Cambridge – Mathematics Personal Statement Examples

Mathematicians often take A-levels that do not involve essay writing. Writing 4,000 characters about why an applicant wants to study maths can be a real challenge. 

Note that the personal statement below does NOT merely list books. The book and lecture that are mentioned are in the context of a wider mathematical voyage of discovery.

The statement demonstrates that the candidate has a genuine interest in studying mathematics beyond AS Level, and there is abundant evidence to back this up! The candidate applied to Gonvillle and Caius College Cambrige and received an offer to Study Maths.

Oxbridge  Mathematics Personal Statement Example 1

I am currently studying for an A level in mathematics. I enjoy the subject because it allows you to explore many different aspects of mathematics, including algebra, trigonometry, probability, and calculus. 

It is also interesting to see how mathematics relates to everyday life, for example, how we use computers and how we calculate things such as speed limits. 

The subjects I have studied include linear algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, algebraic geometry, and analysis. 

I have enjoyed the UKMT Mathematical Challenges and Olympiads at school, and I hope to continue doing them at university. 

I am interested in learning about set theory and topology, and I have recently started reading Set Theory For Beginners by David Bellamy. I also enjoy playing board games and watching films.

This personal statement is very well written. It explains how the applicant got into studying maths and physics. He also gives us an idea about what he wants to do after university.

Mathematics Personal Statement Example 2

I  am an excellent student who has been studying hard since my school days. My grades are always above average, and I have never failed any exams or assignments. 

I am very interested in science and mathematics, and I enjoy doing experiments and solving problems. I also love reading books about history and other subjects. I am confident that I could do well at university if given the chance.

Mathematics and Physics Personal Statement Example 3

Since childhood, I’ve always loved complex puzzles, logic problems, and challenges. Later, I discovered mathematics and physics, which offered a lot of fun problems. 

I liked the fact that real-world events, such as throwing balls, could be described by mathematical languages created by humans. 

However, the most impressive fact for me was when I discovered that scientists and mathematicians can predict events just by using equations. This is when I decided that math and physics were what I wanted to do in life to help people.

Maths is an amazing subject that gives you the opportunity to solve puzzles and challenges. You can also learn how to be more creative by using your imagination. 

In addition, maths helps you understand the world around you. As well as being useful in everyday life, maths is also used in science and technology.


This personal statement shows a clear understanding of what is required to get into Cambridge University. 

The student has clearly demonstrated an interest in maths and physics, but also demonstrates a strong grasp of English grammar and style. This is a great example of a personal statement for admissions tutors.

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