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Business has been a major factor in the development of our modern day way of life. The flexibility and creativity of business immediately caught my attention after I started my first job. my interest in business has increased. After having worked in various assignments and achieving the score of 2.1 for my undergrad studies I plan to continue my education by pursuing the pursuit of a Masters.

I’ve been planning to be a part of my family’s company since I was in senior High School. As I’ve worked more hours on my business and the more I am in love with it to the point that I’ve made an intention to build the business to be the top real estate development firm within The East part of Thailand.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, as an elite MBA An MBA will give me a complete understanding in addition to my bachelor’s degree. It also provides a better chance for me to start an occupation in my own country where this degree is highly coveted by the top employers.

I am a highly organized, self-motivated and diligent student, who succeeds at both in group and individual working environments. The research and planning that I have undertaken with the planning and research for my EPQ project, which is titled “What is the primary influence on the consumer’s preferences for cafés?’ helps me improve my self-study and organization skills, and allows me to apply some of the theories of business I’ve researched.

Through my college years, I’ve been engaged on campus, joining student groups and networking at school events. Additionally, I’ve worked each summer to identify my interests and determine my career path.

I also had the responsibility of serving customers in the perfume department where I was required to demonstrate confidence and expertise. Then my curiosity in psychology increased because while serving customers, I observed numerous personalities of people that I was required to adapt my own language to.

Alongside my academic qualifications and experience in the workplace I am also a passionate basketball player. I frequently play for my club in local leagues. My successes as well as my failures in competitions show my desire to continue improving and the determination to keep going even when I am failing. I’ve also been privileged to be the captain of my team and also coaching games for younger league players.

In accordance with the previous reasons I have studied the Master of Business Administration program outline from Oxford Brookes University. I am extremely interested in the program that I am considering studying. The program is not only compatible with my goal to grow and grow to attain sufficient skills to become an executive of the highest rank in the near future however, the program can be utilized in real-world business.

I’m applying to your institution because it provided the most effective range of courses for me to expand my knowledge of my area of interest and to discover different areas in Business Management I’m not as acquainted with. I was also pleasantly surprised by the many connections within the department that gives each student an excellent work experience.

The MBA degree will provide the potential to immediately help me get into the industry as a business development manager or operations manager initially. In the near future I am planning to build an executive career in a managerial level and eventually move up to the next level over the long term.

My self-determination is a strong, confident professional, dedicated and distinguished throughout my studies and active in my social activities along with activities, sports and excursions as well as other things. I was a tennis and volleyball player during high school. I learned at this point that sports play a significant role in developing the spirit of a team and the human connection. They are two of the most important elements needed to be successful in business.

If I was to pursue a Master of Business Administration of Oxford Brookes University and it was a good choice, it wouldn’t be just a chance to gain valuable experiences living in a different culture that I could apply them to apply in my next work, but it could also provide me with valuable knowledge that helps me to become more competent and confident.

I believe that I’ll make a great fit in the department since I love taking part into extracurricular events. I am therefore eager to consider applying for leadership roles within the various postgraduate clubs and associations that the department has to offer. If the opportunity arises, I’d be interested in developing an own venture together with my classmates.

I am anticipating completing the degree of Business and Management at university to enhance my business-related knowledge in the classroom and the practical application of it into the “real world”. I’ll take every opportunity and am looking forward to facing the challenges university life can offer.

Why do I have to Make a Personal Statement for My Mba Applications?

For nearly every application you’ll be required to compose a personal essay for each application, and the MBA program is not an exception. Schools want to learn more about your personal story. They’d like to know your motivations, why you chose to go for enrolling in business schools and any other significant reason your motivation to pursue this course.

Focus On The Question

It is important to remember a few factors when writing the MBA personal essay. One of them is to keep your focus on the main question(s) included in your essay. However, essay questions are usually very flexible and you are able to answer them in various ways.

Do your own research about the Business School as well as The MBA Program

Each Business School is unique in some way or another. They each have their own mission objectives, values, and values. Understanding this will help you get to the right place.

It is important to think about the motive for your application. Self-reflection is a part of it. Another is research.

The most common MBA Personal Statement Questions

For personal declarations, MBA programs will usually have applicants answer a question and the admissions committee will expect to answer in an essay format. While the question will differ between programs and may be different from year-to-year There are a few commonly asked questions that you can plan answers to prior to the deadline.

Display Your Passion

A strong, convincing MBA personal declaration is with enthusiasm. If your passion for the subject show through in every sentence it’s likely to catch interest from the committee who examines your application. Every business school won’t be attracted to an applicant who isn’t enthusiastic and passionate.


  • Contact department heads to get insights
  • Visit the school’s online communities , such as social media and forums networks
  • Visit the website of the school
  • Find out about the special opportunities the school provides
  • Learn about the events that are organized by Business Schools
  • Contact the current or former MBA students
  • Check out previous and present students Profiles of former or current students

Highlight Your Leadership Qualities

If you look at some business school websites, it’ll be clear that the majority of them place leadership at the top of everything other things. All business schools want to attract students who will be global leaders in the coming years.

Your MBA Statement of Purpose must Be a reflection of your leadership skills

Leaders build businesses from scratch. Leaders inspire people. They make the right decisions to make a difference in the present and for an improved future.

Business schools are looking for leaders. Let them know that you’re one of them.

The MBA statement of intent needs to prove that you’ve got the skills required.

Make sure you back up your claims

It’s vital that you don’t just explain to admissions officers why you’re the perfect fit to their school or that you’re an effective leader or have the skills to succeed in the business world. Instead, you need to be able to demonstrate all of these attributes by supporting your assertions with concrete examples.

How do you compose a personal statement to apply for a Masters in Business Administration?

What Information Should Be Included in an MBA Personal Statement?

  1. Use essay format. …
  2. Be concise. …
  3. Discuss how you will be contributing to the program and how it can help you reach your professional goals.
  4. Create a compelling narrative.
  5. Demonstrate your leadership abilities Be honest and introspective.
  6. Use your natural voice. …

What should a Masters Personal Statement Contain?

Your personal statement shouldcontain:

Include relevant research – like dissertations, research papers, and projects or any work experiences. Provide evidence of your essential abilities, such as research and critical thinking, writing as well as organisation, planning and time-management. Also, demonstrate how you can help the department.

What should you avoid in Your Personal Statement for Master’s Degrees?

Things to be aware of when making a personal statement

  • Quotes. We would like to hear from your passions and interests in your words. …
  • Cliches.
  • Lists.
  • Write only what you need to. …
  • Do not make the same personal statement for various programs.
  • Do not write too much. …
  • Don’t lie to us about being “passionate” show us.
  • (Irrelevant) Hobbies. …

What is a good business Personal Statement?

The best personal statements in business management are concise, formal and with pertinent evidence throughout. Personal statements for business that are weak are generic, vague and lack enthusiasm.

What is the reason I want to Learn Business Management?

For those who want to become managers and entrepreneurs management degree is always the most sought-after option. It gives you the knowledge and abilities to take advantage of careers in the world and help to develop a comprehensive understanding of the business world and other specific areas like finance or human resources.

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