Best Calculator For A Level Maths

Whatever your profession, you will need the right tools to do the job well.

Complexer types of calculation will be encountered when studying A-Level or beyond. To meet the minimum syllabus requirements, you will require a basic scientific calculator.

* Exams allow the use of graphic and programming calculators. Candidates may also use the programming facilities during exams.

What should you look for before buying a calculator for your A-Levels?

  • Acceptability: To determine which calculator is acceptable, you must review your Syllabus as well as the list of permitted calculators. Most A-level Maths exams allow the use of graphical calculators.
  • Sufficiently advanced: The calculator must be able to solve and compute the required maths problems.
  • It should be lightweight and portable: Your calculator will be with you everywhere, including classes, labs and exam halls. Make sure your calculator is portable and compact.
  • It is simple to use: It takes hundreds of hours to add the buttons and keys in a calculator in order for it work most efficiently.
  • Modern calculators are quiet and sleek. The buttons on the lower-end models can make a lot of noise when they are pressed. Look for a sleek calculator that makes almost no noise.

What are the Features to Look for in a Good Calculator?

A calculator should be portable, lightweight, simple to use, and understandable. It all depends on your situation. A calculator that you use to calculate tax might not be as efficient at calculating rocket propellant force.

The graphical calculator can help you tremendously in your exam because it can produce precise diagrams of equations.

This can be used in A-Level Maths or A-Level Further Mathematics to help you better understand the concepts and ideas that affect the graph.

Best Choice Calculators

Calculators are not only used at home and school, but also in the workplace and in our chosen professions. Here’s a list of the best calculators.

1. Casio FX-83GT

This calculator is ideal for students in GCSE or middle school. It includes all of the essential functions and operations. The compact layout and simplicity of this calculator make it easy to use.

The calculator can be purchased at any electronic or stationary store for as low as PS10 The Casio FX83GT has a solar panel that helps to conserve energy and reduces the need for replacement batteries.

2. Casio FX-991EX

The fx85 can do all of the same things, but it has many more tools. The equation solver is extremely useful for GCSE/IGCSE, and there are many statistical functions that are essential for A-level.

This calculator’s best feature is the equation solver. You can quickly access this feature to check the solutions to quadratic and simultaneous equations. You can say goodbye to some of the silly mistakes that you might make.

3. Casio FX-CG50

You should definitely get this calculator if you have the PS100. Let me convince you about the price.

This calculator is much more advanced than the FX-83GT and the FX-991EX. The FX-CG50 can meet all requirements of the Further Maths syllabus as well as A level Maths syllabus.

There are many options for graphical calculators, and Casio’s FX-CG50 is one of the best.

You can also draw 3D graphs, use spreadsheet tools, and create histograms.

This tool is great for mathematicians who are keen. It will plot graphs for your exams. Your dedication will impress your teacher.It is more expensive than a regular calculator. It takes time to learn how it works. These features are no longer super-useful.

4. TI-Nspire CX II T and CX II T

The alphabetic keys of the calculator allow you to access many other functions and expressions.

Texas Instruments is known for its high-quality products. The warranty offered by this calculator company is for several years. It is a one-time purchase that will allow you to forgo the need for another calculator.

5. TI-84 Series

The TI-84 series has a lower price than the NSpire. This series is for you if you are looking for a calculator that is affordable, maintains the quality of Texas Instruments, and does not have all the bells & whistles of the NSpire.

The calculator series comes in many variations and costs between PS60 and PS140 depending on whether the basic black and white model is chosen or the more sophisticated color options.

6. Pocket Calculator Q Connect 8-Digit

The Q Connect 8-digit pocket calculator is this calculator’s most basic. This calculator is at the bottom of the range, as it has the least functions and the most expensive (just PS2.69).

This calculator is not suitable for GCSE or any math A-Levels. This calculator is not recommended for anyone who can think like a math genius and plot reciprocal and cubic graphs in their vast heads.


Maths is a great option for choosing your A-level subject, but it requires careful thought due to the intensive and in-depth nature of the course.

Candidates will need a standard scientific calculator for the exam. Computers and calculators that can do algebraic manipulations or have graphing capabilities are not allowed.

Even if you’ve made your decision, don’t forget to be prepared. Use your GCSE summer for study and purchase your new calculator ahead of time. Your priority should be to get the best calculator possible for your A-levels.

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