A Level Computer Science Project Ideas

Computer science skills are highly desired in IT/ITeS, STEM-related jobs.

Computer science requires a variety of skills. What could be more rewarding than a project that will help you learn and/or evaluate the skills you have in computer science?

Computer science is the branch of science that deals with the development, maintenance, and study of computers and related systems.

It’s also a broad field that encompasses data science, information technology and programming.


Ten Best Computer Science Projects

Computer science students should be knowledgeable about topics like computation, algorithms and computational complexity, computer language design, programming methodology and data structures. They also need to be familiar with information retrieval, parallel computing, distributed computing, cyber security and computer networks.

This list of computer science project suggestions for students is suitable for beginners and those just beginning to learn Python or Data Science. It also serves as a guide for final year projects for computer engineering in diploma.

1. Online Auction System

This A-level Computer Science project will require you to create a mobile app or website that allows authorized users to sell in a restricted environment. This can be as complex or detailed as you like, depending on your syllabus.

This project will help you create an online auction using binary classification fraud detection. A user must give their personal information, such as their PAN number, email address and license number, in order to purchase a product via an online auction. After a user has been authenticated and authorized, the system screens them.

2. App for Weather Forecasting in Real-Time

A web-based weather app that displays real-time weather information for a specific location. This includes current temperature and chances of precipitation. It also tells you if it will be sunny, cloudy, rainy or clear ahead.

It’s best to start with simple, effective ideas if you don’t have previous experience in computer science projects.

3. Face Detection

Face detection software will be designed to detect faces in live streaming videos or files saved in local storage.

Pre-trained XML classifications are used to track faces and detect them in real time. This detection program can be used with different classifiers to identify different objects.


4. Academic Performance Analyser and Evaluator

Due to the amount of data needed, a website/online program is better than a mobile app for this project.

The basic version of this program allows the user to create multiple rows and columns, which will allow the user to add names of students, subject names and grades to tests, quizzes and exams.

This project involves the development of an evaluation system to analyze students’ academic performance using fuzzy logic.

The fuzzy logic method will evaluate the final academic performance for students at an institution by considering three parameters: attendance, external marks and internal marks.

5. Basic Hospital Management System

We developed a system for hospitals to digitize their data. This included patient information, lab results, and patient diagnosis details.

Even if you’re a complete beginner, it is easy to create a basic hospital management program. A functional hospital management system can be developed using basic HTML and CSS.

The system must be able receive new entries, store them safely, and allow hospital staff and administrators to access and use the data.

6. Crime Rate Prediction

This is an interesting project idea in computer science. This Computer Science project, as the name implies, involves the creation of a prediction system that can predict and analyze the crime rate in a specific location.

The system must be fed with the relevant data. The K-means algorithm for data mining predicts the crime rate.

7. Mobile Quiz App

An instructor can create an online quiz using the basic version of the project. This will allow them to choose the number of questions, type of question (true/false or MCQ’s), and the number options for each question.

A login system should also be set up for each student. To make the project more complicated, you could create a system that would stop cheating.

The app will randomly order the questions. It will also have a plagiarism check that compares the different written answers and checks if more than one student has the same number correct or incorrect answers (in order not to have academic dishonesty).


8. Optical Character Recognition System (OCR)

The optical character recognition system (OCR), should be capable of processing images and identifying characters. The system must allow users to search for and manipulate data.

This project requires an algorithm that can recognize images. This algorithm allows you to process images and search for characters within them.

You must have a good understanding of the workings of optical recognition technology before you begin to develop an OCR system. You should have a solid understanding of the concepts behind OCR technology before you begin to develop an OCR system.

Python and MATLAB are the most widely used technologies for developing a character recognition system. It is best to choose the technology that you will use most often in the future.

9. Android Battery Saver System

The Android battery saver analyzes the data from the built-in classes to create a list of apps that drain your phone’s power.

The phone’s battery level can be determined by the system. If the battery level is low and multiple apps are using too much power, this can be an indication that there is a problem.

This alarm will alert the user to close or force the app from drawing power.

10. Global Shipping Routes App

This project will require you to create an app that allows you to track parcels around the globe. You can find your goods on marketplaces like AliExpress, Alibaba, and Amazon all around the globe.

Instead of tracking each marketplace individually, create an app that tracks all parcels within one app.

A basic app can be created to track customer goods. It will notify the user if there are any changes in their parcel delivery.



These are some great Computer Science project ideas you can play with. Real-world projects allow you to put your skills and knowledge into practice. You might also be able to create some of these Computer Science projects.

These can be added to your resume. It will help you stand out from the rest. These computer science projects will allow you to learn a lot.

Your A-level Computer Science Project is a crucial aspect of your grade. You should strive for the highest grades in the NEA coursework to excel in this subject.

Examiners don’t care about the project you are working on; they assess your ideas based on their complexity, implementationability, and scope.

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