Air Pollution

The burning of fossil fuels is a fundamental factor in air pollution. These fuels cause smog and acid rain. The government should take steps to stop polluting the environment. Old cars should be banned from the roads. More trees should be planted.

Deforestation is another threat to us. People do it by cutting down trees. This causes air pollution. We should stop it as soon as we can.

Air pollution is mainly responsible for respiratory diseases. People should be careful about breathing fresh air.

Factors Responsible For Air Pollution

Pollution is caused by many factors. We should try to reduce them as much as possible.

Smoke is the most common pollutant that causes air pollution. Railway engines, buses, trucks, and other vehicles use petrol and diesel oil, which creates smoke. These pollutants cause air pollution.

Carbon dioxide is produced by burning coal or oil. When we burn these fuels, we produce carbon dioxide. This gas is very harmful because it causes global warming.

Burning fossil fuel also releases other gases into the atmosphere, such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons. These gases cause acid rain, smog and ozone depletion. In addition, they contribute to climate change.

There are many possible reasons why people start fires. 

  • Industrial areas, farmers burning stubble and too much traffic are some of them. 
  • People also burn trash when they’re angry about something. 

Everyone should be aware of these issues and do something about them. You can help by writing letters to the newspaper, participating in awareness campaigns with NGOs, and writing to municipal authorities. Pollution is a big problem. People are unaware of it. They throw garbage everywhere. Factories are polluting the environment by using toxic chemicals.

Super tanks and human waste are responsible for water pollution, and farmers use fertilizers and pesticides to produce more crops.

We need to stop using too many cars and trucks and instead use supertanks and human waste as fertilizer.

Hazards Of Air Pollution

Environmental pollution is bad for the planet, and bad for people. We should try our best to stop pollution as soon as possible.

The plant and animal life around us play crucial roles in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. We should be careful about extinction. 

  • Climate change is caused by environmental pollution.
  •  Ice melts because of global warming.
  • Water levels rise due to pollution. 
  • Diseases spread when we pollute the air and soil.

We must educate everyone about the negative consequences! We can find solutions if more people are made aware of the risks and if we collaborate.

Air pollution causes many diseases. We should try to reduce air pollution as much as possible.

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