Composition on how i spent my last holiday

My last holiday was a 5 day trip to Prague in the former Czechoslovakia. I knew Prague very well as I had studied there before. I stayed with an old friend who lives in Prague. It was such fun and reminded me of my university days. I visited the university.

 I found it had changed a lot and looked more modern. I also visited the supermarket near my old home. I loved seeing all of the different foods. I remembered how much I liked my favourite cheese and chocolate biscuit. However, they were a bit more pricey than I remembered!

Touristy things include walking up Petrin hill, crossing the Charles bridge, and seeing the famous baby statues climbing the TV tower.

Composition On How I Spent My Last Holiday Example 1

My last holiday was a one week trip to a town near Barbacoa. I spent the new year’s holidays there.The town was a bit calm,but entertaining.I really missed my family and how I couldn’t visit them.I was in the company of some friends.

Holiday season is a period when people get free time. People usually spend this time relaxing and having fun. During holidays people usually travel to different places. 

Composition On How I Spent My Last Holiday Example 2

This year I spent my holidays in Jasmine. The journey took me nine hours to reach my destination. At the airport there were no phone services so we decided to buy a SIM card.

 After buying the SIM card we started our journey. On the way back home we stopped at a petrol station.

 There were many things to do while we were travelling but we didn’t know what to do. We bought some snacks and drinks. When we arrived at home we found out that we had missed our flight.

 We couldn’t contact any airlines because there were no phone services. So we decided to stay at home.

Composition On How I Spent My Last Holiday Example 3

In my summer vacation, I read story books and saw many cinemas. Then I went to different classes to enhance my knowledge skills during holidays. 

On May 1st we started our journey with my family to Kolkata. In Kolkata I saw so many places like Victoria Memorial, Jain Temple, underground metro rail, Sunderbans etc.

I stayed for three days in Kolkata. The fourth day I left for New Jalpaiguri. From there I went to Darjeeling. During holidays I spent time with my family. We had fun together. I enjoyed my holiday very much.

Composition On How I Spent My Last Holiday Example 4

I spent my holidays in Shimla last year. It was a very memorable moment because it was a three day vacation. It was a very enjoyable experience. 

It was a very exciting time. The roads were wide, the trains were slow and the hills were beautiful. There was lots of snow and there were many places to see. The mountains were amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Composition On How I Spent My Last Holiday Example 5

I spent my holiday with my friends. We went out to eat, we played games, we watched movies, and we had fun. We also talked about our life, our problems, our hopes, our dreams. We laughed together, cried together, and enjoyed ourselves.

 My parents wished to go to their hometown and stay there for 6 weeks or so. My classmates wanted to go on a trekking expedition. 

My friend wanted to go to a hill station on an education tour. I wanted to take advantage of both these options. 

My parents agreed to let me go on the trip with my class teacher. We went to the hill station and enjoyed ourselves. I was happy because I got to see my grandparents again.

I had fun this summer by going to the beach, swimming, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. I also learned how to play guitar and write songs. 

Composition On How I Spent My Last Holiday Example 6

I spent my last holiday in England. My parents took me there because I was sick. I had an operation and I stayed in hospital for three weeks.

 When I got better, we went back home. We were very happy to be together again. During our holidays, we visited many places. We saw the Tower of London and Big Ben. We also went to Oxford University.

 In Oxford, we saw the Bodleian Library. We also went to see Stonehenge. There were many other interesting things to do in England. I enjoyed my time there very much. I hope you enjoy your holidays too.

Composition On How I Spent My Last Holiday Example 7

Lagos is a big city in Nigeria. It has many things to do and see. You can go to the harbour and watch ships sail by. You can visit islands in Lagos. You can visit the Victoria Garden City and Ajah Shopping Mall.

Lagos is a very big city. There are many people living there. Many different kinds of stores sell everything you need. You can buy anything here. In this city you can also go to the park or the beach. You can see many interesting places.

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