Article On Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is caused by humans. Humans cause noise pollution because they use machines and other things that make noises. Noise pollution affects people. People suffer from noise pollution.

Humans create noise pollution by making loud noises. This noise pollutes the air, water, and land. 

Natural phenomena such as thunder, lightning, and earthquakes also cause noise pollution. Noise pollution affects the health of humans and other living things on Earth.

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Noise pollution is harmful to human health. It causes many diseases. Some of them are extremely dangerous and incurable.

Noise pollution is bad for humans. It decreases our productivity, concentration capacity, and health. 

It may cause us to get sick. Animals can’t handle noise pollution either. Plants and trees suffer when exposed to noise pollution.

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Noise pollution poses the greatest threat to our health. It is also similar to other pollutants such as water, air, and earth. It comes from many sources, including our homes. 

We should reduce the volume of the television and sound system. We shouldn’t use commotion devices like mixers, washing machines, and vacuums. 

We should restrict the use of engines in automobiles. We should not use horns unnecessarily. Our vehicles should be well maintained.

Machines with low noise are less likely to cause harm to people. Production industries should be away from human society. This will reduce the amount of noise pollution.

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Noise pollution is responsible for many issues in today’s society. Living things are affected by this pollution. 

Unpleasant noises disturb people, and they also make them feel uncomfortable. These noises affect the environment as well.

Noise pollution is an increasing problem as the world advances. 

People are using more and more technology, but they aren’t aware of the consequences. Appliances make noise, and they should be turned off during sleep time.

What Causes Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is harmful to people. 

  • Industries contribute to it by producing noisy machines. 
  • Transport vehicles like cars, planes, etc., contribute to it as well. People honk unnecessarily while driving. Loud music is played on the way.
  • Social events like weddings, parties, and religious services in places like nightclubs, bars, temples, halls, and more create a lot of nuisance in the residential areas and cause loud noises. 
  • Construction projects like mining, building flyovers, bridges, and more also produce great noise.

The Damaging Impact Of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution causes many problems. 

  • First of all, it damages the ears. 
  • Secondly, it makes people less sensitive to sound. 
  • Finally, it affects people psychologically.

Noise pollution affects both humans and animals. 

People who suffer from noise pollution usually complain about headaches and insomnia. Pets get scared by loud noises. We should teach people how to avoid noise pollution.

Noise pollution is caused by a large number of activities. Many industries make a lot of noise with their equipment. 

Social events and construction activities also contribute to the level of noise. Noise pollution impacts people physically and psychologically.

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Noise pollution is one of the most common forms of pollution. 

  • It affects people’s health by causing sleep disorders and hearing loss. 
  • It also causes stress and anxiety among people living near noisy places.

Noise pollution is a problem that people face today. Cars honk, loud speakers, construction, and more lead to noise pollution. People suffer from this noise pollution and may even get sick.

What Causes Noise Pollution?

  • Noise pollution is caused by industries that make loud noises. These noisy machines include compressors, exhaust fans and generators.
  • Bikes and cars with old mufflers produce a heavy noise that can be heard far away. 
  • Other vehicles that contribute to noise pollution include airplanes, semi-trucks, and buses. 
  • Submarines can cause ocean sound pollution as well.

How Noise Pollution Affects A Person?

Noise pollution affects our hearing ability and disturbs our sleep. We need to reduce noise pollution as much as possible.

Noise pollution can be harmful to the environment. Firecracker explosions can cause fear in pets. Pets may become afraid of loud noises.

Effect On Wildlife And Marine Life

Noise pollution can harm marine life. Animals and marine life are vulnerable when exposed to noise pollution. Their hearing abilities are affected by noise pollution, which can cause serious health issues. 

Marine life suffers from noise pollution because it leads to internal damage.

Measures For Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a problem that needs to be addressed. 

  • People should install soundproof walls to prevent noise from entering their homes. 
  • Flyovers should be made quieter. 
  • Hospitals and schools need to be built in quiet zones.
  • Noise pollution can be reduced by planting more trees. Trees absorb sound waves and create a natural barrier between people and noise.

Humans should follow standard measures when facing noise pollution. These measures include using earplugs, wearing headphones, and avoiding loud music. 

This helps reduce the amount of noise pollution that reaches our ears. Ultimately, we want to reduce noise pollution because it harms us and the environment.

Article On Noise Pollution Example 5

Noise pollution affects our health because it disturbs the natural sounds around us. 

We hear noises everywhere, but we never realize how much noise there is around us. There are many different kinds of noise, such as the noise from traffic, the noise from construction, the noise from factories, the noise from airplanes, and so on. 

These noises disturb our sleep and cause stress.

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