues which he’d like to address during his grad school, and later during his professional career.
  • 2 paragraphs
  • 28% of total word count
  1. What is the reason for this program – What can this university do to aid Ray to solve the issues that he mentioned in the prior section.
  • 2 paragraphs
  • 27% of the word total

An understanding of what’s involved

Teachers love reading declarations where you’re enthusiasm about the topic shines through with a clear perception that you are aware of the computer science field is about. Don’t tell them what you know – they already know. Let them know that you are aware.

Be sure to back each claim with evidence in your main body

The body of the document is the longest part of your personal statement. It must include at minimum three paragraphs. Do not make assertions without supporting them with evidence. For instance, when you say that you’re extremely skilled at artificial Intelligence, make sure you be sure to mention the relevant experience immediately.

The majority of CS applicants don’t delve too deep in the details of their “study plan” for graduate schoolThey simply list the courses they’d like to attend, and perhaps mention a professor at a glance. However, Ray is a man who has been working for years in HCI as well as AR for a long time. He is certain of where he’d like to go and is aware of which professors are the most effective sources for this research.

  • Personal goals for you: What do you hope to accomplish through studying this subject over the next three or four years?
  • Be an effective team player According to the computer science and engineering department of Durham University, ‘try to record your experiences of working with other members of the team. Have you ever been in a group or managed an entire team? Have you been required to plan something complicated, like an event, a game or football league?

Utilize Vibrant Vocabulary

Your writing style must be engaging so that your viewers are attracted. Avoid using abbreviations and too casual words but. Jokes that aren’t necessary will not create an impression. Although you’re supposed to be inventive, remember who is your target audience.

  • Not being noticed Standing out Lowe at Oxford University. University of Oxford says that many personal statements he reads are identical, boring, and unpersonal and aren’t memorable – therefore, make it unique, specific, and specific’.
  • Avoid using cliches, like ‘computers are essential in our modern society or simply saying that you are amazed at artificial Intelligence’, without providing a reason.

Make sure you are committed to the Field

When you write your personal statement in computer science essay, make sure to include any information that will show how committed you are about computing. It could be that you are awestruck by developing apps, get enthusiastic about the latest technology or have completed a similar BSc final project, etc.

When writing a Computer Science Personal Statement Focus on Your

  • Ability to work on their own.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines, but still maintain an unbeatable standard of quality.
  • Technologies and skills.
  • Attention to the smallest of details.
  • Quality of developer code, specifically in terms of technical design and clarity.
  • Ability to think of solutions quickly and in an efficient manner.
  • Experience with manual, unit as well as automated tests.

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