Best A Level Combinations

It is important to choose the right A-level subjects for your university application. This is because certain subjects work well together.

It is important to choose the right subject combinations to help you stand out when applying to competitive courses.

A Level Choices

You have a variety of subjects to choose from at the A level, including those that are broadening and more general as well as those that are more focused.

It is a good idea that you take at least two A-levels in order to have a solid foundation in your chosen field.

If your primary interest is in science and maths, you should take at least two of the following: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Maths.

It is important to choose the right combinations

This decision can be made in three ways:

1. To find the best subjects for your A-levels, consult an education concierge.

2. Select the most appropriate subject combination to suit your university course.

3. Select the subjects that best complement your favorite subject.

What A-Levels should you take?

You shouldn’t take lightly the decision to choose a few subjects for your A-levels. You can have an impact on what you do in the future by choosing which A-levels to take, including which courses you can apply for at university and which universities you will be accepted.

University Students Love Good A-Level Pairings

There are so many subjects to choose from that it can be hard to decide which combination will allow you to access your desired university course. Or maybe you don’t know what university course you want and want to keep your options open.

These combinations allow you to keep your options open while your interests develop through A-levels.

Let’s look at the top subject combinations that will allow you to take a wide variety of undergraduate courses for universities.

1. Computer Science, Physics, and Maths

This list contains Computer Science, Physics, Maths, and the first A-Level combination. This is a great set of A Levels that can be used for any job, but especially for university applications.

Computer science is highly valued by universities because technology is rapidly developing.

Students who can adapt and manage more challenging tasks than other students are required by the university will be an asset.

Combining Computer Science and Maths with Physics shows universities how logical thinkers you are. Universities love academic students, especially those who have a science A level.

2. Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology

This combination is essential for students who want to study medicine or dentistry in the UK.

Many medical schools require that students have studied biology and chemistry in addition to mathematics.

You should be aware that medicine is a highly competitive course at UK universities for international students. To be eligible for a place, you will need to get at least A grades for all your A-Level subjects.

3. Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science

The combination of A-Levels in this set is very similar to the previous one. However, Chemistry has taken Maths’ place. This is useful for students who want to study science at university.

Universities love students who take sciences. They’re difficult but also can show you have a strong aptitude for logic. This is a great thing, because universities need students who can handle heavy workloads and complex content.

4. Art, Mathematics, and Physics

This combination is ideal for students who want to study architecture at university.

To demonstrate understanding of basic principles of architecture, applicants for the profession of architect must have high grades in maths as well as physics.

To understand how forces affect buildings and to accurately estimate the materials needed in a build and to manage construction budgets.

5. Computer Science, Graphic Design, and Art

Number 3 contains a slightly different combination than the two previous. This combination of A-Levels can be useful for students who want to pursue graphic design or videogame animation.

Combining A-Levels with creative and logical subjects, this combination shows that you are able to apply yourself to any situation. This is something universities love to see in students. It shows that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

6. History, Economics, and Politics

This combination is great because it combines subjects that are related and complement each other. You will be able to use the skills that you have gained to enhance your learning in each subject.

These subjects can also be used to access undergraduate programs that lead to high-demand, high-income careers like law, finance, management, government, politics, and leadership.

These A-Levels are very popular with universities because they help to create jobs. These courses are also a specialty of most universities, so they are always looking for A-Level students.

7. English Literature, History, Philosophy

Universities are looking for students who can write well. Because most of your work is essays and evaluations, extended writing is an integral part of university life.

These A-Levels will help you prepare for university and make it easier for you to get accepted. They are all interesting and have a bonus of being able to prepare you for university.

These A-Levels are so compatible because they all require that you can form balanced arguments. This skill will help you in all aspects of your life, not just at university.

8. Business Studies, Economics and Maths

This combination is ideal for students who want to study finance, economics and management as undergraduate courses.

This combination will showcase students’ numerical skills as well as their ability to communicate. Both universities and employers are very interested in these qualities.

9. Geography, Environmental Science, Geology

These A-Levels are all from the Environmental Studies Group and can be used to get into specialized universities.

Many universities have specialized courses. These A-Levels can be useful for those courses. Although the London School of Economics was named after its specialized subject, they also offer other courses.

10. Art, Business Studies, Mathematics

Combining art and math can lead to many creative and business-related courses, such as media management or fashion design.

Students who can combine creativity with a solid understanding of finance and business will have great opportunities in the creative industries.

11.Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology

These A-Levels all belong to the ‘Social Sciences’ group. They are all part of the same group and cover similar concepts and ideas.

These three A-Levels will be easier if you take them together, since the content begins to link between them. Universities will also be impressed by your results.

12. Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

This course is an excellent choice for students who want to study a wide range of science subjects at university but don’t wish to take A-Level mathematics. However, all subjects will require basic math skills and knowledge.

These subjects can lead to university programs in psychology, physiotherapy and biomedical science as well as forensic and sports science.

13. Law, Politics, and Business Studies

Combining A-Levels and Business School sounds exactly like the combination you would take, and you are right to think so.

First, these A-Levels require a lot of hardwork. It is difficult to understand the content and requires a strong willed student, which universities love.

These A-Levels can lead to high-paying degrees and jobs. These A-Levels are preferred by universities as they offer the best chance for good results.

14. Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, or Accounting

This combination is perfect for anyone who wants to be successful in accounting, finance and economics.

Accounting and business studies will provide you with a good foundation in the subject matter. This will give you an idea of what you can expect in your degree.

Economics will help you understand and communicate ideas clearly. Both employers and universities value these qualities.

15. Maths, Further Maths and Accounting

Combining A-Levels with university applications is a surefire way to make your application stand out. Although it may seem overwhelming, universities love this combination.

Universities consider A-Level Further Mathematics to be the most difficult A-Level. They will prioritize you over students who do not have Further Maths in your application.

Further Maths can’t be taken without regular Maths. That’s why both are included in this combination. Accounting can show universities that you are able to apply your skills and can open up more course options for you.

16. Psychology, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Psychology is a popular degree because it gives you the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and allows you to explore different career options.

These subjects are great for psychology A Levels.

To begin with, psychology is essential in order to establish a foundation for your degree. You’ll not only learn the basics of the field but also gain insight into human behavior and how society works in general.

Combining chemistry and economics will give you the additional knowledge in science and art, making you an all-arounder.

17. Music Technology, Music Technology, and Any Science

You can go to many music universities, and a music level will help you get there. Universities love music because it is a creative and talent-based subject. It also shows initiative and creativity.

A science and music/music technology combined can increase your skills, which universities love to see. You’ll be accepted to university faster if you have a creative and an academic subject.

Some A-level Subjects may help with university course options

You will need to have taken A-level or equivalent courses in order to be eligible for some university degree programs. The A-level Explorer tool will help you to see the potential destinations for subjects you are interested in. A similar tool is available on the Russell Group’s website.


When choosing the best combination of A-levels for your application to top universities, there are many factors to take into consideration.

Pick a facilitating topic as your top A level choice and then base your rest of the choices around it.

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