Autumn Season Essay

Autumn is a very pleasant time for me. I love the autumn colors and the cool weather. I also enjoy the smell of fresh fruits and stored foods for the winter. But when it comes to late autumn, everything is not nice. My street looks ugly because of the dirty streets and piles of garbage. There are many homeless people who are living there. Also, the noise of cars and trucks makes it difficult to sleep.

In late autumn, my street was completely different. It became gloomy, because late fall brought dark rain clouds, strong winds and fog. Raindrops fell from the clouds and hit the window panes and roof tiles. 

Water streamed from the gutters and flowed into the streets. The wind blew the leaves from the trees, and they fell onto the wet pavement. Sparrows hid under the wet roofs. Their cheerful songs could be heard over the sound of thunder and the howling of the wind.

Lightning tore the sky, and it stopped crying. Autumn is sad on my street. It is sadness to heaven, sadness to birds, sadness to grass and trees. 

Late Autumn is a time when everything gets cleaned up and put away. Snow covers the ground and makes everything white. Trees turn into white clothes and make everything clean and pretty.


Autumn means the end of summer. It is also the time when people start preparing for winter. Autumn is the season after spring and before winter.

Fall is the time when crops grow and fruits ripen. In the past, people called this season fall because it was the time when farmers harvested their crops. Nowadays, we call this season autumn.

Date Definitions 

Autumn begins with the equinox on 21st September.

Autumn begins on or around 8 August. It lasts until 7 November. It is also known as fall.


Harvest is the season of the year when farmers go out to collect crops. Autumn is the season of the fall harvest. People eat lots of fresh fruit during the harvest season.

Thanksgivings are celebrated during the fall season. People gather together and share food and drinks. This is done to celebrate the end of summer and the start of winter. In addition to this, people enjoy the holidays because they get to spend time with friends and family.

Autumn Season Essay Example 2

Autumn and spring are two different seasons. Autumn is the season before winter, while spring is the season after winter. Autumn starts with fall, and spring begins with spring. 

Autumn is characterized by falling leaves, and spring is characterized by budding flowers. Autumn is known for its cool weather, while spring is known for its warm weather.

Spring is the time when the world gets ready for new growth. You can expect to see more flowers blooming around this time.

Autumn is the season when all the colors change into different shades of red and brown. Autumn is also the time when children clean up after themselves. Autumn is the end of summer vacation.

Spring is the season of new life, growth, and renewal. Autumn is the season of death, decay, and change.

Spring and Autumn climates are two different seasons. In spring, there is more rainfall than in summer. In autumn, there is less rainfall than in winter.

Lines On Autumn Season In English Example 1

Autumn is a really exciting season. I enjoy this season very much. Today I’m going to share some interesting facts about the autumn season. 

1. Autumn is the mid-season of summer and winter.

2. It comes after the Summer and before the Winter.

3. The beginning of this Season is pretty much hot and ends with cold weather.

The leaves start turning yellow, orange, and even red. The birds start storing food in their nests. Fall begins in September and lasts until December. There is a significant change in the climate this season.This season starts with the autumnal equinox, and I love the autumn season!

Lines On Autumn Season For Class Example 2

Autumn is the season when we see the most changes in our surroundings. We see new colors in the leaves of trees. We also get to eat different kinds of vegetables.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by Americans during November. It is a day when families get together and give thanks for what they have. People enjoy eating pumpkin pie, turkey, and other foods while watching football games. There are many different types of lotuses found in ponds around the world. Some people like them because they make beautiful flowers.

Spring and Autumn are two seasons of the year. In spring we see flowers bloom, and in autumn we see fruits ripen.

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