A Journey By Bus Essay

I took the bus to go to school today. I had fun on my trip. My teacher told me about the bus route. I was surprised because I didn’t know how many stops there were. I got off the bus at the last stop. Then I walked to school. I enjoyed my day.

Nowadays, it is very tough to travel by bus. If we go by train or airplane, then it will be better. Lines On A Journey By Bus Example 1

1. A bus journey gives you pleasure. 

2. They are educational too. 

3. They provide us with experience. 

4. I went by bus to Agra last week. 

5. There was a crowd of people on board. 

6. A blind beggar was asking for money. 

7. Some passengers were sleeping. 

8. The standing passenger was complaining to the conductor.

9.The conductor was arguing with the passengers about the fare. 

10. The passengers were getting off and getting on at each stop.

Essay On A Journey By Bus Example 2

I went to Sambalpur by bus with my mother. From home, we took a bus to the vehicle stand. We paid our bus fare and bought tickets. It started at 4:30 pm. There were many passengers on the bus. 

It stopped for a while, and we all had tea. Many passengers got down in Sundargarh, but few came in. We halted again at Jharsuguda and reached Sambalpur at 10 pm. We took a taxi to my uncle’s house. It was a pleasurable trip.

Short Paragraph On A Journey By Bus Example 3

Bus journeys are very safe and comfortable. When you travel by bus, you feel safe and comfortable. You also get to meet new people.

The bus started at 8 a.m. and I had to wait for another hour.

The bus started moving. When crossing the city, I watched the field outside. I had the window seat. An old man sat next to me, and he was so happy. We talked a lot. 

Then I picked up one of my stories. I always try to carry books with me when traveling. I wanted to sleep for an hour, but I didn’t think I’d be able to see nature again, so I decided to stay awake. 

After eight hours of journey, we arrived in Kolkata. That trip was very pleasant and memorable.

Short Paragraph On A Journey By Bus Example 4

Bus travel is very slow and boring. All of us have experienced many trips. Some of them are really close to our hearts. A Journey By Bus Essay Example 5

A bus trip to Agra was an adventure for me. I saw the Taj Mahal for the first time in my life while travelling by bus. My parents and two friends were also there with me. We had a great time together.

The bus driver took us to a place called “Downtown.” There were many people walking around there. A shop selling fruits and vegetables was located near the bus stop. A big building was right next to the bus stop. The bus stopped there. We could see a lot of cars parked nearby.

Short Paragraph On A Journey By Bus Example 6

Traveling is a great adventure. You get to meet new people and learn about other countries. You may even try some new foods!

The bus was very beautiful both from the outside and from the inside. We all climbed up the bus. There were many people sitting in front of me. I sat next to them, but I didn’t talk much. 

I was busy exploring the bus. I looked out of the window and saw mountains everywhere. I also saw snow-capped mountains. I felt happy because I had never seen such beautiful places before.

The bus driver drove the bus slowly and carefully. He stopped at every stop sign. When he arrived at the destination, he got out of the bus and said goodbye to everyone. Then he went back to the bus and drove away.

A Journey By Bus Essay Example 7

Buses are vehicles that can carry a maximum of 50 people. We are social creatures, and this is why we enjoy doing things together. 

A journey by bus can be an adventurous experience for someone, so I and some of my friends decided to travel to Kashmir via bus.

The beauty of Kashmir has always fascinated me. I want to know more about the beautiful places in Kashmir.

We tried to book train tickets, but there was a long waitlist. So, we chose another mode of transport. We decided to take the bus. We arranged a travel coach. All of us had a lot of fun. I saw many shops, trees, mountains, and buildings. I also witnessed a lot of people.

My mom made delicious dishes for us to eat during our trip. We ate them while driving to our next destination. When we got there, we saw all the places we had discussed before. It was an amazing trip that I will never forget. I hope you liked the post about a journey by bus.

Essay On A Journey By Bus Example 8

The queue at the bus stand was unending. I got a ticket after a long time. I rushed to the I couldn’t get a seat. Within a few minutes, the bus comes. I could barely get a seat. Many people were standing on the platform.

I felt suffocated because of the crowd. Fortunately, most of the window panes were broken. My suffering was not over. The bus started moving again after some time. 

The passengers who sat near the windows were drenched. After some time, the roof also started leaking. By the time we reached Jalandhar, the rain stopped. The bus halted for about ten minutes at a stand. 

Some of the people got off while others boarded. But the rush had subsided by then.

A bus broke down on the road. We took another bus. We covered a distance of about one kilometer in half an hour. We couldn’t move because there was a huge traffic jam. We finally reached our destination. I was very late. But I was glad that I had arrived safely.

Essay On A Journey By Bus Example 9

A journey by bus is full of joy if the destination is close. Long journeys should be reserved for trains, as they are always safe and comfortable. 

Booking tickets at the booking counters ensures your seats. It saves you from trouble and botheration. Trains are more crowded than buses. Passengers without tickets are thrown out halfway. They become rolling stones, facing difficulties.

The bus stopped at Gohana Turn. There were many people waiting for the bus. Some of them were standing near the bus stop. Others were walking along the road. 

A few were sitting inside the bus. The bus driver came out of the bus and started talking to the passengers. He asked everyone to get into the bus. Then he closed the door. 

The bus started moving slowly towards Panipat. The bus stopped at Panipat. The passengers got off the bus. They were going to Panipat to see the famous ‘Kumbh Mela’.

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