Can I Talk About My Family In The Personal Statement?

When writing your personal statement, try to avoid talking about the past or future. Instead, focus on the present and how it relates to your career goals. 

Discussing your current situation is an excellent opportunity to show the admissions committee why you’re ideally prepared for graduate study right now and why now is the ideal time for you to pursue graduate studies.

Be Clear About Why You Are Applying to Graduate School 

You should include both past achievements and future goals in your personal statement. The admissions committee, however, will be more intrigued by your present circumstance.

This means your current situation includes your current life circumstances. Your current life circumstance might be your current job or internship. Or, it could be your current relationship status. 

Whatever it is, make sure it is something that shows how you are currently coping with your life.


At the moment, I work for a company as an engineer. I have been there for more than four years. I have worked hard and learned a lot. However, my current job does not satisfy me. 

I wish to learn new things and expand my knowledge. I think that the master’s degree program offered by the university will help me achieve my goal.

Introduction to the Medical School Personal Statement

Medical school admissions are difficult, but you should try again next year.

Medical school applications are filled with stories like this. Many students apply to medical schools hoping to get into the top 10 or 20 percent of applicants. 

However, many more students apply to medical schools without even thinking about getting into the top 10 or top 20 percent of applicants. Because of this, students who are less capable than others have many opportunities.

The main reason why many people who apply to medical schools are rejected is because they do not stand out in their applications. 

Their essay writing skills are poor, and they lack strong personal qualities such as leadership, charisma, and communication skills.

What To Include

Your personal statement should be about yourself and your life experiences. You should share what makes you unique and why you want to attend this school. You should also include information about your academic background and any extracurricular activities or volunteer work you’ve done.

Of course, this means that you should be very careful when writing your personal statement. You need to make sure that you write something that will impress the admissions committee. 

This includes making sure that you write about why you want to go into medicine. You also need to show them that you are passionate about helping people who are sick. Your passion needs to shine through in your personal statement.

Speak To Why You Want To Join The Program.

You can also think of it as a person who wants to be a doctor.


My desire to assist others makes this program the perfect fit for me. I know that I am capable of helping others. I have been practicing medicine since high school. 

I have always enjoyed working with patients. I believe that my experience in medical school will prepare me well to work with patients.

A Step-by-Step Approach To Writing An Amazing Medical School Personal Statement

Before writing, the typical applicant searches for essay sample after essay example, hoping to be inspired. She pulls up her resume and attempts to identify the part of her experience that is most unique or authentic. 

While there is nothing wrong with reading medical school application essay samples to understand what good ones sound like or to see the variety across great essays, we urge you to resist reading too much before having a draft of yours. 

Otherwise, you’ll risk making your essay sound like someone else’s, which is a sure-fire way of producing a clumsy or clichéd essay.

That is precisely why we included numerous sample personal statements at the end of this guide.

We do not believe that reviewing your CV first before coming up with ideas for your personal statement is a useful approach. 

Your resume should be the first thing you write about when you start your essay. You should then come up with ideas for your essay based on what you wrote in your resume.

Our students have found the most success by thinking about the impressions they want to leave on the admissions committee and then choosing the experiences that best showcase those qualities.

If Relevant Discuss Your Family Life

Admissions officers for graduate programs will anticipate that you lead a full life and are aware of the need to balance personal and professional obligations. 

You should include a sentence stating that your family is supportive. 

Whether you write specifically about the campus or the larger community or even the city where the school is situated, let the admissions officers know that your family life will help you succeed in their program.

Use A Positive Tone Throughout

In your graduate school personal statement, you should explain why you want to join this program. You should also mention what you learned during your undergraduate studies and how the program will help you achieve your goals. 

Don’t write negatively about your current job, employer, or co-workers. Focus instead on how the program will make you more knowledgeable and experienced.

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